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A life-or-death trial... A life-or-death deception... A life-or-death betrayal... Life-or-death mysteries... Life-or-death lies... Life-or-death truths... A life-or-death...class trial...

Kaede Akamatsu, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
Danganronpa V3 CG - Monokuma and the Monokubs explaining the Class Trial

Class Trials are the final act of each chapter in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. The students debate amongst themselves, using evidence collected during the investigation phase, to determine the culprit in each chapter. The debate takes place in a courtroom setting, and consists of several debate phases and minigames. The trial ends when the culprit - known as the "Blackened" - is uncovered, and ultimately executed. This page serves as an overview and guide to Class Trials in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. See the Class Trials main page for a more general overview of Class Trials throughout all Danganronpa games.


Aside from Nonstop Debate and Closing Argument, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony has 6 major minigames: Hangman's Gambit Ver 3.0, Lying, Argument Armament, Debate Scrum, Mind Mine, Psyche Taxi, and Panic Debate.

  • Lying: During a Nonstop Debate, if you hold down the button to fire a Truth Bullet, you can change it into a Lie Bullet instead. By shooting a Lie Bullet at a weak point, you can perform a Perjury to tell a lie to refute statements that aren't actually inconsistent.  
  • Hangman's Gambit Ver. 3.0: Select the correct letters among those floating across the screen to spell out the answer to a particular question. If you focus your energy you can illuminate the center of the screen, which will make it easier to identify the floating letters. However, some of the letters are obscured by shadows. You will need to rely on a light that occasionally appears to reveal them.
  • Argument Armament: An Argument Armament is a one-on-one debate against an enraged opponent who is wearing armor made of their own arguments and theories, and who refuses to listen to your reasoning. To win an Argument Armament, you must shoot down your opponent's statements while keeping the rhythm of the debate. Only then will you pierce their armor and reach a conclusion.
  • Debate Scrum: A Debate Scrum occurs when the participants in a Class Trial are split between two opinions and cannot reach a consensus. Characters on both sides will each make remarks that address a particular subject, but these remarks alone will not result in a consensus being reached. For each remark made by the opposing side, you must identify the key subject of that remark and match it to a similar remark made by your side. The goal of a Debate Scrum is to match all the remarks in a single round of debate.                           
    • During a Debate Scrum, the key subject that appears in both sides' remarks will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. This key subject will always be visible when your side makes their remarks, but it will be hidden for the opposing side. It's best to read each opponent's remarks first, then try to identify the key subject of each remark.
  • Mind Mine: At times, questions will arise that can only be answered by clearing away all unnecessary clutter so that the truth may be revealed. In Mind Mine, colored blocks will cover images that represent the correct answer to a particular question. By selecting two or more blocks of the same color you can erase them in one fell swoop. As you erase blocks, adjacent blocks will also change color. Use the shifting colors to your advantage to clear away the blocks and reveal the answer. If only one block remains, you can mine it multiple times to force it to vanish, but you will incur a penalty for doing so.                                       
  • Psyche Taxi: Drive down a lonely stretch of road, picking up words and phrases, to spell out the questions posed by a particular case. After successfully completing a question, you must then select the correct answer to progress further. Pick up the woman holding the correct answer to make her a passenger and continue driving.                                 
  • Mass Panic Debate: In the Mass Panic Debate, you must find the inconsistencies in the students' statements as they all shout over each other. Though similar to the Nonstop Debate, because so many characters are speaking at once, the screen becomes cluttered with words and voices, making it more difficult to find inconsistencies.

