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Another End
Danganronpa Another End is an unused alternate ending of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. This ending is an alternate ending from when Danganronpa was in development, written out in script form. This ending is not found in the game. Though Monokuma said that this ending is a "True Ending," it is not canon since it was cut from the game.[1]

After clearing beating the game, if the player goes to the gym before the first victim is killed, Monokuma will be standing there. If the player talk to him, you will start the “True Ending Route”.


Monokuma: “Aaah, look who’s here. It's you. I see, I see...... Who are you again?”

Makoto: “I'm...Makoto... Makoto Naegi.”

Monokuma: “Oh, right, right. I remember now. Makoto. And it just so happens I remembered something I shouldn't have. I don't want to beat around the bush—you came here because you wanted to see the “True Ending” right?”

Makoto: “...Huh?”

Monokuma: “...Oh, so it's like that, huh? You already finished the game at least once, and yet you came back here for no reason... In other words, you're just totally fed up with the “ending to the story” huh?!”

Makoto: “I-I have no idea what you’re talking about... I've had no idea this entire time...”

Monokuma “It's fine, it's fine. I get it—you don’t have to say anything. I've got a spirit ready to serve wrapped up in my stuffing! My job is to satisfy unsatisfied customers! Hup-to! …So that’s why I'm giving you this.”

[cut-in illustration of the escape switch]

Makoto: “W-What the heck is this...?”

[cut-in illustration of OFF]

Monokuma: “He says, even though he already knows!! It's a key! A key!”

Makoto: “A k-key...?”

Monokuma: “So you're fed up with the “ending of the story” and so you want to see the “end of the world” right? Upupu, then go ahead and look. At the end of the world... ...At the True Ending!!”

Makoto: “Seriously, what have you being going on about this whole time?”

Monokuma: “However, there are two things I need to warn you about. First, if you don't collect all the hopes, that button won’t work! You gotta share the wealth! Then second, the True Ending other words, True Despair! It's nothing more than “the end of the world”! Nyohoho! If you don't want to end this world, it’d be more prudent to avoid using that button! But do whatever you want! Buhyahyahya!!”

[Monokuma slide out]

Makoto: “What...was that...? True Ending, End of the World... And then...

[cut-in illustration of switch]

Makoto: “...this switch? I feel like I've seen it somewhere before...”

[cut-in illustration of OFF]

Makoto: “...Guess it's just my imagination.”

※ After this, if the player go to the entrance hall before the first victim is killed, this event will start.

Entrance Hall (black screen)

The moment I set foot in the entrance hall...I unconsciously let out a yell.

Makoto: “E-Everyone…?!”

14 People In the Entrance Hall

There, everyone had gathered... Fourteen aside from me... Fourteen Hope's Peak students...

Entrance Hall

Makoto: “E-Everyone... Why...?”

Sayaka: “Um, well... Monokuma told us. About that...”

Sakura: “That we could leave with Makoto if we cast aside our “hope”.”

Makoto: “...What?”

Chihiro: “That's...the condition for getting to leave here.”

Mondo: “That guy's only got interest in us if we’re hopeful Ultimates...”

Kiyotaka: “In other words, if we all forgot our “Ultimate” paths...he doesn't care if we leave or not.”

Hifumi: “Your back can't change into your stomach, you know...”

[camera zooms out to show everyone standing]

Byakuya: “I do not care. That is because I am perfect. Even if I throw away my position as the heir to the Togami Conglomerate, I will still without a doubt succeed.”

Celestia: “You've got Ultimate Confidence...don't you.”

Sayaka: “Being an idol was my dream, but... But more importantly, my precious group mates are out there. So I… I want to try my best once more, with them! Even if we aren't idols, I want us to do our best together!”

Kyoko: “There is more than one path... Even if one path is closed off to us, we can follow a different one. Real despair is not being able to move forward.”

Toko: “As long as we keep moving forward, we'll be able to find hope. So going forward itself is hope.”

Yasuhiro: “How come you guys are stealin' the show? Quit chewin’ the scenery!”

Sakura: “Makoto, press the button. What you hold in your hand is the hopeful key to our future.”

[camera zoomes out]

The thing... I'm holding in my hand...

[cut-in illustration of escape switch]

The key... The key of hope...

[cut-in illustration of OFF]

[change to character close-ups]

1. Moral Compass:  My dream was to become the Prime Minister and correct the morals of this country, but... It’s fine! I'll aim to be a farmer from now on! I'll correct the country's morals from an agricultural viewpoint!

