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Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (known in Japan as Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Farewell Despair Academy, スーパーダンガンロンパ2 さよなら絶望学園, Sūpā Dangan Ronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubō Gakuen), commonly abbreviated to SDR2/DR2, is the sequel to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. It was first released in Japan on July 26, 2012 for the PlayStation Portable, then was released for the PlayStation Vita on October 10, 2013. The game was subsequently set for an NA and EU release by NIS America on September 24, 2013.

A port for Microsoft Windows was released on April 18, 2016, followed by the PS4 version, which was released alongside the original game on March 14, 2017.

The game has a stage play adaptation called Super Danganronpa 2 The Stage ~Sayonara Zetsubō Gakuen~ on December 3, 2015, and will later recive another one in March 2017 called Super Danganronpa 2 The Stage 2017.

After beating the game, a what-if text story for the first game is unlocked, as well as other bonus features such as Island Mode.


In Danganronpa 2, the player controls the main protagonist and playable character Hajime Hinata. The gameplay is very similar with the first game, so please check the gameplay section in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc first.

A major change in the game was that Hajime is able to walk around the Jabberwock Island in 2D. Very noticiable changes were made in the Class Trial segments:

  • Nonstop Debate
    • There are now blue lines during Nonstop Debate; rather than the typical orange lines which are fired at to express contradictory information, these blue lines are fired at in order to express information supporting the point.
    • Chatter may require more hits to silence.
  • Panic Talk Action and Hangman's Gambit have been revamped.
  • There are two all-new minigames: Logic Dive, a hybrid of racing, plattforming and quizzing; and Rebuttal Showdown, a game that combines a Nonstop Debate with slashing action.

For more info about these new mini-games, please check the Class Trial page.


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair takes place shortly after the events of Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. The game is from Hajime Hinata's point of view as he starts his first year at Hope's Peak Academy. As he walks into the school building he is overcome with fatigue, when he recovers he finds himself in front of a door. He has the strong urge to open it, and once he does he finds himself in a classroom full of his new classmates. 

They suddenly find themselves locked in the classroom and a pink bunny, Usami, appears before them, claiming herself the class' teacher. Suddenly the classroom around them falls away to reveal a paradise-like island. Usami tells them they are on a school trip and they are to befriend each other to gain hope fragments and make their hope grow. Just as they get used to the peaceful island life, Monokuma appears and takes control of the island, announcing that the students must participate in a life of mutual killing if they wish to escape.



Monokuma VA ID
モノクマ Voiced By: Flag of Japan Nobuyo Ōyama Flag of USA Brian Beacock
A sentient stuffed bear who walks, talks, and calls himself the Headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy. Under the pretense of a school trip, Monokuma traps the students on Jabberwock Island and orders them to kill each other if they want to escape. While he expects everyone to follow school regulations, he's not above attempting to violate those regulations himself, and if a killing doesn't happen fast enough, Monokuma will happily provide the students with the perfect motive to kill. Though Monokuma thoroughly enjoys watching the students struggle with their desperate situation, his true intention is...


Monomi VA ID
ウサミ Voiced By: Flag of Japan Takako Sasuga Flag of USA Rebecca Forstadt
A sentient stuffed rabbit and the lead teacher of the students' school trip. Monomi is sweet, sensitive, and a bit of a crybaby. As the students grow suspicious of each other due to Monokuma's influence, Monomi works hard all by herself to keep their spirits up. For this reason, she's a frequent target of Monokuma's bullying. Furthermore, the students always yell at her whenever she tries to help them.

Poor Monomi. Will she ever find true happiness...?


Hajime Hinata VA ID
Hajime Hinata
日向 創 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Minami Takayama Flag of USA Johnny Yong Bosch
Ultimate ??? (超高校級の「???」)
The protagonist of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Hajime lost all his memories prior to arriving at Jabberwock Island, so he doesn't even remember what his Ultimate talent is. Even when he's in a surreal situation surrounded by murder and mystery, he does his best to stay positive and track down the killer so he and his classmates can survive.

