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APRIL FOOLS Danganronpa Re-Birth Boxart
Danganronpa Re:Birth (ダンガンロンパ -Re:Birth-) is a fake Danganronpa game concept which was created as an April Fool's joke by Miwashiba


FANDOM ReBirth Fujimori Ayumu Sore Wa Chigau Yo
Danganronpa Re:Birth was created and developed for an April Fool's Day prank over a period of 1 1/2 months[1] by Miwashiba. Miwashiba had previously created indie games such as Alicemare, 1bitHeart, and the LiEat series. Miwashiba has stated that there are currently no plans to develop this game further than what has currently been released[2] however, they later began serialising the prologue and first chapter in text format on their blog after receiving so much interest in their story[3].

FANDOM ReBirth Himuro Nico in a Trial
The site was launched on April 1st 2017, with "in-game" videos featuring music, a fully voiced cast, and sprites for each character. The art style, graphics, and website design were such a close facsimile of the Danganronpa style that there was much speculation online - particularly from English-speaking fans who did not have the benefit of understanding the untranslated website - that the game was genuine, or was a prank being pulled by Spike Chunsoft itself.

The site was featured in gaming website Gematsu's round-up of April Fool's pranks, where they praised the website for being "remarkably well done".[4]

Due to popularity and positive feedback, Miwasiba decided to create a series of videos following a Danganronpa chapter. On July 16th, 2017 the video was released. It is part one of three for all of Chapter 1.[5] A video teaser for part one of the two part trial (Part Two of Chapter 1 overall) was posted on July 16th, 2017,[6] and later on July 22nd, 2017 the full video was released.[7]


Illustration/videos/screenplay: MiwasibaS
BGM: Tezuka (テヅカ)
Pixel art/video assistant: 宮利
Homepage: さうら魎
Music: Music Is VFR Sounds: On-Jin

Fake Specs

APRIL FOOLS Danganronpa Re-Birth Boxart Title Danganronpa -Re:Birth- (ダンガンロンパ -Re:Birth-)
Platform P5 VITA
Genre April Fool
Release Date April 1, 2017
RRP 4,001 Yen
CERO Rating FANDOM ReBirth Cero Rating


FANDOM ReBirth Beatiful For Lie
The song which plays during "gameplay" in the videos is a track called Beatiful for Lie created by Tezuka (テヅカ) also known as @aboutlogic


APRIL FOOLS Danganronpa Re-Birth Logo

The profiles below were shared by Miwashiba at @Eipronpa and translated by @kaibutsushidousha

FANDOM ReBirth Fujimori Ayumu Pixel Fujimori Ayumu

Fujimori Ayumu
藤森歩(フジモリ アユム)
Super High School Level Bad Luck

FANDOM ReBirth Fujimori Ayumu Full Body 1

FANDOM ReBirth Fujimori Ayumu Full Body 2

Voiced by: Itetsuki Riko

A crossdressing boy. His older sister likes dressing him up as a girl (against his will). He is weak-willed and can't say no, so is often treated like a doormat by people. He also tends to be more mindful of the people around him more than necessary, claiming it’s "because my talent also causes tragedy to the people around me". As result of his personality, he is extremely sensitive to people’s emotions and changes in his surroundings. These excellent observation skills are useful to solve the story cases. Ayumu appears as a girl until Chapter 1. After his true gender is exposed, he then appears as a boy for the rest of the story.

Ayumu's bad luck talent affects the people around him. A chain of incidents occurred in the last few days before his admittance to the school (a plane crash, a terrorist incident, etc). It was decided by the government that it is likely to be a result of Ayumu's bad luck, and because the government feared the rebirth of despair, they secretly ordered Ayumu's death by the SHSL Hitman, Yodogawa Seishi. Although there are a lot of incidents in the area where Ayumu lives, in reality they have nothing to do with Ayumu's talent - they were actually being directed by the Mastermind Tsuchiya Akira.

Gender: Male MaleFemale Female
Height 162cm
Weight: 47kg
Chest: 70cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: April 9
Likes: Empty places
Dislikes: Construction sites
Calls self: Watashi/Boku
Calls others: Last name-san

FANDOM ReBirth Aisaka Misuzu Pixel Aisaka Misuzu

Aisaka Misuzu
逢坂美鈴(アイサカ ミスズ)
Super High School Level Miko
FANDOM ReBirth Aisaka Misuzu Full Body
Voiced by: Yozora Shiika

Misuzu is said to be an expert communicator with spirits. She is stern and strict to both other people and herself, and always reprimands slovenly people as soon as she sees them. Despite this, she also takes the time to cheer up people who are despondant until they can stand back on their own two feet.

