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Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! O Armored Hero, Stand Upon the Earth: #07 Abnormal Days is the seventh episode of the Danganronpa: The Animation. It first aired on August 15, 2013.


Shortly after an investigation of the murder scene, the school trial begins to find Kiyotaka Ishimaru's and Hifumi Yamada's, murderer. Yasuhiro Hagakure is the main suspect of this trial, because of Hifumi's dying words: "Yasuhiro", which is obviously his name, and so mostly everyone thinks it can only mean that Hifumi was killed by him. The 'Robo Justice' outfit also fits better on him than on anyone else, and it only adds to an increasing suspicion of him being the culprit.

After more discussion, Celestia Ludenberg is decided as the culprit. She denies it, but the students find some evidence that strongly suggests that she is the one responsible for Hifumi's death, and the one who planned out Taka's death for him. Hifumi was her accomplice but was later murdered by her shortly after him murdering Taka.

Celestia tricked him into thinking that Taka had stolen Alter Ego from the locker room, but was actually stolen by Celestia herself, and all went according to her plan. It is also revealed that her real name is actually Taeko Yasuhiro, and she murdered Hifumi only because she wanted her dream to come true: to own and live in a castle with servants attending to her every need, and the 10 billion yen Monokuma offered as a reward for graduating could be used to increase her chances of her dream coming true.

Celestia gives Kyoko Kirigiri the key to the locker in which Alter Ego is stashed in, and is then dragged away to her execution.

The episode ends with Kyoko and Makoto Naegi conversing with each other: Makoto asking her why she doesn't trust him if they're friends. Kyoko says that she'll try to trust him, and then tells him of a secret room in the boy's restroom on the second floor that does not have any cameras. Makoto goes to investigate, and finds a book with a note saying: "We must not leave this place." He is then caught off guard and attacked by a mysterious masked person. After being knocked unconscious, he wakes up and finds the bookshelf he got the book from, empty. Then, he opened the door to exit only to find Monokuma and Sakura Ogami both with shining eyes, most likely talking about something.