Nagito Komaeda VA ID
Nagito Komaeda
狛枝 凪斗 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Megumi Ogata Flag of USA Bryce Papenbrook
Ultimate Lucky Student (超高校級の「幸運」)
Even when he's surrounded by despair, Nagito still believes in his friends and the power of hope. Though he seems unreliable, he's always on hand to give Hajime advice and take care of him. Despite his polite demeanor Nagito can be overly harsh at times, but apparently he doesn't mean to come across as rude or insensitive.

Chiaki Nanami AI VA ID
Chiaki Nanami
七海 千秋 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Kana Hanazawa Flag of USA Christine Marie Cabanos
Ultimate Gamer (超高校級の「ゲーマー」)
As the Ultimate Gamer, Chiaki is highly knowledgeable about all genres of video games. She has a tendency to collect her thoughts before she starts speaking, so when she meets someone for the first time, the conversation is rather slow.

Though she's very passionate about video games, if Chiaki gets too comfortable she falls asleep, even in a tense situation where killings are occuring.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu VA ID
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
九頭龍 冬彦 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Daisuke Kishio Flag of USA Derek Stephen Prince
Ultimate Yakuza (超高校級の「極道」)
Fuyuhiko is the heir to the Kuzuryu Clan, the largest organized crime syndicate in the nation with a membership of over 30,000 people. When it comes to the criminal underworld, he's the real deal. Fuyuhiko hates crowds and refuses to get along with anyone, as indicated by his salty attitude and foul mouth.

However, it's possible that he's only acting like that on purpose. Though Fuyuhiko has a youthful appearance, do not under any circumstances comment about his cute, baby-like face. You will run out of fingers before he is finished with you.

Ibuki Mioda VA ID
Ibuki Mioda
澪田 唯吹 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Ami Koshimizu Flag of USA Julie Ann Taylor
Ultimate Musician (超高校級の「軽音楽部」)
As the Ultimate Musician, Ibuki was once the lead guitarist in an all-girl band that was super popular among high school girls. After their hit single, "After School Poyoyon Hour" sold over one million copies, Ibuki left the band over creative differences and is currently pursuing a solo career.

Ibuki is a very energetic girl and doesn't care about serious situations at all. Even when she's surrounded by death, she often forgets that she's supposed to be worried.

Kazuichi Soda VA ID
Kazuichi Soda
左右田 和一 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Yoshimasa Hosoya Flag of USA Kyle Hebert
Ultimate Mechanic (超高校級の「メカニック」)
When it comes to fixing machines, there's no one better than Kazuichi. He prides himself on his flashy appearance and cool demeanor, which makes it all the more surprising that he's actually a coward. Even minor incidents are enough to set him off and send him spiraling into a full-blown panic attack. Given his tendency to freak out at the drop of a hat, it's a mystery how he manages to stay so composed about his crush on Sonia.

Gundham Tanaka VA ID
Gundham Tanaka
田中 眼蛇夢 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Tomokazu Sugita Flag of USA Chris Tergliafera
Ultimate Breeder (超高校級の「飼育委員」)
As the Ultimate Breeder, there's no animal that Gundham cannot tame. He not only managed to successfully proliferate an endangered species, but it's speculated that he's even capable of holding conversations with animals. His pet hamsters—or The Four Dark Devas of Destruction, as he calls them—can often be seen peeking their heads out from under his scarf, and Gundham sincerely believes that he and his Four Dark Devas of Destruction will one day rule the world.

