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There are several steps to become a qualified Dangan Ronpa wiki admin. This is the guide that will illuminate you from the depths of despair to the end of the tunnel where you can see a ray of hope.

Maintaining the Content

First thing first that you must know and mastered as the admin of DR wiki is to maintain the wiki's content. You must be careful and track all of the edits of every editors on the Recent Wiki Activity. Losing a single track of a revision is unacceptable. Therefore, you must have sharp eyes that could track every edits.

Helpful advice: If you're on the Recent Wiki Activity page, go click “Recent Changes” button that will allow you to track every unnoticed edits on the regular Recent Wiki Activity Page such as [Rename log], [Upload log], etc. It greatly helps you to not miss every editors' edit.

From here, I'll separate the content of the first point to below's list:

NDRV3 Pages

Because you know that NDRV3 have just been released, you have to keep an eye on every pages list under “NDRV3 Characters”, the game's main article, its location, character galleries, and sprite galleries.

As an admin, is a top priority to put down on your list to update all of NDRV3 related article to 100% completion. It's your duty to update, protect, and maintain it. Please remind to do this task like your life depends on it.


When an editor adding a new information that you don't know, do not hesitate to clarify it to the responsible editor by asking them about the info's source. If they can't answered it properly or providing a reliable source, then you have to undo their revision for the sake to keep the page contains only canon information.

If the responsible editor could provide you a reliable source but you don't know how to put the source inside the article properly, you could check Kaede Akamatsu article in source mode. You could copy one of the reference link and you just need to rename the ref's name, replace the link, and make a new ref name. Easy, right?

Trusted Sites

There are several fan sites that you could rely on. Webs that I list below provide up-to-date official information and translation of DR installments. Please check these sites regularly to update more information!

Fighting Vandalism

As the title implies, I will explain how to fight vandalism properly and the blocking policy that the admin applies on this wiki: The length of the block can be considered from how bad the vandalism that they made. However, in this wiki case the level of vandalism that appeared is ALWAYS a heavy and an unacceptable one. For example, they erased an entire article and replaced it with a dumb one sentence, messing around with the template, writing their non-canon ships story on the article page, cursing their hate-character, harassing other editors, etc.

If you see these kind of vandalism, do not hesitate to block them for a very long time to prevent more destruction. Vandalism on this wiki is running wild and very, very frequent. Please pay attention and do your best to bite them to death!!!

The admin also have prepared a special one forum to report vandalism. Here's the link. You could easily track vandalism there after our trusted and kind editors report it to that forum.

Regular Check

Similar to what I write on the first point, you must do a regular check on the Recent Wiki Activity. Check from your last edit up until the latest edit that has been made. I beg you to do this tiring effort in order to maintain the page into its best form: well-written summary edit, good layout edit, preventing vandalism, etc.

Trust me, even though it's tiring, that's what an admin should do. I will highly appreciate your effort if you do a regular check because yeah, not every editor wanted to do this willingly. If you want to be a qualified admin, you have to put regular check on your “must to-do-list,” .... I guess.

Contacting Me

Contact me whenever you want if you counter a trouble that you can't handle alone. Remember that I'll always be by your side and once I say this, I'll never run. Except if you ask me about NDRV3 information-related. Please never, NEVER ask me that because if you do that and spoils me even a single bit of information, I'll get rid of your sysop ability and block you for life. I'm being serious here.

If someone ask me about NDRV3, I beg you to remove that thread immediately and try to re-contact them again, say that no one is allowed to ask me about NDRV3 because for god's sake that's why I give myself a shelter and avoid from editing DR wiki.

You can ask me about anything and if you have a good idea about updating and adding a lot of good things to this wiki, then go ahead and try.

Also remember to give me a regular report about the improvement and activity of the wiki once a week in minimum. I’ll read it and give my feedback to you.

Form Unbreakable Bonds with Editors

You are never alone, and you'll never be. Remember that not only you that help improving this wiki, you have every editors on your back. Like a nation, you are the president and the other editors are your beloved people that you serve, that you should listen to.

If they asked you about things that they haven’t know yet, answer them properly. If they disagree with you on some point, listen and provides the best and wisest decision to solve the problem. If they make a good contribution that is very helpful, appreciate them and pay their hardwork by sharing an unbreakable bond with you. That is the key to improve this wiki more and more!

Final Words

That is the five steps that I think it’s good to improve your ability as a qualified Dangan Ronpa Wiki admin. Judging from this post, I’m a little bit perfectionist and like to force my beliefs on you, right? But this is all for the sake of developing and protecting this wiki, forming to its best form. I trust the hope of the world to you guys. Best of luck! Riku-ya (talk) 06:57, January 8, 2017 (UTC)

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