Gender: Female Female
Height 170cm
Weight: 53kg
Chest: 80cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: March 5
Likes: Discipline
Dislikes: Scandals
Calls self: Watakushi
Calls others: Last name-san

FANDOM ReBirth Himuro Nico Pixel Himuro Nico

Himuro Nico
氷室ニコ(ヒムロ ニコ)
Super High School Level Poet
FANDOM ReBirth Himuro Nico Full Body
Voiced by: Nanbara Kōka

Nico became instantly famous after poem was submitted to a website, and is now a very popular poet in the site's main contributors. She is always covered in bandages. She is fickle, often lazy, and somewhat unresponsive in conversations. Nico has the tendency to mix poetic language with her normal speech.

Gender: Female Female
Height 152cm
Weight: 40kg
Chest: 74cm
Blood Type: B
Birthday: February 14
Likes: Dreamlike aesthetics
Dislikes: Gore aesthetics
Calls self: Full name
Calls others: Last name-kun
Last name-san

FANDOM ReBirth Itsuki Mikoto Pixel Itsuki Mikoto

Itsuki Mikoto
Super High School Level ???
FANDOM ReBirth Itsuki Mikoto Full Body
Voiced by: Tachibana Komugi

Mikoto claims to have no memories, and not remember what her Super High School Level talent is. She responds apathetically to this circumstance and doesn't get agitated about it. As a result, she becomes isolated from the rest of the group. She tends to make snarky comments during Class Trials. She presents as having quite a cruel personality, even appearing like an enemy at first.

Later in the story, she is revealed to be the Super High School Level Agent (Spy) (超高校級のエージェント(スパイ)), who became involved in the killing game while pursuing the SHSL Hitman. Mikoto was requested by a foreign organization to investigate Yodogawa Seishi while she was operating as a spy overseas. A certain Hitman was regarded as dangerous by another country for his ability to commit perfect murders. After they received the information that Seishi is the Super High School Level Hitman, they dispatched Super High School Level Agent Itsuki Mikoto to investigate the intelligence's authenticity. If he is the hitman in question, she is ordered to capture him alive.

Gender: Female Female
Height 166cm
Weight: 50kg
Chest: 90cm
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: May 22
Likes: Fruits candy
Dislikes: Noise
Calls self: Watashi
Calls others: Last name, no honorifics

FANDOM ReBirth Izumo Kasumi Pixel Izumo Kasumi

Izumo Kasumi
出雲かすみ(イズモ カスミ)
Super High School Level Spirit Medium
FANDOM ReBirth Izumo Kasumi Full Body
Voiced by: Honoka Kanoho

Kasumi appears to be quite dangerous. She refers to herself as the Super High School Level Summoner (超高校級の召喚士) and sometimes yells mysterious curse spells. Her spiritual powers are real. She has a sinister laugh, and if you try to talk to her while she's in the middle of a ritual, she will always get angry. It is rumoured that she once performed an exorcism for a spirit too forceful for her to hand, which caused her to give up. She judges spirit communicators like Misuzu and considers spirit possession disgusting, refusing to allow spirits into her own body.

Gender: Female Female
Height 165cm
Weight: 48kg
Chest: 80cm
Blood Type: B
Birthday: August 13
Likes: Dark places
Dislikes: Sunlit places
Calls self: First name
Calls others: Last name, no honorifics

FANDOM ReBirth Kagura Maiko Pixel Kagura Maiko

Kagura Maiko
神楽舞子(カグラ マイコ)
Super High School Level Dancer
FANDOM ReBirth Kagura Maiko Full Body
Voiced by: hana10

Maiko works as a backing dancer for an internationally famous artist. She can perform dances from any genre after only seeing them performed once. She has a positive, cheerful, and straightforward personality, but her mentality is the weakest of the group. She doesn't appear to know how to stand still, and is always moving.