Ultimate Imposter VA ID
Byakuya Togami
十神 白夜 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Akira Ishida Flag of USA Jason Wishnov
Ultimate Affluent Progeny (超高校級の「御曹司」)
Byakuya is part of the family in charge of the international mega-conglomerate, the Togami Corporation. As the heir to the family business, he was raised harshly to prepare for his duties and has already begun managing the business operations. Thus, he possess an overpowering aura of refinement that pushes others away, and his enormous physique only enchances his intimidation factor. Combined with his sizable net worth, it's only fitting that this extraordinary high school student would be known as the Ultimate Affluent Progeny.

Mikan Tsumiki VA ID
Mikan Tsumiki
罪木 蜜柑 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Ai Kayano Flag of USA Stephanie Sheh
Ultimate Nurse (超高校級の「保健委員」)
As the Ultimate Nurse, Mikan has dedicated her life to helping others. However, her nervousness and complete lack of self-confidence have severely affected her social life. Prior to arriving at Hope's Peak Academy, Mikan had absolutely no friends at all. Because of that, she desperately tries to make everyone happy in hopes that they'll accept her, even when surrounded by death and despair, but she always seems to fail somehow. If you attempt to talk to her, be prepared to discuss one of the 5,000 topics she has prepared in advance...

Hiyoko Saionji VA ID
Hiyoko Saionji
西園寺 日寄子 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Suzuko Mimori Flag of USA Kira Buckland
Ultimate Traditional Dancer (超高校級の「日本舞踊家」)
Don't let Hiyoko's childlike appearance and voice fool you; she is definitely a high school student.

Though she's only in the beginning stages of her professional dancing career, the Japanese dance industry already has high hopes for the Ultimate Traditional Dancer. She has already performed overseas numerous times, and her popularity among younger audiences makes her a rarity in the dancing community. Then again, her fans are mostly with "unique" tastes in entertainment, so that may be skewing her popularity somewhat.

Despite her cute appearance, most people are unaware of Hiyoko's capacity for cruelty.

Akane Owari VA ID
Akane Owari
終里 赤音 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Romi Park Flag of USA Wendee Lee
Ultimate Gymnast (超高校級の「体操選手」)
Akane Owari is known for being a super athlete. Just by looking at her body, it's hard to believe that she's supposed to be a high school student!

The only things she thinks about are her next meal and her next fight. Despite being the Ultimate Gymnast, Akane has never received any formal training, so her grasp of basic gymnastics is somewhat shaky and her routines are mostly improvised. Regardless, her Ultimate-level athletic prowess is more than enough to make up the difference. When she actually feels like performing, her routines are splendid to behold. But if she's not feeling it, she loses interest and starts switching things up unexpectedly. Because of this tendency of hers, Akane has a reputation for being an unreliable troublemaker.

Nekomaru Nidai VA ID
Nekomaru Nidai
弐大 猫丸 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Hiroki Yasumoto Flag of USA Patrick Seitz
Ultimate Team Manager (超高校級の「マネージャー」)
Nekomaru Nidai's booming voice is only matched by his powerfully built body. As the Ultimate Team Manager, Nekomaru has visited numerous towns and played an active role managing their teams of various sports clubs. Among his many achievements, he personally led a high school rugby team filled with delinquents to victory in the national playoffs, as well as a baseball club that was on the verge of being shut down. Rumor has it that he's even training a famous young golfer that's been turning heads lately.

Despite his powerful build, Nekomaru suffers from gastrointestinal problems and can often be found behind a locked bathroom door.

Teruteru Hanamura VA ID
Teruteru Hanamura
花村 輝々 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Jun Fukuyama Flag of USA Todd Haberkorn
Ultimate Cook (超高校級の「料理人」)
The Ultimate Cook likes to pretend he's from the city, but in reality, Teruteru's hometown is in the countryside. His passions include food and sex, and apparently he thinks he has a shot with Peko. Of course, he thinks he has a shot with Sonia too. And with some of the boys as well...

At any rate, Teruteru is very happy about being stuck on an island with the other students.

