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Danganronpa: Monokuma Strikes Back Gallery
Danganronpa: Monokuma Strikes Back
Strikes Back
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Kanji {{{kanji}}}
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Developer Spike Chunsoft
Publisher Spike Chunsoft
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release date May 23, 2012
Writer Kazutaka Kodaka
Illustrator {{{illustrator}}}
Rating 9+ (AppStore rating)
Danganronpa: Monokuma Strikes Back (also known in Japan as (ダンガン ロンパ: モノクマ の 逆襲 ) is a bonus game where characters from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc are in various minigames that the player have to beat.


Shot in the pitching machine Otose!: In this game the player must shoot at flying things (from the execution of Chiaki Nanami AI) that throw bombs at the player. The player must beat 5 stages to complete that minigame. In stage 5, Monokuma appears making it way to much faster and the flying things throw tons of Monokuma bombs.

Fully open, Best regards!: in this game the player play as Mondo Owada where the player ride a motorcycle and jump obstacles such as: birds, exploding Monokumas, holes, etc. In stage 5 Monokuma also appears and makes things much harder and makes the screen moves faster.

Inspiration remedial: In this game the player play as Makoto Naegi where the player have a certain amount of time where the player must solve math such as substaction and sums where the numbers are flying in the screen and try to make the correct answer. When there's 10 seconds left Monokuma appears and makes the numbers in the screen go faster.

Barely rocket: In this game similar to the famous mobile game Angry Birds the player must fire certain amount of rockets at Monokumas that are in the moon. In stage 5 Monokuma appears and the player just have one rocket and a super tiny Monokuma in the moon.



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