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Local policies
Blocking policy

Users editing in bad faith are likely to receive a block. Depending upon the situation, prior warning(s) may or may not be given.


  • There is zero tolerance vandalism. Depending upon the gravity of the situation, similar actions may lead to a permablock.
    • If you spot any vandalism over the wiki, revert it and inform an admin about the same.
  • Spamming and advertisement on any of the articles would be punished with an immediate block.
    • Inserting false information or "joke edits" will also be punished with an immediate block.
  • Harassing and provoking other users would also result in a warning, and if needed, a block.
  • Intentional edits which would otherwise violate any of the present policies will also result in a block.
  • All users are expected to be civil. If they are found to show uncivil behavior, after warnings, they will be blocked.
  • Admins have the right to block users for anything they might find inappropriate, even if not mentioned here.

Bad Edits

  • Not all users know what they are doing, nor are they aware of the policies. Accordingly, they will not receive a block for a single edit violating any of the policies.
  • Persistence in similar edits would falsify the above mentioned, and will likely be punished with a block.
  • Adding line breaks or whitespace to articles, which would otherwise cause no considerable difference in the article's rendering are considered to be unnecessary.
    • Repetition of the above will lead to a verbal warning, and if required, a block.

Appealing a block

  • For users who may feel their block was unjust, and biased, are free to start a discussion at the blocking admin's wall.
  • In such cases, civility is expected from the blocked. Users who unnecessarily rage at the admin for a block which they might think is unjust, will be revoked from this right.
  • If a user is blocked from editing all fields of the wiki, they are best messaging the blocking admin at their wall on Community Central, or any other wiki where they are likely to get a response.
    • The above rule will not be imposed for wikis which disallow such appeals, and the Dangan Ronpa Wiki will not be responsible for your actions there.
  • You might be an innocent victim of a block served to an IP address connected to yours. In similar cases, contact an administrator for help.
  • For any inappropriate edit done with your account, you take full responsibility over it. If you are sure the said edit was not made by you or anyone around you, contact an administrator. However, in such instances, only genuine cases are considered for unblocking.


  • Trolls are users who deliberately and intentionally disrupt the functionality of the community by means discouraged by the community. Trolls can be hard to deal with, and as such, shall be directed to the admins for immediate blocking.
  • Trolls may start an edit war with any of the users and may intensely vandalize, including but not limited to, articles over the wiki. If you spot any of spot any troll, and are being targeted by them, simply ignore them and report the same to an admin as soon as possible.
  • In most cases, trolls are punished with a block for about 3 months. However, depending on the situation, the blocks might lead to permablock.


  • Talkpages are central mediums for discussions, and shall be provided to all.
  • Blocked users shall not be blocked from editing their own talkpage, at the very least.
  • The only instance when the blocked shall be kept from this privilege is when they are found abusing it.

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