Sonia Nevermind VA ID
Sonia Nevermind
ソニア・ネヴァーマインド Voiced By: Flag of Japan Miho Arakawa Flag of USA Natalie Hoover
Ultimate Princess (超高校級の「王女」)
Sonia Nevermind is a foreign exchange student from a small European country called Novoselic. With her porcelain white skin, sparkling blue eyes, and glittering hair, she exudes a mysterious charm that captivates everyone who sees her. Because of her status as a princess, Sonia has never had friends who match her social standing. Subsequently, she relishes the opportunity to attend Hope's Peak Academy as a normal teenager to meet people her own age. Though she has a tendency to use slang improperly, her grace and beauty can compel anyone to kneel before her without realizing it.

Mahiru Koizumi VA ID
Mahiru Koizumi
小泉 真昼 Voiced By: Flag of Japan Yū Kobayashi Flag of USA Carrie Keranen
Ultimate Photographer (超高校級の「写真家」)
Mahiru has already won several awards for her photography, and has a reputation for her skill at taking photos of people. Though she cares about her friends and is good at taking care of others, she holds boys to rather high standards. Once she suspects that a boy is unreliable, she starts lecturing him. In fact, as soon as she meets Hajime, she makes a mental note to remember him as "Unreliable Hajime".

Peko Pekoyama VA ID
Peko Pekoyama
辺古山 ペコ Voiced By: Flag of Japan Kotono Mitsuishi Flag of USA Janice Kawaye
Ultimate Swordswoman (超高校級の「剣道家」)
Peko Pekoyama is a kendo master known as the Ultimate Swordswoman. When it comes to swordplay, even grown men don't stand a chance against her.

Despite her cute name, Peko is a stoic, dignified girl with an intense stare that others might find off-putting. She is unfazed by the revelation that she and her classmates are trapped on an island, and decides almost immediately to oppose Monokuma's evil schemes.

Peko is never seen without her bamboo sword. Anyone who tries to mess with her is in for a world of disappointment and pain.


Critical response

Review Scores
Publication Score
Destructoid 8/10[2]
Famitsu 37/40[3]
GameSpot 8/10[4]

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair received critical acclaim. Famitsu gave the game a score of 37/40, based on four scores of 10, 9, 9 and 9, and was voted the best game of 2012 by its readers, with an average reader rating of 9.79 out of 10.[5]

Upon its release in North America, the game was met with praise. Japanese game specialist Hardcore Gamer gave the game a 4.5/5, and PushSquare gave it an 8/10. Cubed3 awarded a 9/10, highlighting an "exceptional plot" that "is every bit as an emotional rollercoaster as the first game," going on to say, "Coupled with Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, this is a series no visual novel aficionado can do without."


Danganronpa 2 debuted higher than its predecessor, peaking at number 5 and selling over 69,000 copies its opening week.[6] The game has also sold more than 200,000 copies in Europe and North America.[7]


Danganronpa 2 received an Award for Excellence at the Japan Game Awards in 2013.

Publication Award
Famitsu Game of the Year (Readers)[8]
Hardcore Gamer Best PS VITA Game[9]
Best New Character (Monokuma)[10]
Best Adventure Game


Main article: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (Original Soundtrack)



  • The game's third chapter's name, 'Trapped by the Ocean Scent', has the same name as one of the game's soundtrack, 'Trapped by the Ocean Scent', also known as 'Ocean Breeze Dead End'.
  • The game's fourth chapter's name, 'Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Electric Clocks?', is a reference to the SF novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' by Phillip K. Dick.
  • The game's first English trailer did not translate Sonia's homeland to Novoselic. This was corrected in the English game's opening.
  • The reason why Danganronpa 2 has 2 CERO ratings it's because Danganronpa wanted to bring younger people to the game by making it 15+, however this was changed when Spike Chunsoft released Danganronpa 1.2 Reload and made it 17+ once again.
  • In the NISA localization, most of the characters' heights are listed as a few centimeters shorter than they were in the Japanese version.


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