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Episode 11
Ep 11
Kanji 疾走する青春の絶望ジャンクフード 非日常編
Romaji Shissō suru Seishun no Zetsubō Janku Fūdo: Hinichijō-hen
Air date September 12, 2013
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Episode 10
Episode 12
Despair Junk Food for a Dashing Youth: #11 Abnormal Days is the eleventh episode of the Danganronpa: The Animation. It first aired on September 12, 2013.



After conducting their investigation, during which Byakuya Togami has Makoto Naegi investigate Kyoko Kirigiri's room, the class trial begins. Byakuya accuses Kyoko, who has no alibi, but she curiously brings up evidence that effectively negates Makoto's alibi. After ruling out a faked stab wound, along with multiple wounds from days ago, as causes of deaths, Byakuya points out a locker key found in Kyoko's room, which opens a locker in the archery room containing steel arrows that could be used as a blunt instrument. Although this appears to be contradicted by the fact Byakuya had the key to Kyoko's room the entire time, Makoto considers the possibility that Kyoko could have used the key she stole from Monokuma.

Deciding to believe in Kyoko and not reveal the key, Makoto questions that something is wrong about the trial. However, Monokuma suddenly declares an abrupt end to the trial, declaring Makoto to be the culprit. Makoto is placed on a conveyor belt leading to a crusher, but he is miraculously saved thanks to a virus left behind by Alter Ego, and falls safely into a garbage dump below. Some time later, Kyoko throws herself down the garbage chute to aid Makoto, providing him with food and a means of escape. Kyoko explains how Makoto would've been the victim had she not saved him from the assailant, with the trial a set-up to get either her or Makoto out of the picture. Whilst making their way up a giant ladder, Kyoko states she had regained some of her memories, revealing herself to be the Ultimate Detective, who came to Hope's Peak Academy to see her father, the headmaster, who she is not on good terms with.

Arriving back inside the academy, Makoto and Kyoko confront Monokuma, offering to settle things in an all-or-nothing class trial, in which they must not only deduce Mukuro Ikusaba's murderer, but also solve all the mysteries surrounding Hope's Peak Academy. Reuniting with the others and given the entire academy to examine, Makoto prepares for the final investigation, the final class trial and the final battle between Hope and Despair.

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