2. Gambler:  I'm really in trouble, aren't I... I lost my quick and easy way to make money. I suppose it can't be helped. I will sell my own handmade clothing to make money. However, they will be expensive. That is because they will be made with my love. Ufufufu...

3. Affluent Progeny:  I...that's right... I suppose I will go traveling for a time… It wouldn’t be a bad thing to see that world first hand…

4. Martial Artist:  If you take fighting from me, I have nothing left... Therefore, I will continue fighting... However, fighting is not limited just to that of the physical body. From now on I shall engage in a spiritual fight… My fight within my own self... ...That is the path I shall walk.

5. Swimming Pro:  I've decided! I've decided on the name “Asahina Doughnuts”! Eh hehe, everyone come and buy them, okay? I'll make sure to offer you great service.

6. Biker Gang Leader: So the crazy times are over... I'm retirin'... Guess I'll become a carpenter or somethin'... Hey, big bro... In a bit... That's okay, right?

7. Programmer:  This is...a good chance for me... I want to train both my heart and my body! I want to train more and more, to get stronger! If I do that, I'd like to meet with you all again... ...When that happens, it will be as my real self.

8. Baseball Star:  Isn't this lucky?! Cause now I can quit baseball fair and square! I'll go from model to voice talent, and snatch a chance at becoming a household name!

9. Writing Prodigy:  I-I... F-For right now, I want to be in love... T-Then...I want to have a happy married life... W-Who was that?! Who just laughed?! I-I-I-I'll kill you!!!

10. Pop Sensation:  I'm going to talk to my comrades and decide what to do next. But no matter what path we take in life, we will always be precious friends to each other. That's why I'm fighting alongside you. So long as we're together, there's nothing we can't do!

11. Fanfic Creator:  I've decided once and for all to set my sights on being a thief! With the free use of my magic, I'll be able to go around stealing gems. There is no need for me to tell you any more than that!

12. Clairvoyant: (a.k.a. “Sherman”) I'll...uh, do that..., that... Ahahaha! I'll figure something out!

13. Detective:  I... I suppose first I need to start by searching for something. What I should do... What I can do... Reset everything in my life so far... Yet, I look forward to that.

14. Soldier: Ever since I was a kid... I was always compared to her... My capable little sister... But, I ran away... Into a world where I knew no one and no one knew me... Yet... I was always lost... So then I came back... But... I was still lost... About if it's right for me to keep disguising myself as my sister. So...this might be my chance to change my life! To tell the truth, I've always had an interest in being a hairdresser or something like that. Ehehe, maybe I'll run off into the boonies where she won't find me and aim to be a hair stylist!

[camera zooms out to show all of them together]

The things we would do next... The things we would do to search for hope... That is the true hope. If that’s the case, then this should be hope too, right?

Movie (Everyone Escapes)

[Fifteen students stand in the entrance hall, their backs to the camera, in front of the door.]

That's right... There's no reason to be afraid... Let's go... Let's keep going forward... With everyone... All of us, together... We'll leave here, and go on to the next thing!

Memory (Gym)

The True Ending is... in other words, True Despair! It's nothing more than “the end of the world”! Nyohoho! If you don't want to end this world, it'd be more prudent to avoid using that button!

Movie (Everyone Escapes)

[Fifteen students stand in the entrance hall, their backs to the camera, in front of the door.]

Makoto: ...Huh? ...No, I don't need to worry about it. It's too late. ...That guy's words...

[slow fade out]

Movie (Escape Movie) (the one shown in the game as an easter egg)

[The fifteen students stand in front of the door. It slowly and steadily opens... A white light spills from within it, engulfing everything...]

[white out]

White Screen




[slow fade in]

Entrance Hall

[Back in the entrance hall after Makoto’s vision goes swirly in the prologue. It seems like a normal entrance hall, with no steel plates over the windows.]

Makoto: ...Huh? Did... Did I space out? Ah, and in the entrance hall too...

Makoto: It's probably...because last night I was doing prep for today, and I was up late. And also…I had that weird dream. There was that strange bear, and my strange classmates, and that strange survival game...

Makoto: ...And on top of that, as luck would have it, I participated a lot in everything that happened... Just remembering it is embarrassing... embarrassing dream....

Makoto: ..........I should go home after all. I'm more cut out for a normal life. This school isn't some place where you can get by on luck... It isn't suited for people who have embarrassing dreams about killing games.

Makoto: Right. I'm going home.

Then I put my back to the entrance hall and left.

Black Screen

After awhile, I completely forgot the “dream” I had that time.

[GAME OVER fills the screen]



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