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Class 76th Sheet

School profiles of three students from Class 76th who got expelled.

Class 76th is a class batch from Hope's Peak Academy. The only three known members were expelled from the school due to their roles in a bombing incident. The three known students survive The Tragedy and later join the Future Foundation. They are participants in the Final Killing Game.

List of Members of Class 76th


Image Name Titles Status
Seiko Kimura Despair VA ID Seiko Kimura
(忌村 静子)
Ultimate Pharmacist Expelled from Hope's Peak Academy
Ruruka Ando Despair VA ID Ruruka Ando
(安藤 流流歌)
Ultimate Confectioner Expelled from Hope's Peak Academy
Sonosuke Izayoi Despair VA ID Sonosuke Izayoi
(十六夜 惣之助)
Ultimate Blacksmith Expelled from Hope's Peak Academy


School Life

Not much is known about Class 76th, except that Seiko Kimura, Ruruka Ando, and Sonosuke Izayoi were all close friends with Seiko using her talent as the Ultimate Pharmacist to assist Ruruka with whatever she needed. Seiko also met both Nagito Komaeda and Teruteru Hanamura from Class 77-B.

Things went bad for the three friends when Seiko accidentally ended up giving Ruruka a laxative that she used in her exam. Ruruka felt that Seiko did it on purpose and turned on Seiko. Seiko soon discovered that she was in possession of a detonator switch that she and Ruruka accidentally activated, destroying the gym. All three were then expelled from Hope's Peak. Soon after, Kyosuke Munakata reached out to Seiko.

During the Tragedy

The rest of Class 76th was likely killed during the Tragedy with Seiko, Ruruka, and Sonosuke being the only known survivors.

Joining the Future Foundation

Seiko joined the Future Foundation, likely due to her previous association with Kyosuke. Ruruka and Sonosuke were also recruited and all three of them became heads of separate divisions. Seiko and Ruruka never reconciled and continued to secretly resent each other.

Final Killing Game

During the final killing game, Kyosuke speculated that there could be a traitor, and both Seiko and Ruruka suspected each other of being the traitor. This led to Seiko outright trying to kill both Ruruka and Sonosuke. Ruruka got the upper hand when she discovered that Seiko's NG Code was having someone step on her shadow. Ruruka attempted to manipulate Seiko into killing Kyosuke, who she didn't trust, but Seiko refused because of how Kyosuke had reached out to her. She destroyed the lights and broke into the control room where Ruruka was holed up.

Seiko was knocked unconscious by Miaya Gekkoghara, and left full of regret over how she couldn't save her allies, and how things turned out between her and Ruruka. Soon after, Seiko was brainwashed by the Suicide Video Junko Enoshima had manipulated fellow Future Foundation member Ryota Mitarai into making years earlier, and she committed suicide. Ruruka would end up letting paranoia getting the better of her and murdered Sonosuke by triggering his NG Code. Ruruka would be the final official death during the killing game when she too would be brainwashed into committing suicide.

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