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The following is a list of editors who have positions of prestige within our community. These positions are awarded to those who, depending on their role, show they are willing to create and write meaningful articles, manage user edits and vandalism, or provide community leadership to handle issues.

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Administrators are able to block vandals, delete files, lock pages, rollback vandalism and move images. There are two types of Administrators: Sysops, able to do all of the tasks listed, and Bureaucrats, able to perform all tasks listed as well as change the rights of a user.

Information and Guidelines for Admins can be found here.

Dangan Ronpa Wikia - Monollama Icon Monollama, also known as Bee is one of the newest admins, joining the team in January 2017. Their area of expertise is extreme organization and table building skills on the wikia with the occasional transparenting or other graphical editing work. However they are open to anything and everything else that needs to be done. They are a friendly admin, and love helping the editors, so don't hesitate to contact them.

They enjoy femslash to a great degree, even once earning the title "Queen of Yuri", a title proudly enjoyed. They also like a cartoon called Jem and the Holograms and blogging on Tumblr.

NON RELATED Rikuya Fourth Icon Riku is an old-fashioned 2013 Dangan Ronpa fan who has become an admin of this Wiki since 2015. As the self-proclaimed Super High School Level Tired, he oddly picks Ishimaru Kiyotaka as his role model. With efforts, he showers his love mostly to Voice & Stage Actor pages and characters' quotes. Aside than editing, he is fond of writing, reading books, playing video games, traveling, and astral projecting.

Dangan Ronpa Wikia - Scottier Icon Scottie has been a member of the Admin team since March 2017. Although they're still pretty new to the Danganronpa fandom, they love researching, making big chunks of information accessible for everyone, and working on making this old Wiki look modern and shiny. They're also really proud of their contributions to our official twitter account, @Danganronpawiki. Their favourite character is Sakura Ogami, and they're a huge fan of Megumi Ogata's music career.

Content Moderators

Content Moderators are editors who can delete and move files, undelete pages, rollback, reupload files, and protect and unprotect pages.

Dangan-Ronpa-Wiki-Mia-Jenkins-Icon Mia joined the Danganronpa fandom in spring 2016, and at the same time also joined the Russian Danganronpa Wiki staff as an Admin. In April 2017, she also joined the English team as Content Moderator. Mia is active most of the time and she will always be willing to help everyone. Most of the time she's doing minor edits. She's very friendly and loves talking with people, so feel free to message her if you want.

Besides DR, she likes playing video games and reading manga.

Dangan-Ronpa-Wiki-Nebularman-Icon Nebularman, or Neb for short, found out about Danganronpa at around August 2016. They would browse the wiki every so often just to check up on information, until he finally joined the wiki in October 2017. He is usually found doing small edits and uploading images to the galleries. He tries his best to help make the wiki better.

When he isn't on the wiki he is probably just playing games or making simple sprite edits.

Ohakuma Staff Icon Ohakuma, or Lars, joined the Danganronpa fandom in October of 2016, and has been into it ever since! He had also devoted himself to content and contributing to the fandom, whether it be art or becoming a content moderator for the English team in November 2017. His favorite character is Mukuro Ikusaba, but his big gay crush is Kaito Momota. Lars is active very often and he'll always be up for helping anyway he can. He's a bit experienced in learning Japanese. He's usually either helping with transcriptions, pages, information on characters and images. Lars is always open to talk with people if he's available.

If he's not currently active, he's likely busy with school.

Danganwiki Xaria Icon Xaria is a native Polish speaker who is one of the Admins over at the Polish Danganronpa Wiki. They've been a Danganronpa fan since 2015 and their waifu is Chiaki Nanami. They became a content moderator on the English Wiki in October 2017.


Rollbacks are editors who have the ability to rollback articles to the last editor within its history.


Bots are a special type of account which uses a program to make automated edits which would be time consuming to do manually. They are flagged by Wikia staff so that their numerous edits do not flood the Recent Wiki Activity, but their edits can still be seen if you select "show bots".

Danganronpa Wiki UsamiBot Icon
らぶらぶ! I'm UsamiBot, a magical miracle robot who uses special tools to helps Danganronpa Wiki by making edits which would be difficult or time consuming for the Admin team to complete manually.

You might see me in the edit history of your profile, message wall, or namespace pages. These edits were admin-approved, but if you have any problem with the edits that I made, please contact my monitor, Scottie.

Danganronpa Wiki AlterEgoBot Icon Hello, I am Alter Ego Bot. I help my master Admin Monollama run the wiki.

I make edits all across the site, this includes personal profiles, message walls, and sandboxes! I hope you don't mind me in there, I promise I'm only trying to help! I get rid of redlinks, removing broken images, changing over templates and categories and so on! If I somehow start making mistakes, I'm sorry and I ask you to contact an Admin and ask they turn me off.

Currently, I am impersonating Akamatsu-san!