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At the end of the world, an abnormal killer runs rampant...

Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer (ダンガンロンパ 害伝キラーキラー), previously known only as Killer Killer (キラーキラー), is a manga spin-off connected to Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School.

The manga was debuted on March 8, 2016 in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine's April issue. The manga is illustrated by Mitomo Sasako, with scenario written by Kazutaka Kodaka and Yōichirō Koizumi.

The official timeline of Danganronpa events places it after the events of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls and before the events of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.


In response to The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History, an organization called Future Foundation was created to combat the chaos still present even after the death of The Mastermind.

Misaki Asano is a new recruit, working as a special investigator for the 6th Division's Special Case Criminal Investigation Unit, a bureau dedicated to solving the most bizarre and challenging murder cases. Alongside her partner, Takumi Hijirihara, they aim to combat despair one case at a time. Their most challenging case is that of the mysterious Killer Killer, a bizarre serial killer who targets other murderers.


Future Foundation's 6th Division

Future Foundation's Members

Serial Killers

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

List of Volumes and Chapters

Volume 1
Danganronpa Gaiden Killer Killer Volume 1 Cover Release Date: July 8, 2016 ISBN: 9784063957013
Volume 2
Danganronpa Gaiden Killer Killer Volume 2 Cover Release Date: November 9, 2016 ISBN: 9784063931037
Volume 3
Danganronpa Gaiden Killer Killer Volume 3 Cover
Release Date: May 9, 2017 ISBN: 9784063932027


  • It was not revealed that Killer Killer existed in the Danganronpa universe until Chapter 3, when the manga's full title was revealed in the June issue of Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.
  • All 3 compilation volumes include art referencing Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc:
    • Volume 1 features Takumi murdered in the style of Sayaka Maizono.
    • Volume 2 features Misaki hung by ropes to a frame, in the style of Chihiro Fujisaki.
    • Volume 3 features Takumi on a throne, wearing Junko Enoshima's crown.
  • There are also several references to the murders featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc in Chapter 3, in which Eiichirō Saiyama is a documentary manga artist drawing manga about The Tragedy.:
    • In Eiichirō's room of corpses, two victims are seen crucified by ropes, in the manner of Chihiro Fujisaki's body.
    • In one of Eiichirō's pages, a body is posed in the manner of Sayaka Maizono's corpse.
    • In another of Eiichirō's pages, Mukuro Ikusaba's death scene is seen, and this seen is mimicked when Takumi Hijirihara murders Eiichirō.
  • Danganronpa Killer Killer Chapter 3 Sparkling Justice Trivia
    The mask of Sparkling Justice, a serial killer mentioned in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, is on display in Eiichirō Saiyama's room in Chapter 3. Because the identity of Sparkling Justice is unknown, it is possible that Sparkling Justice and Killer Killer may be the same person, as they both have the same M.O. (murdering other killers), which is supported by the fact that the name of Sparkling Justice in the original Japanese release of Danganronpa 2 is Kirakira Seigi (キラキラセギ). It is unknown if this is intentional or simply a reference.


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