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Deep Fried Teruteru (とんかつの花村 tonkatsu no Hanamura lit. A Pork Cutlet of Hanamura) is an execution in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, with Teruteru Hanamura being executed.


Teruteru is dragged out of the courtroom by a chain around his neck, leaving the innocent students and Monomi in the courtroom. The scene moves to the shore of the beach where he is chained to a post on the shore, facing the ocean.

A helicopter can be seen, and Monokuma is the pilot. Monokuma shoots missiles at Teruteru that contain different ingredients. First, a group of small rockets containing eggs fired at him, and then a larger one filled with breadcrumbs. Both leave him covered in ingredients and in a dizzy state.

Teruteru's post is then attached to the helicopter upside down by a chain, causing Teruteru to be pulled above the water. He is then flown over an active volcano on the island. The helicopter lets his post go and Teruteru barely has time to react before he is dropped in the lava. His body sizzles and fries until a Teruteru tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet) can be seen floating at the top of the lava, which is seen by the other students via a monitor from the courtroom.



  • The original Japanese title for the execution could be translated as "Hanamura Tonkatsu" or more literally "The Hanamura inside the Tonkatsu".
  • The execution's Japanese subtitle reads 超高校級の料理人辺花村輝々処刑執行 chō kōkō kyū no ryōrinin Hanamura Teruteru shokei-shikkō - meaning "Ultimate Cook Teruteru Hanamura's Execution: Executed" as the English translation puts it.
  • Tonkatsu is a Japanese dish of breaded, deep-fried pork cutlets. This is actually the source of the execution's derogatory nature: having Teruteru compared to a pig, as made even clearer by the picture at the lower right corner of the execution's title card showing Teruteru with a pig's snout.
  • The helicopter Monokuma used in this execution was taken from "Jabberwock Military" located on the fifth island.
  • Teruteru's execution is similar to Leon Kuwata's execution. The executions begin with the culprits getting nervous as the innocent students gather around them before being dragged by the neck with a chain and tied to a pole .

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