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Erika Harlacher
Erika Harlacher
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Personal Status
Gender Female Female
Birth Date August 29, 1990
Birth Place Camarillo, California, U.S
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Professional Status
Occupation(s) Voice actress
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Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Role(s) Kyoko Kirigiri (Games only)

Erika Harlacher is an American voice actress based in the Los Angeles area who has provided voices for English dubbed anime shows and video games.

Some of her notable roles are Ami Kawashima in Toradora!, Mimori Togo in Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Asseylum Vers Allusia in Aldnoah.Zero, Elizabeth Liones in The Seven Deadly Sins, Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter,' and Ann Takamaki in Persona 5.

She provides the voice for Kyoko Kirigiri in Danganronpa games.

Work on Danganronpa

Role Title
Kyouko Kirigiri VA ID
Kyoko Kirigiri
霧切 響子
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (2014)
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (2014)
Cyber Danganronpa VR The Class Trial (2016)

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