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Episode 13
Kanji さよなら絶望学園
Romaji Sayonara, Zetsubō Gakuen
Air date September 26, 2013
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Episode 12
Farewell, Despair High School: #13 Abnormal Days is the 13th and last episode of Danganronpa: The Animation. It first aired on September 26, 2013.



Junko Enoshima reveals that she had used Mukuro Ikusaba, her older sister, to take her place, before showing the others footage of the outside world. It is revealed to be in total chaos, which is confirmed by Genocide Jack, who retained her memories due to them being separate from Toko Fukawa's.

It is then revealed that the memories that were stolen from the students were actually of two whole years spent together in Hope's Peak Academy. A year ago, when a terrible incident hit the world, the school was converted into shelter to protect the students carrying hope on their shoulders.

However, Junko killed the Headmaster, erased the students' memories and began the killing game, even betraying her own sister in the process. Junko then holds a final vote between hope and despair; if everyone votes for hope, they must leave the academy, but should even one student vote in favor of despair, the students will remain in the academy and Makoto Naegi alone will be executed. Despite this, Makoto manages to use his own hope to inspire the others to stand up against despair, earning him the new title of Ultimate Hope.

With the trial over, Junko revels herself in the Ultimate Despair and gives herself The Ultimate Punishment, leaving behind an escape switch. With hope in their hearts, Makoto and the others use the switch to leave the academy and venture into the unknown world, unaware that Monokuma is still active. After the credits, Monomi says she wants to meet "group" soon.

Anime Version of Machine Talk Battle/Bullet Talk Battle

  • Junko: Lame. Way to lame. The look on your faces, the words you spout, and the conversation you had.
  • Junko: It's all so damn lame! It's so not fashionable!
  • Makoto: I'm not one of the elite.
  • Junko: Despair is all you'll find outside. (Serious Personality) 
  • Makoto: Nor am I someone special that deserve to be called "hope."
  • Junko: You're gross! (Cute Personality)
  • Makoto: B-But still, I won't give up.
  • Junko: Be violated by despair! (Queen Personality)
  • Makoto: I won't give in to it. I won't abandon anything. I won't despair!
  • Junko: Stop that disgusting bullshit! (Rock Star Personality)
  • Makoto: I mean, being optimistic...
  • Junko: Do you have a deathwish? (Smart Personality)
  • Makoto: the only thing I'm good at!
  • Junko: You're unbearable! (Monokuma Personality)
  • Makoto: No matter what, we will get out of here!
  • Junko: Annoying! Annoying! Annoying! Uncool! Uncool! Uncool!
  • Junko: Despair over tommorow! Despair over the unknown! Despair over your memories! (Final Argument)
  • Makoto: Hope will always push forward! (Used "Ultimate" Bullet)
  • Junko: What the hell? Seriously, what the hell?!
  • [Break]

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