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NDRV3xGD2 Android wallpaper

Gravity Rush 2 x Danganronpa V3 cast.

This list shows all guest apperances of Danganronpa in other games, manga or art.


Official Art


  • Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life: In the anime, Wooser was shown acting as Monokuma and Monokuma did also made a cameo apperance. Later after the episode ended Wooser and his friends where shown in a Class Trial making Monokuma executing Wooser.



  • Many of the games apperances have been published by Spike Chunsoft.
  • Although not an official portrayal of the character, Monokuma is parodied in the Hyperdimension Neptunia: Rebirth series. In some chirper events, a black and white bear named Monokuma appears and talks about punishing students for despair.


  1. DLC Monokuma custome
  2. Monokuma invades Conception II
  3. Monomi and Monokuma makes a cameo costume
  4. Monokuma easter egg
  5. Sonico Monokuma custome
  6. Danganronpa cast cameo spinoff
  7. Monokuma And Shiren cameo
  8. Limited characters
  9. Owada Brothers cameo apperance.

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