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「ever free」 is the ending theme for Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Side: Hope, performed by the Japanese musician hide with Spread Beaverの曲.

It was originally released on May 27th, 1998 and featured on a single of the same name, with later re-releases. It has yet to be featured on any Danganronpa track or music releases.


Kanji Rōmaji English Translation
Let me, let me free. Let me out. Let me free, let me free,let me out. Let me, let me free. Let me out.

恋に恋した気持ち 無くしちゃって Koi ni koi shita kimochi nakushichatte I lost the feeling of falling in love
誰かに聞いてみる Dareka ni kiitemiru so I asked someone
そいで ため息まじりに言いました Soide tameiki majiri ni iimashita And I said with a sigh
「愛って いくらでしょう?」 (ai tte ikura deshou?) "How much is love?"

夢に夢見た季節 忘れちゃって Yume ni yume mita kisetsu wasurechattte I forgot the season of dreaming dreams
あの子に聞いてみる Ano ko ni kiite miru So I asked that person
すると 微笑むあなたは言いました Suru to hohoemu anata wa iimashita And you said with a smile
「夢って食べれるの?」 (yume tte tabereru no?) "Can you eat dreams?"

暮れゆく日々眺めてたら Kureyuku hibi nagametetara As I was staring at the passing days
色褪せたSUNNY DAYS Iroaseta sunny days The color faded SUNNY DAYS

消えてゆく 最初のメロディー Kieteyuku saisho no merodii The disappearing first melody
何処でナクシタのだろう? Doko de nakushita no darou? where did I lose them?

デタラメと呼ばれた君の夢の Detarame to yobareta kimi no yume no Your dreams that were called random
続きはまだ 胸の中で震えてる Tsuzuki wa mada mune no naka de furueteru The continuation of it is still in your heart, trembling
ever free 崩れそうな君のストーリー Ever free kuzuresouna kimi no sutoorii ever free Your story about to crumble down
描ければ 見えるのか Dream? Egakereba mieru no ka dream? if you could picture it, can you see it DReam?

ever free 何処にfree? ever free E-ver free doko ni free? Ever free ever free free to where? ever free

割れた太陽みたい Wareta taiyou mitai ni Like a broken sun
飛び散った日々も Tobichitta hibi mo the shattered days too

消えてゆく 最初のメモリー Kieteyuku saisho no memorii The disappearing first memories
何処へ行きたいのだろう? Doko e ikitai no daoru? Where do they wan to go?

デタラメと呼ばれた君の自由の Detarame to yoabareta kimi no jiyuu no Your wings of freedom that were called random
翼はまだ 閉じたままで眠ってる Tsubasa wa mada tojita mama de nemutteru are still closed and sleeping
ever free この夜を突き抜けて Ever free kono yoru wo tsukinukete ever free Through this night
目覚めれば 飛べるのか Free? Mezamereba toberu no ka free ni? and If you awake can you fly to FRee?

ever free 何処にfree? ever free Ever free doko ni free? Ever free ever free free to where? ever free

FU FU ever free… In your sight. Fu fu ever free... In your sight FU FU ever free.... in your sight.



  • Creator Kazutaka Kodaka has stated he is a long-time fan of hide's music, and was given permission to use the song for the anime because of this reason.
    • On the May 26th, 2016 publishing of Famitsu in the magazine article Zettai Zetsubō Kodaka, Kodaka gave reason and influence behind him wanting to use the song:
"And that’s my feelings on it. I guess this was a twist of fate. I hope that someday, just like I was influenced by hide-san, there will be someone in the next generation of creators who is influenced by my Dangan Ronpa series and gives birth to brand new art. If hide-san was still alive, I’d like to meet him, if only for a moment." [1]

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  1. Tumblr blog @jinjojess translated summary on May 26th, 2016 publishing of Zettai Zetsubou Kodaka.


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