Gender: Female Female
Height 160cm
Weight: 43kg
Chest: 75cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: November 29
Likes: Big ramen servings
Dislikes: Nattō
Calls self: Watashi
Calls others: First name-kun
first name-chan

FANDOM ReBirth Koga Mitsunari Pixel Koga Mitsunari

Koga Mitsunari
Super High School Level Ventriloquist
FANDOM ReBirth Koga Mitsunari Full Body
Voiced by: Shigure Nao

Mitsunari has an educational television show named after him, and is invited to many events. He can perform a wide variety of voices, to the point where some people suspect he is using pre-recordings. Mitsunari uses a strong-willed and frantic horse puppet, and a gentler deer puppet, to communicate with others and with himself. People judge him for this strange behaviour, finding him hard to approach and have a proper conversation with.

Gender: Male Male
Height 184cm
Weight: 62kg
Chest: 80cm
Blood Type: O
Birthday: May 27
Likes: Beef
Dislikes: Horse Meat
Calls self: Boku
Calls others: Full name

FANDOM ReBirth Mizuta Marin Pixel Mizuta Marin

Mizuta Marin
瑞田マリン(ミズタ マリン)
Super High School Level Weather Forecaster
FANDOM ReBirth Mizuta Marin Full Body
Voiced by: Seto Chitose

Marin is the weather forecaster of a major news show at an exceptionally young age. Her weather predictions have a 100% accuracy rate. She has a bubbly aura, but and is prone to suddenly falling asleep. She volunteers to help people often, to the point she has the catch phrase "Leave it to onee-san!"

Gender: Female Female
Height 157cm
Weight: 43kg
Chest: 70cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: June 1
Likes: The beach at the summer
Dislikes: Muddy water
Calls self: Onee-san
Calls others: Nickname

FANDOM ReBirth Ōsone Narumi Pixel Ōsone Narumi

Ōsone Narumi
大曽根成海(オオソネ ナルミ)
Super High School Level Gourmet
FANDOM ReBirth Ōsone Narumi Full Body
Voiced by: (Donguri)

Narumi is the winner of many eating competitions. She seems to gain and lose weight easily, sometimes getting so fat after eating that she is unrecognizable, but thinning back to normal shortly afterwards. Seeing this makes Yodogawa Seishi very suspicious of whether or not she is human. Narumi is quite childish and stupid, with intense mood swings, but also excellent her reflects.

Gender: Female Female
Height 137cm
Weight: 33kg
Chest: 66cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: December 4
Likes: Gourmet food
Dislikes: Junk food
Calls self: Atashi
Calls others: Last name-chan

FANDOM ReBirth Rokudō Saiji Pixel Rokudō Saiji

Rokudō Saiji
六道斎司(ロクドウ サイジ)
Super High School Level Undertaker
FANDOM ReBirth Rokudō Saiji Full Body
Voiced by: (Minkusu)

It's rumored that it's 100% guaranteed that a soul will be delivered to the afterlife with no regrets if you hire Saiji for a funeral service. Has a calm, quiet appearance and speaks politely to everyone. At first glance, his cool aura makes him look hard to talk to, but after getting to know him Ayumu says that if you can overlook that, he is certainly a typical teenager. He act's as the group's coroner.

Saiji became the first murder victim of the Killing Game, being killed in Chapter 1.

Gender: Male Male
Height 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Chest: 80cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: June 10
Likes: Heart Sutra
Dislikes: Flashy colors
Calls self: Boku
Calls others: Last name-san

FANDOM ReBirth Sakuma Kēgo Pixel Sakuma Kēgo

Sakuma Kēgo
Super High School Level DJ
FANDOM ReBirth Sakuma Kēgo Full Body
Voiced by: Kyuuri

Kēgo is an underground DJ. Audiences who witness his DJ performances claim to experience such strong emotions that their personalities change, claiming to have been reborn as different people after leaving the club. Kēgo is completely dedicated to being "hot". He speaks in a suspicious tone.

Gender: Male Male
Height 111cm
Weight: 44kg
Chest: 60cm
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: December 28
Likes: Being hot
Dislikes: Lameass geeky shirts
Calls self: Ore
Calls others: Mister last name
Miss last name

FANDOM ReBirth Samejima Kazuomi Pixel Samejima Kazuomi

Samejima Kazuomi
鮫島一臣(サメジマ カズオミ)
Super High School Level Karate Fighter
FANDOM ReBirth Samejima Kazuomi Full Body
Voiced by: chinotaru

Kazuomi is a karate fighter who follows the creed of behaving in a "pure, correct and beautiful" manner. His moves and techniques are beautiful enough to be called a kind of dance. Even during his ordinary life he is seen doing graceful actions, but he gets angry if called feminine. His actions are graceful, but his speech is a little bit rough. Kazuomi is the "killing is wrong" type.

