Hidden Kids Warriors of Hope Set
Hidden Kids (隠れキッズ) are collectible items modeled after the Warriors of Hope featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. They are spread throughout Towa City. To find the Hidden Kids, you must use Detect on walls that sparkle with the Megaphone Hacking Gun.


DRAE Trophy 25
Found You!
Found your first Hidden Kid.
Trophy Bronze
DRAE Trophy 26
Hide-And-Seek Champion
Found all of the Hidden Kids.
Trophy Gold


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Chapter 1

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Masaru Daimon After the second visit to the Hospital and obtaining the Detect bullet, he can be found to the left just as you leave the Hospital. Hidden Kids Chapter 1 1 Hidden Kids Chapter 1 2
Jataro Kemuri Above the black car after Challenge 5. Hidden Kids Chapter 1 3 Hidden Kids Chapter 1 4
Kotoko Utsugi From Jataro, head forward, the right and she will be found by a pile of rubble. Hidden Kids Chapter 1 5 Hidden Kids Chapter 1 6
Nagisa Shingetsu From Kotoko, go the opposite way and up onto the shipping crates, then look to the small gap between them to the right and he can be found on a pile of dirt. Hidden Kids Chapter 1 7 Hidden Kids Chapter 1 8
Monaca Before entering the subway, to the right of the blocked off subway route. Hidden Kids Chapter 1 9 Hidden Kids Chapter 1 10

Chapter 2

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Masaru Daimon After entering the second screen of the subway, head to the right and look behind the column. Hidden Kids Chapter 2 1 Hidden Kids Chapter 2 2
Jataro Kemuri In the west room after saving Shirokuma, behind the gate. Hidden Kids Chapter 2 3 Hidden Kids Chapter 2 4
Kotoko Utsugi After exiting the sewer and entering the graveyard, turn around and to the left. Hidden Kids Chapter 2 5 Hidden Kids Chapter 2 6
Nagisa Shingetsu After exiting Challenge Room 4 and you're out on the walkway, look to the left in the air. Can easily blend in with the buildings, so it may be hard to spot. Hidden Kids Chapter 2 7 Hidden Kids Chapter 2 8
Monaca On the second floor of Towa Tower, look behind the head of the Monokuma statue after passing the cage with the Monokuma mannequins inside. Hidden Kids Chapter 2 9 Hidden Kids Chapter 2 10

Chapter 3

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Masaru Daimon After passing the tipped over Monokuma statue, head left and it's on the wall. Hidden Kids Chapter 3 1 (no map)
Jataro Kemuri After the "Light in the Darkness" Monokuma Kid challenge, leave the room and it is immediately forward, over the gap. Hidden Kids Chapter 3 2 Hidden Kids Chapter 3 3
Kotoko Utsugi When entering the docks, it is to the left, opposite of the save point. Hidden Kids Chapter 3 4 Hidden Kids Chapter 3 5
Nagisa Shingetsu After clearing Challenge 4 and heading down the narrow hallway, look to the right at the Nagisa cutout. Hidden Kids Chapter 3 6 Hidden Kids Chapter 3 7
Monaca Just before heading up the ladder to the Secret HQ, you can see the sparkles above the pit. Hidden Kids Chapter 3 8 Hidden Kids Chapter 3 9

Chapter 4

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Masaru Daimon When you first spawn, turn around and run to the very end of the map. He'll be on the left wall. Hidden Kids Chapter 4 1 Hidden Kids Chapter 4 2
Jataro Kemuri As you head up the steps of the Shrine, turn around and look on the back of the gate. Hidden Kids Chapter 4 3 (no map)
Kotoko Utsugi When you first enter the business district, she on the left walls. Hidden Kids Chapter 4 4 Hidden Kids Chapter 4 5
Nagisa Shingetsu As soon as you enter the subway, turn to the left and look above the tracks. Hidden Kids Chapter 4 6 Hidden Kids Chapter 4 7
Monaca After the lasers are deactivated on B3 of Towa Factory, look on the giant spinning orb just behind the elevator. Hidden Kids Chapter 4 8 Hidden Kids Chapter 4 9

Chapter 5

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Masaru Daimon On the walkway leading up to Towa Hills with all the Monokumas, look to the left in the air. Hidden Kids Chapter 5 1 Hidden Kids Chapter 5 2
Jataro Kemuri Before heading into the Chairman's Office, look to the right in the air between the water statue. Hidden Kids Chapter 5 3 Hidden Kids Chapter 5 4
Kotoko Utsugi In the third area after going up the elevator, look behind the gate on the right side of the room. Hidden Kids Chapter 5 5 Hidden Kids Chapter 5 6
Nagisa Shingetsu After clearing the roof of all the Monokumas, look behind the roof entrance, in the air. Hidden Kids Chapter 5 7 Hidden Kids Chapter 5 8
Monaca From the spinning statue, go left, left, then left again, and as soon as you turn right, look to the right wall. Hidden Kids Chapter 5 9 (no map)

Hidden WOH The Hero figureHidden WOH The Priest figureHidden WOH The Fighter figureHidden WOH The Sage figureHidden WOH The Mage figure


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