Ultra Despair Girls, Future Arc #07 is the thirteenth episode of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School and the seventh episode of Future Arc It first aired on August 22, 2016.


Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa confront Monaca Towa in the hopes of putting the Final Killing Game to an end, but things take a turn for the worst when the second Junko Enoshima reveals that a survivor from the Killing School Life will die because of Komaru's brother.


Monaca is giving a speech to a bunch of Monokuma units. She talks about Junko's defeat, and goes to bring despair into the world as "Junko Enoshima II". The former Warriors of Hope have allied with Komaru, and Nagisa tells her how to find Monaca, but requests she doesn't hurt her too much since Monaca was once a friend.

Komaru fights off Monokuma units while Toko struggles to catch up. Toko tases herself, and becomes Genocide Jack to help fight the Monokuma units. Soon after, Jack sneezes and reverts back to Toko. As the two women advance, they encounter more Monokuma units. Toko vows to not fail since Byakuya rarely relies on her. Toko has a fantasy about her and Byakuya bent together with their 18 "Byakuya Juniors", and creating their nineteenth. Byakuya senses Toko is having a fantasy about him, and winces. Byakuya's men report that no Remnant activity has been detected by the other branches, and Byakuya wonders what they are up to, and the purpose of the new killing game.

Toko and Komaru finally make it to Monaca's base of operation. Monaca watches them, and wonders whether hope or despair is the right course to take. Toko and Komaru enter a room where Monaca speaks to them on a huge screen. Monaca talks about succeeding Junko, and Toko is convinced that Monaca is behind the new killing game. Monaca has some robots attack them, but then suddenly gives up. She self destructs the robots, blowing her base up.

Toko and Komaru find Monaca in the back of a van, which she refers to her as her "room". She is playing video games as the entire room is filled with trash. Komaru and Toko are shocked by Monaca's sudden change, and Monaca said that she listened to Nagito go on and on about hope and despair, which made her realize she doesn't want to end up like that. Monaca admits that she is a part of the game as an observer who happened to play a prank, revealing she was the one who made it look like Aoi Asahina had died, as well as wanting to see what Makoto looked like. Toko asks about Miaya, and Monaca admits she killed Miaya, but is pretty apathetic towards everything else. Monaca says she doesn't know who is behind the new killing game, but says that she does know one of the survivors from the first killing game will die because of Makoto. Toko turns into Genocide Jack to get more information out of her, but Monaca just blasts off into space. Jack grabs onto the back, but Komaru convinces her to let go, and they land on a tarp.

At Future Foundation headquarters, Makoto and Aoi are shocked when Monomi starts calling Makoto "big brother". Komaru gets in touch with Makoto to notify him about Monaca's statement while Toko goes to inform Byakuya, who is in disbelief. Aoi mentions the fact that Yasuhiro, Toko and Byakuya are outside the building, leaving just herself, Makoto and Kyoko as potential targets. Just then, as Kyoko continues her investigation in the library, she suddenly hears a noise as Kyosuke stalks the halls.


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  • As the original Japanese's subtitle of Danganronpa Another Episode is Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo (絶対絶望少女 lit. Absolute Despair Girls), the naming of this episode is likely an intentional nod to the changing of the subtitle that occurred in the localization process.


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