Gender: Male Male
Height 176cm
Weight: 67kg
Chest: 83cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: August 9
Likes: Sewing
Dislikes: Handstands
Calls self: Ore
Calls others: Last name, no honorifics

FANDOM ReBirth Todoroki Aruma Pixel Todoroki Aruma

Todoroki Aruma
轟木或真(トドロキ アルマ)
Super High School Level Trainer
FANDOM ReBirth Todoroki Aruma Full Body
Voiced by: miya

Aruma claims to be able tame any animal, including people, and boasts that anyone who falls under her spell, no matter how much of tyrant, becomes like an obedient dog afterwards. She gets terribly excited and headed up when taming. She tends to make a lot of sexual jokes.

Gender: Female Female
Height 174cm
Weight: 53kg
Chest: 90cm
Blood Type: O
Birthday: May 18
Likes: Dogs
Dislikes: Cats
Calls self: Watashi
Calls others: Last name-chan

FANDOM ReBirth Tsuchiya Akira Pixel Tsuchiya Akira

Tsuchiya Akira
土屋晃(ツチヤ アキラ)
Super High School Level NEET
FANDOM ReBirth Tsuchiya Akira Full Body
Voiced by: kagami yuai

It is rumored that Akira was the first poster in many post categories on many social networks and message boards. He posts at fixed intervals in order to have the biggest follower count. He sometimes causes agitation among the group because he never obeys anyone's instructions. He becomes cooperative if he decides something could be fun, or if it benefits him personally.

Akira is this killing game's Mastermind. He has a longing for despair. He thought that despair was the only way to change the world. He wanted to become like the person who was once called Super High School Level Despair, and considers that his alter ego. He wants to restore despair to the world.

Gender: Male Male
Height 172cm
Weight: 68kg
Chest: 84cm
Blood Type: B
Birthday: February 10
Likes: His house
Dislikes: Going outside
Calls self: Ore
Calls others: Last name, no honorifics

FANDOM ReBirth Yodogawa Seishi Pixel Yodogawa Seishi

Yodogawa Seishi
淀川星志(ヨドガワ セイシ)
Super High School Level Mystery Novelist

FANDOM ReBirth Yodogawa Seishi Full Body 1

FANDOM ReBirth Yodogawa Seishi Full Body 2

Voiced by: Shitan Takahashi

Seishi is a mature mystery novelist who has become the hot topic with the public. He has a big following with fangirls due to his appearance. He acts lighthearted and like a stereotypical gentleman, but the protagonist Ayumu finds him somewhat suspicious. Being a skilled mystery novelist, Seishi is familiar with many murder tricks and makes use of this knowledge to help the protagonist. He is this story's Detective-type.

It is later revealed that Seishi is actually the Super High School Level Hitman (超高校級の殺し屋). The protagonist was his target, but he got involved in the killing game. He is capable of committing murder in many different ways. He also use this knowledge to work as a mystery novelist. His name is fake and is his real name is Katagiri Zen (カタギリ ゼン). His e-Handbook displays his real name.

Gender: Male Male
Height 177cm
Weight: 58kg
Chest: 78cm
Blood Type: B
Birthday: July 28
Likes: Mazes
Dislikes: Witty people
Calls self: Ore
Calls others: Last name-kun
Last name-san

FANDOM ReBirth Fujimori Ayumu Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Aisaka Misuzu Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Himuro Nico Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Itsuki Mikoto Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Izumo Kasumi Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Kagura Maiko Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Koga Mitsunari Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Mizuta Marin Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Ōsone Narumi Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Rokudō Saiji Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Sakuma Kēgo Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Samejima Kazuomi Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Todoroki Aruma Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Tsuchiya Akira Pixel FANDOM ReBirth Yodogawa Seishi Pixel


FANDOM ReBirth Mono
Monodora (モノドラ) is the school's principal - a floating A.I. with cat ears and a tail. It seems to have a dimension pocket installed.


*The following is from the project's Tumblr, @Eipronpa
*Much of the translation below was provided by @kaibutsushidousha

Like Danganronpa, there are some people in the world who possess a "Super High School Level" grade skill. However, not everyone wants to go down the road of being burdened with their talent, which might limit what their future holds for them. Additionally, there is a fear that certain talents may be misused for evil purposes such as murder. As such, the "Talent Removal Project" (才能解放計画) emerges.

