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Dan Kusari -break- (断鎖 -break- lit. Decision Chain -break-) is the ending theme of the Japanese release of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. It is performed by Megumi Ogata, who has voiced Makoto Naegi and Nagito Komaeda in the preceding games. The song is featured in Ogata's album, real/dummy, which was released on February 1st, 2017.

In the NIS America localization, the song was replaced with an extended version of the opening theme called The END of DNG.


Kanji Rōmaji English Translation
「You got the power」 「You got the power」 「You got the power」

"バッシング & マウンティング & Disリ対象 basshingu & mauntingu & dis ri taishou “Bashing & Mounting & Disrespect:
需要は常時 大ボシュウなんデス juyou wa jouji dai boshuunan desu it’s a big invite and a usual request.
悪意なき悪意のセカイでは 笑顔デ餌食 探シテイル" akui naki akui no sekaide wa egao de ejiki sagu shiteiru In a ill witted world without malice, I’m searching with a smile my prey.”

Just YOU who was chosen, boy Just YOU who was chosen, boy Just YOU who was chosen, boy
Play…no,"prey"er Play…no,"prey"er Play…no,"prey"er

自分のターンは唐突で 誰もが時に標的ターゲット 避けられない jibun no taan wa toutotsude daremoga ji ni taagetto sakerarenai One’s turn is sudden, and no one can escape from being a target.

逆風むかいかぜを受け流して いのちを繋いでゆけ mukai kaze o ukenagashite inochi o tsunaide yuke Ward off the head wind, entwine lives.
孤独に 閉ざされないで 瞳 拓いて kodoku ni tozasa renaide hitomi hiraite Don’t shut yourself in loneliness, open your eyes.
絶望的なアノミー 正義の神 メタファーなんかじゃない zetsubou tekina anomii seigi no kami metafaa nanka janai A desperate anomie isn’t a metaphor of the God of Justice.
風の中で まっすぐに 逸らさずに kaze no naka de massugu ni sorasazu ni Straight in the middle of wind, without turning back.

幕を引こう 究極の哀しい喜劇 炎の連鎖を maku o hikou kyuukyoku no kanashii kigekien no rensa o Draw the curtains and the chain of flames: the grand finale of this tragic comedy.
「Let's over the show」 「Let's over the show」 「Let's over the show」
逆風むかいかぜに吹かれながら いのちを繋いでゆけ Mukai kaze ni fuka renagara inochi o tsunaide yuke As you face the head wind, entwine lives.
孤独に 堕とされないで 腕を伸ばして kodoku ni oto sa renaide ude o nobashite Don’t fall into loneliness, reach out.
絶望的なアノミー 正義翳す メサイアなんかじゃない zetsubou tekina anomii seigi kazasu mesaia nanka janai A desperate anomie isn’t the Messiah of an Absolute Justice.
風を受けて まっすぐに 止まらずに―― kaze o ukete massugu ni tomarazu ni Accept the wind, and keep going relentless

見えない闇を切り 眩しい光浴びゆこう mienai yami o kiri mabushii hikari abi yukou When the invisible darkness is cut, we will be flooded with dazzling light.
共に まだ知らぬ 未来へ tomoni mada shiranu mirai e Let’s go together toward the unknown future.

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