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This article covers information about Chihiro Fujisaki's Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

Chihiro Fujisaki Fullbody Sprite (2)


Makoto Naegi can initiate a Free Time Event with Chihiro at the following times:

CHAPTER: 1 2 3 4 5 6
FREE TIME: 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 0


Chihiro can be found at the following locations during Free Time:

Chapter 1
N/A Hope's Peak 1st Floor (Hallway 1F Staircase) Dormitory 1F (Chihiro's Room)
Chapter 2
Hope's Peak Academy (Hallway 2F Staircase) Dormitory 1F (Laundry) Hope's Peak Academy (Hallway 2F Staircase) Dormitory 1F (Laundry) Dormitory 1F (Warehouse)


Chihiro prefers the following presents from the MonoMono Machine:

DR1 Present 21 Blueberry Perfume #21: Blueberry Perfume DR1 Present 23 God of War Charm #23: God of War Charm DR1 Present 42 Kirlian Camera #42: Krilian Camera
DR1 Present 45 Unending Dandelion #45: Unending Dandelion DR1 Present 70 Tips & Tips #70: Tips and Tips

Present Reactions

When you give Chihiro a present, they will give you a different reaction depending on how much they like it. There are two possible reactions for each "tier" of present, and which of the two reactions you receive is random. Each line is a separate response.

Huh? A present...? Yaay! Thank you so much! I'll take really good care of it. I'll hold on to it forever...
Ooh, it's really amazing!
Thank you, Makoto...
Ehehe. This is the first time I've ever gotten something like this...!
I...can have this?
Thank you. This has made me feel a little better...
I-I'm grateful, really. But... It's enough that you even thought of me.
I can't take this. It's...too nice. I think it'd be better if you held on to this, Makoto...
Um...well... I'm sure someone else will appreciate having that more than me.
Maybe you should find someone to give it to who can make better use of it...
I hope you don't hate me for this, but... Well, see...I mean, it's not that I can't accept it... I-I'm sorry...!

Skills Granted

Becoming close to Chihiro will grant Makoto the following skills, which will aid him in Class Trials:

FTE Name Description Cost
#2 Algorithm Increases the speed of memorizing a statement.
Effective during the Nonstop Debate.
2 SP
#4 Cheat Code The time limit doesn't decrease, even if you shoot a statement with the silence.
Effective during the Nonstop Debate.
2 SP

Free Time Event Dialogue & Option Guide

Full dialogue from Chihiro's Free Time Events:

Free Time Event 1 (Page 2)

Spend some time with Chihiro
Guide Project Chihiro 09 No...
Guide Project Makoto 04 What's wrong, Chihiro?
Guide Project Chihiro 04 Ahh, it hurts...
Guide Project Makoto 04 Huh? Did you get hurt, Chihiro?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 Oh, well...not really.
I got bit by a mosquito last night.
Guide Project Makoto 06 A mosquito...?
Oh, I figured something serious had happened, since you were saying how it hurt.
Guide Project Chihiro 11 Oh, did I give you the wrong impression...?
Guide Project Makoto 04 You don't have to apologize. It was my own fault.
But you said it hurts? Did it really bite you that hard?
Guide Project Chihiro 04 Yeah, see? Look.
She held out her arm. The huge red bump stood out clearly against her pale skin.
Guide Project Makoto 04 Holy cow!
Guide Project Chihiro 11 It's way past itchy now. It really hurts...!
Guide Project Makoto 03 But why's it so big? Did it bite you while you were sleeping or something?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 Oh, no. I was awake.
Guide Project Makoto 06 But you didn't notice?
Guide Project Chihiro 09 No, I noticed. But...
Guide Project Makoto 06 But what?
Guide Project Chihiro 10 Well, I felt it bite me, and I looked down at it.
But I didn't do anything. I just sat there and watched it suck my blood...
Guide Project Makoto 04 You just watched? Why didn't you smack it?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 Cuz...that would've killed it, right?
Guide Project Makoto 06 Well yeah, but...
Guide Project Chihiro 10 It must have been really hungry to suck that much blood.
If it was that hungry, it would've been really sad not to let it have anything.
Guide Project Makoto 06's just a mosquito.
Guide Project Chihiro 04 Mosquitos are living things too, though. It might have its own mosquito family...
S-Sorry, I know that's dumb...
Guide Project Makoto 02 No, really, you don't have to apologize.
But don't go scratching it, okay? That'll just make things worse.
Guide Project Chihiro 11 But what if it gets so itchy I can't take it?
Guide Project Makoto 01 that case, just take the tip of your fingernail and push it into the bump. That'll help.
Guide Project Chihiro 14 Wow, I had no idea...!
Guide Project Chihiro 06 You're so smart, Makoto!
Guide Project Makoto 03 As she said that, she smiled like a tiny, cute little animal. I wonder if she does that on purpose...
If so, that's a whole other level of scary.
Guide Project Chihiro 10 But anyway, don't you think it's kinda strange?
Guide Project Makoto 01 Huh? What is?
Guide Project Chihiro 09 Well this school is completely sealed off, right? So how'd a mosquito get in?
Maybe there's somewhere here in the school where bugs can live and grow. Some kind of...nature-y spot.
Guide Project Makoto 03 A "nature-y" place in the school...? Well, I can't say for sure that there's not.
Guide Project Chihiro 06 Or or or! Maybe there's a secret passage somewhere that leads out of the school!
Guide Project Makoto 03 A secret passage...
Guide Project Makoto 02 Well, even if there's not, I'm sure we'll get out of here somehow.
As long as we all work together, I'm sure we'll be out of here in no time!
Guide Project Chihiro 07 You're right! Working together is super important...
Guide Project Chihiro 04 Of course, I dunno how I can be useful. I'll probably just weigh you all down...
Guide Project Makoto 02 That's not true! It makes me feel way better knowing you're here to help!
Guide Project Chihiro 02 It does? Really...?
Guide Project Makoto 01 Yup! So let's all do our best, okay?
Guide Project Chihiro 12 O-Okay!
Eheh... Thank you, Makoto.
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Free Time Event 2 (Page 3)