FANDOM Danganronpa ReBirth School Logo
Kaihō Gakuen (戒峰学園 / カイホウガクエン, a pun on Danganronpa's 希望ヶ峰学園 Kibōgamine Gakuen) is built, along with 30 other school buildings, in which a student can either volunteer to enter or be volunteered by a family member. Volunteered students are interviewed by school officials before admission, but people who are volunteered by a family member are forceably admitted. A force similar to the Super High School Level Despair overthrows the school (later revealed to be Tsuchiya Akira), taking control of it, wiping the students memories of the Talent Removal Project, and forcing the students in each school building to perform a killing game. Because Akira tampered with the students' memories before their talent was fully removed, the students talents are still present, but they are not able to use their talents to their usual skill level.

The story begins with the protagonist, Fujimori Ayumu, waking up in the nurse's office of a place they are unfamiliar with. They discover they are inside Kaihō Gakuen, where after meeting all the other students, they find out all the students have been transferred there and sealed inside the building. The students meet the A.I. Monodora (モノドラ), a floating Monokuma-like head with cat ears, a tail, and a gold bell. Monodora introduces themself as the high school's president, and tells the students that they are now to be involved in a Mutual Killing Game. After a murder is committed, a Class Trial will be held, where the murderer, "Kuro" (クロ Black) will have to defend themselves against the "Shiro" (シロ White), and try to convince the other students that someone else was the murderer. If they are successful, they will be allowed to leave. If they fail, they will be executed.

Reasons for participating in the Talent Removal Project

Fujimori Ayumu
Volunteered by his sister. He also believes his talent to unpleasant.
Yodogawa Seishi
In order to murder Ayumu. Not interested in removing his talent.
Koga Mitsunari
Is concerned his puppets have a stronger personality than himself.
Rokudō Saiji
Was volunteered by his parents because they want him to make friends, but his talent makes people his own age avoid him.
Tsuchiya Akira
Claims it is because his mother wants him to conquer his past image and be able to go outside again. (His reason is fake)
Sakuma Kēgo
In order to cut his ties with the criminal society.
Samejima Kazuomi
So he can enjoy his life peacefully, without drawing people's attention.
Itsuki Mikoto
In order to investigate Yodogawa. Not interested in removing her talent.
Himuro Nico
Because she got bored of her talent.
Kagura Maiko
Volunteered by her parents as they are worried about her future, because she accepts job requests and this is injuring her legs.
Izumo Kasumi
Was volunteered by her parents because they want her to make living friends.
Aisaka Misuzu
Was volunteered by her parents as they are worried about how she overworks herself, because she treats her responsibilities as a holy mission.
Ōsone Narumi
She wants to become a normal girl who can talk about love while eating the small servings of food they usually serve at girls-only parties.
Todoroki Aruma
Because her doctor told her she gets too excited when taming and this makes her blood pressure rise to a point her life is at risk.
Mizuta Marin
She works 24/7 to gather data for weather forecasts, so she doesn't get any free time, and she wants to spend more time with her family and friends.


