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Chiaki Nanami
Title Ultimate Gamer
Birth date March 14th (Pisces)
Gender Female
Height 160 cm (5' 3")
Weight 46 kg (101 lb)
Status Dead
Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa (JP)

Christine Cabanos [1] (EN)

Family Usami (Artificial Little Sister)
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Game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
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Chiaki Nanami (七海 千秋 Nanami Chiaki) is one of the characters featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. She has the title Ultimate Gamer (超高校級の「ゲーマー」chō kōkō kyū no gēmā).

She is actually revealed to be an AI along with Usami, created by Chihiro Fujisaki pre-despair and modified by Alter Ego to be a mole for the Future Foundation. She was the culprit of Chapter 5, where she was tricked into accidentally killing Nagito.


Chiaki has short, light pink hair which is slightly curled. She wears a white clip in the shape of the spaceship from Galaga to the side of her face and has pale pink eyes. She wears an unzipped dark green hoodie which has pointed ears on the top of her hood and two pink markings on the front. She is often seen wearing a pink cat-like backpack as well. Under her hoodie, she wears a white buttoned shirt with a pink ribbon and a pale brown skirt. Chiaki also wears black thigh highs and white shoes.


Chiaki normally has a sleepy disposition, but she concentrates hard when she plays games. She often helps Hajime Hinata during school trials and provides important points. Chiaki can also be stern when she tells people to do things and becomes a lot more lively when discussing games.

Chiaki has a number of unusual habits, such as dozing off while playing games and taking long pauses during her conversations to think everything she wants to say. She is extremely observant and analytical, but lacks knowledge on a variety of ordinary subjects.

She usually ends her sentences with a negative note even though she actually means to compliment someone or cheering someone, such as ...I think, or Maybe. Hajime once said that sometimes he wishes that Chiaki would end her positive sentence with a positive note.


[Warning: Several spoilers follow this section!]

Prior to the Tragedy

Chiaki is not an actual human, and as a result, did not have a life before the Tragedy. Instead, after the Malefaction started, she was created as an AI along with Usami to moderate the others on the island. She, along with the basis of the New World Program, was created by Chihiro Fujisaki and modified by Alter Ego. This fact is revealed in the last trial, after Monokuma mentioned that both Chiaki and Usami were NPCs/Observers from the Future Foundation.

Island Life of Mutual Killing

In the beginning, Chiaki stay calm in all situations, such as when Usami revealed herself and when Monokuma took over the island and forced them to killed each other if they wanted to get out of the island. She did not believe anyone would kill, however.

In Byakuya's party in the first chapter, she was worried about Monokuma inflitrating the party, Chiaki stood guard outside the old hotel lodge in order to keep Monokuma out of it, along with Monomi. While standing guard, she encountered Fuyuhiko, who happened to walk by the lodge (though she suspects this was because Fuyuhiko actually did want to join the party). This became valuable evidence for proving Fuyuhiko was innocent, as it showed that he did not enter the lodge, and as a result, could not have killed Byakuya. Chiaki also played an important role along with Gundham, discovering a space under the lodge, which the culprit had used as a spot to commit the murder.

In the second chapter, Chiaki attended the girls-only beach party, to which she brought ice cream and some board games to play. Chiaki was excited when Monokuma gave them a new motive, namely Twilight Syndrome Murder Mystery. She explained to Hajime that she was a fan of the game series. Chiaki as Ultimate Gamer showed her ability to explain and help him finding the game's True Ending by pressing the “Down-Up-Left-Left, and with this they could stat that the game was based on a real life event.

In the third chapter, to avoid catching the Despair Disease, Chiaki along with Sonia, Gundham, Kazuichi and Hiyoko moved to the motel in the third island. Chiaki made a crucial discovery which heavily altered the scene of the crime. The black curtains in the meeting room at the hospital were used by Mikan Tsumiki to make it seem like it was at the live house.

In the fourth chapter, she stoped Hajime from entering the Final Dead Room. With the help of Nagito, Chiaki and Hajime were able to deduce the culprit.

Chiaki was revealed to have been the culprit in Chapter 5. In an attempt to stop a fire, Chiaki accidentally killed Nagito, due to his efforts to reveal the traitor. Chiaki told Hajime that she was the traitor and he was forced to prove this to everyone. They voted for Chiaki relying on Nagito's luck, and it was revealed that she was the true murderer, even though Komaeda was trying to keep the traitor alive as they were not influenced by despair. Chiaki and Monomi were executed afterwards.

Chiaki appears in Hajime's thoughts at Chapter 6. Chiaki convinced Hajime to keep his head high, defeat Junko Enoshima and not to fall in despair. As the New World Program shuts down, Chiaki's voice could be heard, saying that she'll never forget anyone, as they will be friends forever.


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Both Chiaki and Usami are AIs and share an almost sister-like relationship. The two are usually together, trying to protect the other students from Monokuma and from despair, as seen in Chapter 1 when the two were outside the beach house during Byakuya's party.

When Chiaki was found guilty and revealed as the mole for Future Foundation, the two were executed together.

Hajime Hinata

The two's bond is especially evident during chapter 4 onwards and in free-time events. In the strawberry house in chapter 4, Chiaki is the only one who stops Hajime from entering the Final Dead Room, saying that he'd lose his way. During the Class Trials, Hajime frequently turned to Chiaki when the case seemed not to be going anywhere. Hajime generally sided with Chiaki during trials, and vice-versa.

When Chiaki confessed being the traitor in chapter 5, she relied on Hajime to prove her guilt. Much to the survivors' dismay, the group gave in to Hajime's reasoning and trusted Chiaki, believing that she was the murderer. Chiaki was also seen in Hajime's thoughts in chapter 6, willing him on to not despair.

Throughout various free-time events, it's hinted that the two were interested in each other romantically. In Chiaki's 4th free-time event, she fell into Hajime's chest while they were looking through storage boxes. Hajime commented about how fast his heart was racing and how they should meet together another time. In the 5th free-time event, the two of them frolicked around the island, with Hajime chasing her. It's later revealed that she wanted to have a date and was turning to Hajime for information.

At the end of the free-time event Hajime recollects that his partnership with Chiaki wasn't fake, and that if they escaped from the island, he would take Chiaki lots of places.


  • Hey, Nagito... I'm sorry, but can you please stop talking?
  • Don't you think there's something that's way more important than whether or not you have a talent?
  • Believe in yourself... If you don't have that... it doesn't matter how many talents you have, you still won't be able to hold your head up high...
  • I won't... forget any of you... I'll... never, ever forget... Even after this... I'll always be cheering you on from somewhere... since we'll be friends for eternity.
  • Bye bye guys. It's alright, a brilliant future will always be waiting for you. That's the truth, i'm sure of it. I know it.
  • Don't forget... about me. Even if we leave this place... always...
  • NO, THAT'S WRONG! (With Hajime Hinata)
  • Because you are the kind of person who would properly build his argument and analyse things. Over here, you are also the calmest when it comes to dealing with things... (to Hajime Hinata)


  • She enjoys any kind of video game, even games in kusoge genre (games intentionally designed to be unlikeable), with the exception of dating sims, the only genre she is bad at.
  • Chiaki's e-Handbook states that she dislikes alarm clocks.
  • Chiaki is the only character (along with AI Junko and Usami) who dies in the second game.
  • Nanami means Seven Seas while Chiaki means One Thousand Autumns.
  • In one of her free-times, she declared to Hajime that her father is a programmer. The father” she mentioned is Chihiro Fujisaki. She also refered to Chihiro as her father in the fifth chapter's epilogue, where she also mentions Alter Ego as her brother.


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