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D.I.C.E. is a group of pranksters lead by Kokichi Oma, mentioned and briefly shown in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. The group is made up of ten members, with seven boys and three girls.


D.I.C.E. is a small group lead by Kokichi, supposedly all of them high school aged or younger. For Kokichi, the group is like a family to him and he cares about them deeply.

All of them wear similar clothing as Kokichi—white suits resembling straightjackets and checkered scarfs, though Kokichi also seems to have a dark flowing cloak and a leather peaked hat to show his leadership. They also wear different, mostly white clown masks as a symbol of their group and to hide their identity.

Kokichi's Research Lab is heavily based on D.I.CE., stated to resemble a stereotypical evil villain's lair yet having lots of comical items, and even having their logo displayed. The place includes various faux weaponry used for pranks, like handcuffs, empty suitcases, gas masks, and two-way radios. There are also lots of disguises of various colors, including matching shoes and suits, wigs and various glasses such as ordinary glasses, sunglasses, monocles, lorgnettes, Groucho glasses, as well as fake mustaches. There are also clown masks belonging to the members of the group.


Even though Kokichi claimed that he leads a huge evil secret society, D.I.C.E. is actually just a small group who commit "laughable crimes" such as mild pranks, vandalism and petty theft. Their only motive appears to be to have fun and their most important rule is to not kill anybody.



Profile Description Status
Kokichi Oma
(王馬 小吉)
Kokichi Oma is the leader, wearing a cloak and leather peaked hat.

His clown mask includes thick red lips. The right eye is only a black cross-shaped marking and the left eye is a thick red stripe, resembling both an eyebrow and winking. There is a small, dark blue tear pattern under the left eye.

DICE2 The tallest and supposedly strongest member of the group. He is heavily implied to be high-ranked and close with Kokichi, possibly acting as a some type of bodyguard.

He has a large red afro. His mask includes very large red lips, which connects to the eyes and nose, and a smiling open mouth. The big eyes include pupils with a star-like, sparkling pattern.

DICE3 The other member heavily implied to be high-ranked and closest to Kokichi.

He has smooth brown hair that covers the left side of his face. His mask includes an eye with cross-shaped pupil, and pale greenish circles around the eyes. He is seen holding his hands in his pockets.

DICE4 A female member with a distinctive look, her suit's ragged hem having a slightly more feminine look. Her clown mask is much smaller than the others, slightly resembling a typical masquerade mask and only covering her eyes. She has red cheeks, brown hair and long pigtails. Unknown
DICE5 One of the taller members with a short blond hair. His clown mask includes closed eyes and smiling, red lips. Unknown
DICE6 A male member who is very heavy weighted and has a cartoony, round body type with short stature. His clown mask is the only one with realistic looking, blue eyes. Each eye is crossed by red stripe and has yellow upper eyelids. Unknown
DICE7 A female member who appears smaller and possibly younger than the others.

She is often portrayed sitting, sometimes hugging her legs and resting her head against her hand. Her clown mask has a tiny mouth with small red lips, giving low-spirited expression along with her body language. She has very long, partially braided darker brown hair.

DICE8 A female member with short lilac brownish hair. She has a large chest and her suit exposes a large amount of cleavage. Her clown mask has very large, purple lips. Unknown
DICE9 A male member with a slightly different mask, with the lower part of the face protruding and resembling an animal snout. He has short, dark-colored hair. Unknown
DICE10 A male member who appears to be somewhat small and short, possibly being one of the younger members. He has yellowish hair which sticks up from the top. Unknown


DICE Member's condition in Kokichi Oma's motive video

Monokuma's Motive Video with Important Loved Ones for Kokichi shows the other members of D.I.C.E., imprisoned, beaten, and bloody, to try to encourage Kokichi to murder in the Killing School Semester.[1] What happened to them afterwards is unknown.

However, due to the fictional reality of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, it is unknown if D.I.C.E. actually exists or is simply a fabricated memory.


  • According to the text in the game, Kokichi has ten subordinates. However, the two pictures of the group only show 9 subordinates.


  1. Translation by Tumblr user Oumakokichi. (February 25th, 2017)


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