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Despair Junk Food for a Dashing Youth: #10 (Ab)Normal Days is the tenth episode of the Danganronpa: The Animation. It first aired on September 5, 2013.


After the group explore the fifth and final floor, containing a botanical garden and a classroom filled with dried blood, Byakuya Togami questions Kyoko Kirigiri about her identity, but she states that she doesn't remember it due to amnesia. Not believing this, Byakuya confiscates the key to Kyoko's dorm room whilst Makoto Naegi is given the responsibility of looking after a survival knife Toko Fukawa found.

Later that night, Kyoko, who had managed to obtain a master key and the details about Mukuro Ikusaba from the headmaster's office thanks to Sakura Ogami breaking down the door, she asks Makoto to keep Monokuma occupied whilst she goes off to investigate the dorm building's second floor.

As Makoto comes down with a fever as a result of staying up all night, he has a dream stating he is supposed to stay in Hope's Peak Academy instead of escape from it, then witnessing a masked person wielding the survival knife, followed by Kyoko telling him something he can't hear.

Waking up the next morning to discover the knife has gone missing, Makoto heads to the gym where everyone is disassembling a broken down Monokuma unit. Whilst looking for a way to break into the headmaster's office for answers, they discover a corpse in the background resembling the masked attacker Makoto saw, which Byakuya suspects may be Kyoko.

Before they can remove the mask, a bomb goes off, torching the corpse and leaving it unidentifiable by the time they put the fire out. Finding a key to the data processing room, the group are confronted by a fully working Monokuma, who reveals all their actions are being broadcast to the world. To make matters worse, a class trial is to be held for the corpse they found, which is revealed by Kyoko, who is alive and well, to be that of Mukuro Ikusaba.



  • During the episode, Byakuya discovered a clasroom filled with dried blood. However, the blood was red, instead of the usual pink.