Character Introductions

Name & Design References

FANDOM ReBirth Fujimori Ayumu Trivia
  • For Fujimori Ayumu:
    • His name Fujimori Ayumu (藤森歩) and his backstory seem to be heavily inspired by a character named Ayumi Fujimura (藤村あゆみ) from the manga Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star (♂ティンクル²♀アイドル☆スター). The manga is about a boy who is forced to cross dress as a girl to become an idol, very similar to how Ayumu is forced to dress as a girl by his sister.
      • His name could also be inspired by Japanese voice actress Fujimura Ayumi (藤村 歩).
  • For Aisaka Misuzu:
    • Her family name Aisaka (逢坂) most likely was inspired by the real-world location Osaka (大阪市), the second largest city in Japan.
      • It's also possible it was inspired by Japanese voice actor Ōsaka Ryōta (逢坂 良太).
      • Another possibility is that it may be a reference to Miwashiba's character, Aisaka Mikado, from one of their games, 1bitheart, seeing how they have the same family name. However, there isn't much similarities between the two characters otherwise.
    • Her first name Misuzu (美鈴) was possibly inspired by Japanese voice actress Togashi Misuzu (富樫 美鈴).
  • For Himuro Nico:
  • For Itsuki Mikoto:
    • Her first name "Mikoto" (弥琴) may possibly be a reference to the family name of Miwashiba's character, Misane Mikoto from one of their games, 1bitheart.
      • They're both similar in roles in that they both are investigating and pursuing someone in secret for different reasons. (Though Itsuki is a Super High School Level Spy and Misane is a detective apprentice.) They both claim to not have any memories despite otherwise in order to hide their true motives.
  • For Izumo Kasumi:
    • Her family name "Izumo" (出雲) most likely comes from the real-world location Izumo (出雲市), a city in the Shimane Prefecture of Japan.
  • For Kagura Maiko:
    • Her family name "Kagura" (神楽) is possibly inspired by Kagura (神楽, かぐら), which is a word referring to a specific type of Shinto theatrical dance.
      • This can also be a nod to her talent, Super High School Level Dancer.
    • Her first name Maiko (舞子) is possibly inspired by the Maiko (舞妓), who are apprentice geiko. Their jobs consist of performing songs, dances, and playing traditional Japanese instruments for visitors during feasts.
      • Like the above, it could be another nod to her talent.
    • It is also possible her first name was inspired by the Maiko Ward in Kobe, a large city in Japan.
    • Her symbol, seen on her hat, may be a reference to the dance unit Clover's symbol from the anime Fresh! PreCure. The unit consists of four girls who are also magical girls, and each heart corresponds to a member.
FANDOM ReBirth Koga Mitsunari Trivia
  • For Koga Mitsunari:
    • His family name "Koga" (古賀) most likely comes from the name of the real-world location Kōka (甲賀市), a city in the Shiga Prefecture in Japan. In English Kōka is often rendered as 'Koga'.
    • His design strongly resembles Nemu Takara, a character from the anime Blue Exorcist. They both are similar in appearance, and both of them speak through a puppet character.
  • For Mizuta Marin:
  • For Rokudō Saiji:
    • His family name "Rokudō" (六道) is most likely directly named after the Buddhist concept "Six Paths" (六道), which in English, is commonly translated as “Six Realms of Karmic Rebirth.”
    • His family name "Rokudō" (六道) and his design are possibly inspired from the character Rokudō Mukuro from the anime Reborn!
      • More evidential outside the two character sharing a similar overall design and color scheme, is that the kanji for "Mukuro" (骸) meaning corpse, could be connected to Saiji's talent of Super High School Level Undertaker.
FANDOM ReBirth Sakuma Kēgo Trivia
  • For Sakuma Kēgo:
    • His family name Sakuma (佐久間) might of been inspired by Japanese music composer Sakuma Masahide (佐久間 正英).
    • His deign might be loosely based on a character from the video game series Warioware named 9-Volt.
      • They are both short characters with a red, green, and yellow motif, and the two "symbols" for Sakuma are a 9 and a star, both heavily tied to 9-Volt with the 9 being related to his name and the stars from his headphones. 9-Volt also has been known to "DJ".
  • For Samejima Kazuomi:
    • His family name Samejima (鮫島) and design may be inspired directly by the character Samejima (鮫島) from the video comics series Senyū.
FANDOM ReBirth Samejima Kazuomi Trivia
FANDOM ReBirth Todoroki Aruma Trivia
  • For Todoroki Aruma:
    • Her character design and talent, Super High School Level Trainer, might be heavily inspired by a trainer, specifically a class called "Battle Girl" from the popular anime and video game series Pokémon.
      • Todoroki is also specifically an "animal" trainer, very similar to how Pokémon trainers train Pokémon, which are little monster animal-like creatures.
  • For Tsuchiya Akira:
  • For Yodogawa Seishi:
    • His family name "Yodogawa" (淀川) most likely comes from the real-world location Yodogawa (淀川区), one of the 24 wards of Osaka, Japan.
    • His first name "Seishi" (星志) is most likely a reference to the real-world detective novelist Yokomizo Seishi (横溝 正史).

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  6. Twitter Icon : "💞DRRB裁判動画【前半1/2】7月22日(土)投稿予定です!宣伝PVにてボイス初登場のモノドラCVはmegaさんにお願いしております。お楽しみに!(カッコイイアレンジBGMはテヅカさんだよ #DRRB" (17th July 2017)
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