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Class 74th old picture

A photograph of three known students from Class 74th.

Class 74th is a class batch from Hope's Peak Academy. Only three known members have survived The Tragedy and joined the Future Foundation before being thrown into the Final Killing Game.

List of Members of Class 74th


Image Name Titles Status
Kyosuke Munakata Despair VA ID Kyosuke Munakata
(宗方 京助)
Ultimate Student Council President Alive
Chisa Yukizome Despair VA ID Chisa Yukizome
(雪染 ちさ)
Ultimate Housekeeper Deceased
Juzo Sakakura Despair VA ID Juzo Sakakura
(逆蔵 十三)
Ultimate Boxer Deceased


School Life

There's not much known about Class 74th's school life, as there are only three students known to have come from that class. These three students, Kyosuke Munakata, Chisa Yukizome, and Juzo Sakakura, remained close friends throughout their high school years, and Chisa and Juzo later decide to work under Kyosuke following their graduation.

Before the Tragedy

Almost immediately after graduation, the three took jobs at Hope's Peak Academy. Juzo took a job as the school's head of security while Kyosuke led the project for an overseas expansion of Hope's Peak Academy. Chisa worked as the assistant homeroom teacher for Class 77-B, however she was temporarily transferred to The Reserve Course Department after a student from her class caused a bombing at the school. After spending half a year as a teacher at the Reserve Course, Chisa returned to her original class as the official homeroom teacher, taking Koichi Kizakura's former job.

During this time, on Kyosuke's orders, Chisa and Juzo investigated the school and tried to uncover the staff's secrets, eventually finding out about the Izuru Kamukura Project thanks to the former's efforts during her time at the Reserve Course.

During the Tragedy

Later, when the The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy and the Reserve Course's riot took place, the overseas expansion of Hope's Peak Academy was canceled, and Kyosuke began suspecting Junko Enoshima, believing her to be the cause of these events.

Ordered by Kyosuke to chase after the Ultimate Fashionista, Juzo discovers that his friend's suspicions were indeed correct, and challenges Junko and her brainwashed army of Reserve Course students to a fight. However, Juzo is ultimately overcome by their numbers, and is blackmailed by Junko into reporting her innocent to Kyosuke.

Before Juzo's run-in with Junko, Chisa herself was forced to rescue two of her students from the Despair Sisters and Izuru Kamukura, suceeding, but getting brainwashed in the process, unbeknownst to Kyosuke and Juzo. This caused Chisa to assist in the killing of one of her students, allowing Junko to brainwash her class and turn them into Ultimate Despair. She later report Junko as innocent to Kyosuke. Unable to see through his friends' lies, Kyosuke reluctantly drops the case and believes Junko to be innocent. However, this cleared Junko's way to allow the Tragedy to occur.

Joining the Future Foundation

Determined to put an end to the Tragedy, the trio join the Future Foundation, although Chisa, still brainwashed, was actually infiltrating the organization while trying to corrupt it. Kysouke became the vice-leader of the organization anc head of the 2nd Division (oversees overall management, including any and all construction of new facilities), while Chisa became the head of the 5th Division (gathers intelligence on the phenomenon of Despair), and Juzo became the head of the 6th Division (controls the Special Crime Investigation Unit).

Sometime during these events, Kyosuke, Chisa, and Juzo invite Seiko Kimura to join them in their cause, as well as assist in rescuing the survivors of the Killing School Life.

Final Killing Game

During Makoto Naegi's trial, Kyosuke, Chisa, Juzo, and the rest of the Future Foundation, are knocked out by a sleeping gas. It is during this time that Chisa is killed by a stab to the heart and hung from the meeting room's chandelier, something that both angers and saddens Kyosuke and Juzo. After Monokuma explains that they were being thrown into a killing game, Kyosuke orders the Future Foundation heads to decide on the most likely killef, with many voting for Makoto in the process. However, Makoto escapes, with the help of Kyoko Kirigiri, Aoi Asahina, Great Gozu, and Miaya Gekkogahara.

Kyosuke and Juzo initiate a chase, running after Makoto, however, the latter's Ultimate Lucky Student talent allows him to escape several times. Sometime during the chase, Kazuo Tengan challenges Kyosuke to a fight, and reveals Chisa's status as an Ultimate Despair, as well as the fact that every Future Foundation member is the game's killer. Shocked by this revelation, Kyosuke kills Kazuo and returns to Chisa's corpse, discovering a letter from Chisa herself, confessing her guilt.

Believing everyone in the Future Foudnation to be a member of the corrupt organization, Kyosuke destroys Miaya and stabs Juzo in the stomach, supposedly killing the latter. Kyosuke focuses on killing Makoto, who had recently lost Kyoko and decided to face Kyosuke as a result. However, Makoto manages to trap Kyosuke, using his NG code against him and locking them in a room. Makoto manages to convince Kyosuke that they are on the same side, and the two express sorrow at the deaths of Chisa and Kyoko.

Approached by Aoi and Ryota Mitarai, the former explains to Kyosuke and Makoto that Kyoko had left her notebook, who reveals that she had discovered the secret behind the killing game. Revealing that the victims had committed suicide, Kyosuke is asked by Makoto to assist him in testing his late friend's theory, and Kyosuke ties Makoto up in front of a moniter before joining Aoi and Ryota in a room.

Makoto proves Kyoko's suspicions and nearly suceeds in killing himself, however, he is stopped by Juzo, who is revealed to have survived Kyosuke's fatal blow and has kept himself awake by cutting off his arm with the bangle. Juzo confesses to betraying Kyosuke, expressing his regret before walking away. Juzo decides to put an end to the killing game by turning off the power in the power room.

After being informed that Juzo is alive, Kyosuke rushes to his friend only to find his corpse in the power room. Kyosuke breaks down in tears and apologizes to his friend, before rejoining Makoto and Aoi, who reveal that Ryota has resolved to brainwash the world with his Hope Video. Kyosuke fends off the brainwashed Future Foundation troops, allowing Makoto and Aoi to make their way to Ryota.

When Ryota is successfully stopped by Class 77-B, Kyosuke approaches Makoto and has a short conversation with him. Upon being asked what he plans to do, Kyosuke replies that he was to focus on carrying the burden of his deceased classmates before saying his farewells and taking his leave.

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