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Destroy Monokuma
Destroy Monokuma
Kanji デストロイモノクマ
Romaji Desutoroi Monokuma
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Game Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
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   Destroy Monokuma (デストロイモノクマ, Desutoroi Monokuma) is a split version of Monokuma with a gasoline tank and jetpack which featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Destroy Monokumas are a common enemy to Komaru Naegi.


Destroy Monokuma's body are very similar with its original version except that it doesn't have right eye and its left eye is a glowing red circle. It also carries jet and flamethrower.


In addition to sending out long range attacks with its weapon, it also has flight capability, and its movements are quick.


Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

Destroy Monokuma were one of the many types of Monokuma units produced by the Towa Corporation that Komaru and Toko Fukawa encounter during the Warriors of Hope's attack on Towa City.

Chapter 4 - The Way We Live

The first Destroy Monokuma appear in Chapter 4 after Komaru receives her Burn Kotodama. The Destroy Monokuma zoom around the town before they stop in front of Komaru. They then turn their heads eerily and attack.

Komaru appears shocked that the Destroy Monokuma can fly, while Toko complaints about the Monokuma wandering too far from their original "bear concept". After defeating the Destroy Monokuma they then become frequent enemies.


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