A Gallery Clean-Up is a gallery that is in poor condition ranging from the information it provides to the image quality to the sources of the images to the overall layout of the gallery.

Information of the Images

Any good wikia has the most correct and sourced information it can provide. The same can be said for images. Where does this image come from? Official art? A game? A novel? Does it come from a scanned magazine? If so, what magazine? What's the date of publication? All of this is needed for every single image posted to a gallery to best be a useful source to readers. Also both Japanese AND English versions if they both exist.

Image Quality

The highest quality of an image is a very needed thing for any wikia. We aim to provide the best we can manage, the best being any image that comes from the latest released material for games, a high quality scanned image, directly from a website source, a non-saved .jpeg image, and so on. The new the better.

Sources of the Images

As previously stated, the source of an image is a very needed thing. So noting in detail where an image comes from is instrumental in having a well-sourced wikia. If possible provide a referral link to where the image comes from, if not possible as much detail as possible in the caption.

Layout of the Gallery

An easily navigable gallery is a good gallery. The tabs on most gallery pages provide the larger sections of a group of images, and under those even smaller broken down sections of groups of images. Such as Games by each game in chronological order, then broken down into chapters. The more subsections of groups of images the better.

How to Mark a Gallery in need of a Clean-Up

Any gallery, which is in need of any of the above mentioned points, could be marked as in need of a clean-up by using the gallery clean-up template.

Gallery Clean-Up Template

  • Template: Located here.
  • Position: Always at the beginning of a gallery.
  • Adding (or removing) a gallery clean up template does not requires the permission of an admin or any other user with a specific right.

Where can I find Galleries in need of a Clean-Up

Using this this category page.