Skill List

Skill Name Description Effective During Cost Obtained From
Attentive Influence
Increases maximum influence a little Class Trial 4 SP Default
Envious Influence
Increases maximum influence a lot Class Trial 8 SP Casino (Casino Coin 2000)
Extraordinary Focus
Increases maximum focus a little Class Trial 4 SP Default
Menacing Focus
Increases maximum focus a lot Class Trial 8 SP Casino (Casino Coin 2000)
Lost in Thought
Slightly increases the time limit in each phase Class Trial 16 SP Default
Increases amount of influence recovered by right answers Nonstop Debate 8 SP Default
Cool and Composed
Makes the reticle shake less Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debate
8 SP Default
Makes the reticle stop shaking Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debate
16 SP Casino (Casino Coin 5000)
Slows the speed of the reticle Nonstop Debate 2 SP Default
Increases the speed of the reticle Nonstop Debate 2 SP Default
Laser Beam
Increases the speed of fired Truth Bullets Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debates
8 SP Casino (Casino Coin 3000)
Trigger Happy
Decreases the delay after using Truth Bullets or Truth Blades Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debates
Rebuttal Showdown
8 SP Default
After enough time, the correct Truth Bullet will be shown Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debates
Rebuttal Showdown
24 SP Himiko's final FTE
Supernatural Phenomenon
While concentrating, the reticle will automatically move over weak points Nonstop Debate 16 SP Korekiyo's final FTE
Increases maximum influence a little. Class Trial 15 SP Rantaro's final FTE
Neural Liberation
The Focus Gauge drains slower while Concentrating and during Fever Time Class Trial 16 SP Default
Slowly recovers the Influence Gauge while Concentrating and during Fever Time Class Trial 16 SP Default
Bed Making
Increases the recovery speed of the Focus Gauge Class Trial 16 SP Kirumi's final FTE
Increases the amount of Monocoins obtained after class trials - 32 SP Maki's final FTE
Killer Smash
Makes Truth Bullets penetrate white noise Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debate
8 SP Ryoma's final FTE
Machine Gun
Makes the Silencer fire rapidly Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debate
8 SP Casino (Casino Coin 3000)
The Silencer shoots bigger shots Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debate
16 SP Casino (Casino Coin 5000)
Hold to shoot a strong Silencer Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debate
24 SP Casino (Casino Coin 7000)
Point Blank
Allows the rear touch pad//F2 button to be used to destroy white noise Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debate
8 SP Casino (Casino Coin 3000)
Digital Love
The reticle will lock on to nearby V Points while Concentrating Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debate
32 SP K1-B0's final FTE
Kind Lie
Influence drains slower while a Lie Bullet is loaded Nonstop Debate 6 SP Kokichi's final FTE
Mind's Lie
Reveals V Points Nonstop Debate
Mass Panic Debate
4 SP Default
Saint Miko's Ability
Silences all conversations except those the reticle is on Mass Panic Debate 4 SP Default
Librarian's Glare
Instantly silences loud voices Mass Panic Debate 4 SP Default
First Strike
The key word in the first speaker's argument will be shown from the start Debate Scrum 4 SP Default
Piano Duet
Makes it easier to push the opponent back during the Final Push Debate Scrum 5 SP Kaede's final FTE
Just a Peek
The entire screen will light up more frequently Hangman's Gambit Ver3.0 4 SP Default
Initial A
The first letter will be filled in from the beginning Hangman's Gambit Ver3.0 6 SP Casino (Casino Coin 2000)
Atua's Intuition
The flash spot will instantly grow to full size Hangman's Gambit Ver3.0 6 SP Angie's final FTE
Clear Mind
Increases the amount of letter cubes that can be acquired at once Psyche Taxi 4 SP Default
Twin Six
Switches to a better car with higher top speed and better acceleration Psyche Taxi 6 SP Casino (Casino Coin 6600)
Reduces the shock when an obstacle is hit Psyche Taxi 6 SP Kaito's final FTE
Power of Life and Death
Makes it easier to push the opponent back during Blade Lock Rebuttal Showdown 4 SP Default
Increases the size of slashes Rebuttal Showdown 6 SP Casino (Casino Coin 2000)
Laws of the Globe
Lets the cursor move freely, no matter how far the opponent has pushed Rebuttal Showdown 6 SP Tenko's final FTE
Safety First
Removes the time penalty for breaking a non-erasable piece Imagination Excavation 4 SP Default
Operation Giant Roller
Some of the pieces will be missing from the beginning Imagination Excavation 6 SP Casino (Casino Coin 3000)
Undo Trois Allows you to undo your last action with the rear touch pad//ESC button Imagination Excavation 4 SP Casino (Casino Coin 2000)
XXX-Ray Goggles
Once part of an object becomes visible, the entire object will be shown Imagination Excavation 6 SP Miu's final FTE
High Tension
The Tension Gauge will increase at a faster rate Argument Armament 4 SP Casino (Casino Coin 2000)
Beat Heaven
Makes the beats easier to hit Argument Armament 6 SP Default
Wild Awakening
Increases critical damage Argument Armament 6 SP Gonta's final FTE
2D Love
Increases critical damage Closing Argument 6 SP Tsumugi's final FTE


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