As of 2017, we are trying to move the Wiki into a direction which is more welcoming to all fans, not just veterans to the franchise. As such, the wiki now has a policy of trying to shield readers from major spoilers where possible, particularly in areas where they might not expect them to be.

  • Major spoilers for past material (eg. the games, anime, or manga), should not be described in detail in the opening paragraph of a character article. New readers should be able to open a character’s article page without having to see endgame spoilers such as who a character was murdered by, and by whom, within the first few sentences. Spoilers such as these should be included in the character’s history during the period where it occurs instead.
  • All Danganronpa V3 content, including but not limited to, plot information, character development, character relationships, deaths, executions, the mastermind, and any other content, must be added behind {{Spoiler}} without fail, on all pages.
  • All Danganronpa V3 related pages are locked to new and unregistered editors in order to prevent vandalism. There is a 4 day waiting period before new registered users are automatically able to edit these pages.
  • All material not featured in the demo or trailers, or released by localization distributors such as Spike Chunsoft En or NIS America, is considered spoiler information.
  • Any English localization material, such as characters’ Ultimate talents, supersedes the Japanese versions of the game and should be updated accordingly.
  • Talents, names, terminology and location names should be referred to in Japanese Romaji until their English localization equivalents have been released; fan-translated names for these are not permitted. This includes any additional talents characters may have, which should be referred to as their Super High School Level, rather than officially confirmed Ultimate talents. Do not assume what the localization equivalent will be, no matter how logical it may seem.
  • All spoiler information not obtained from official localization sources must include credit for the translation (see Always Credit Fan Contributions) and contain the {{Japanese Only}} template on the page.

Spoiler discussion is permitted in the appropriate forum board, but must include [SPOILERS] in the post title. Spoiler information and images are not permitted on userpages under any circumstances.