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The Dangan Ronpa Wiki follows a set of standards, as stated below. All users are required to follow them, in the best of their ability.


  • When possible, use edit summaries to elaborate your edits.
  • When making minor edits (fixing a spelling error, for instance), use the minor edit button, found on top of the edit summary field. Minor edits do not require review, and such, are not taken into consideration.
  • Do not use offensive or abusive language, provoke or harass others, or throw racist remarks.
  • Advertisement is forbidden at all fields of the wiki, be it any namespace.


  • Articles shall be written in the past tense. Unless necessary, or quoted, present and future tense verbs shall never be used.
  • Verify your edits with official sources; use references if required.
  • When linking to other articles, use a link once, preferably at the first occurrence of the linked subject's appearance in the main article. However, for larger articles, linking twice, thrice or more (as required), is allowed for each section.
    • In case of any article, a single block of text shall never have two links for a single article. Accordingly, the full name is preferred for the first occurrence and the first name for each one later.
  • Use proper punctuation and grammar; avoid typos.
  • Do not use articles to discuss anything regarding the subject. Instead, try the page's talk page.
    • Accordingly, don't sign your edits. Signatures are reserved for talk pages only.
  • In mainspace articles, do not use slang terms, or "emoticons".
  • For articles which are short, or otherwise not yet completed, use the {{stub}} template.

Discussion pages

  • All talk pages (Talk:) shall be used to discuss details regarding the parent article.
  • Use the four tildes (~~~~) to sign your messages, for identification. However, for message walls (Message_Wall:), signing is not necessary, nor required.
  • All discussions are to be kept clean.
    • Understand others' point of view, before initiating an argument.
    • Use official sources for referencing. Fan-made details will be denied acceptance.

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