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Who Killed Cock Robin
Side Future Opening Card 08
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Air date August 29, 2016
English Air date September 29, 2016
Director Seiji Kishi
Side: Despair #07
Side: Despair #08
Who Killed Cock Robin, Side: Future #08 is the fifteenth episode of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy and the eighth episode of Side: Future. It first aired on August 29, 2016.


Koichi Kizakura recalls his reasons for staying with Kyoko Kirigiri, who works to uncover the truth behind Sonosuke Izayoi's murder. But just being at the crime scene is dangerous enough itself. Meanwhile, Byakuya Togami looks for a way to break the Future Foundation out of the building, but certain obstacles prevent him from reaching that goal.


A flashback is shown of Koichi and the former Physical Education Teacher of Hope's Peak's Academy, working together to rescue Class 78th from Junko Enoshima's Mutual Killing. The teacher is killed in battle with only her helmet remaining.

Hiro continues to be attacked outside and is saved by Byakuya. Inside, Makoto and Komaru continue to catch up, much to Toko's disgust. Makoto comments on how Komaru has grown up, and Momaru reminds Makoto of his promise to come and get her. After the transmission ends, Miaya shakes violently and Makoto and Hina rush out of the room only to come face to face with Kyosuke. Miaya burts through the wall, and scans Kyosuke as he charges towards the robot and chops it's head off. The robot puts his head back and morphs the wheelchair into a type of battle armour. Makoto and Hina make their escape while Miaya holds off Kyosuke.

In the library, Kyoko continues to gather more clues as Koichi gathers all of the pressure traps Sonosuke placed around the room. Koichi calls Ruruka out on some rumours he has heard about her planning for form her own faction and leave the Future Foundation. Juzo burts into the room and attacks everyone. He goes after Kyoko with a knife, but Koichi distracts him. Koichi baits Juzo into attacking him, and then triggers a trap, which sends a spear through Juzo, and puns him to the wall. Ruruka activates Sonosuke's traps and blows the floor out from under Kyoko. Koichi disobeys his forbidden action and opens his left hand to catch Kyoko. As he is being poisoned, Koichi uses the last of his strength to haul Kyoko to safety, and laments how he kept his promise to Jin as he falls into the pit.

Ryota calls Ruruka out for trying to kill Kyoko, and Ruruka says she wants to kill them all. Ruruka forces one of her "special" sweets into Juzo's mouth, brainwashing him to into desire her sweets. Ruruka promises Juzo all the sweets he can eat if he kills everyone. Juzo frees himself form the wall, and pulls the spear from his shoulder. The pain jolts him back to his sense, and Kyoko explains that Ruruka killed Sonosuke by forcing her sweets into his mouth, which triggered his forbidden action. She knocks over the bookshelf, and reveals the secret exit. Kyoko tells Ruruka her forbidden action is that no one can leave. Ruruka denies it, but then confirms Kyoko's suspicion when she tries to stop Juzo from opening the door. Kyoko and Ryota leave, and Ryota asks why Koichi sacrificed himself to save Kyoko. Kyoko says she has theories, but has no evidence to hand them up. Ryota notes the coldness in her response, and Kyoko discards her jacket, declaring she is a detective.

Outside, Byakuya and his men blow up the rubble blocking the entrance. Hiro goes to rush in, but Byakuya stops him and tells him to wait outside. As Byakuya and his men enter the building, one of the men walks too close to an unconscious woman, revealed to be a robot, and the entire building starts to sink.


The following are in order of appearance


  • The title is a reference to an old English nursery rhyme, "Who Killed Cock Robin".
  • Kazutaka Kodaka's favorite in this episode is when Kyoko decided to move forward even after Koichi died before her eyes. [1]



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