Spend some time with Chihiro
Guide Project Chihiro 04 *Sigh*
Guide Project Makoto 04 What's wrong? That seemed like a pretty heavy sigh...
Guide Project Chihiro 10 Oh, sorry...
It's just, everyone else is working so hard to get us out of here, but I'm no help at all.
Guide Project Makoto 02 Th-That's not true at all!
Guide Project Chihiro 04 It's okay, you don't have to try and make me feel better. I know it's the truth.
I'm completely useless without a computer in front of me...
At least if I were a little stronger or something, then I'd be able to help somehow...
Guide Project Makoto 02 Listen, you'll get your chance. I'm sure there'll be a time when your skills will come in handy.
So you don't have to worry so much, okay?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 My skills might...come in handy?
Guide Project Chihiro 06 If I get a chance, I'm gonna work super hard to chip in! When it comes to computers, you can count on me!
Guide Project Makoto 01 You're right about that. No matter what anyone might say, you're still the Ultimate Programmer!
Guide Project Makoto 01 Speaking of which, how did you get into programming?
Guide Project Chihiro 11 Huh...?
Guide Project Makoto 06 Well, I mean...I always assumed most programmers were guys, so...
Guide Project Chihiro 02 ...
Is it really that weird...?
Guide Project Makoto 04 N-No, nothing like that! I was just curious what got you interested in it.
Guide Project Makoto 03 I mean, why programming of all things?
Guide Project Chihiro 10 Why...?
I mean, there isn't much of a reason.
I've always been kind of weak, ya know. I was never able to run around with my friends or anything...
We had a computer at home, so I'd kill time poking around with it. And I found out I really liked it!
Guide Project Chihiro 09 My dad was a software engineer, and he had a bunch of programs on there that he'd built.
I found one of them and started playing around with it, adding stuff here and there...
And that was how I ended up making my very first program.
Guide Project Makoto 01 Interesting... What kind of program was it?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 A kind of database software...
Guide Project Makoto 05 Database software...
Guide Project Chihiro 10 A user could communicate with it, and it would take that information and find what they were looking for.
It was a way of interacting with the computer without having to physically type things out.
Guide Project Makoto 03 She said it could understand the user without them having to type things out...
So that would have to be...
Guide Project Makoto 03 Was it through, like, touchscreen or something?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 Well, that did exist back then, but I did sommething different.
I wanted to find a way to interact with a computer without having to use your hands.
Guide Project Makoto 03 Without using your hands? Then...
Guide Project Makoto 03 Did you use telekinesis? As soon as you think something, the computer reacts, that kind of thing?
Guide Project Chihiro 07 Hehe. That sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. You're so funny, Makoto!
Guide Project Chihiro 09 But I think it'll be a while before we figure out how to do something like that...
No, I used something different.
It wasn't with psychic power, but it *was* a way to convey information without touching the computer.
Guide Project Makoto 03 Convey information to the computer...? In other words...
Voice recognition
Guide Project Makoto 01 You used voice recognition, is that it?
Guide Project Chihiro 06 Yup, exactly!
You could talk to it, and it could actually talk back. It was a lot of fun!
It didn't even really sound like me! I would get totally absorbed in talking to it...
Guide Project Makoto 06 It's like a kid recording themselves and playing it back again...
Guide Project Chihiro 10 The key part of the program was getting it to recognize what I was saying.
The recognition accuracy was the most important thing. Japanese is kinda hard, so it was pretty challenging.
Guide Project Makoto 01 But you were able to do it eventually?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 Yup! And right around then... dad found out I'd messed with his software without permission.
I thought I was gonna get in so much trouble...
Guide Project Chihiro 06 But all he said was how impressed he was!
The software was able to take natural speech and pull out key search terms to retrieve information.
My dad said it worked so well, it was gonna change the face of software interaction all over the world!
Guide Project Chihiro 08 The development costs are still pretty expensive, so it hasn't spread that much yet, but...
Anyway, I've been addicted to programming ever since...
Guide Project Chihiro 07 I can't tell you how happy it made me to be able to make others happy...!
Guide Project Makoto 01 It's obvious how much you love computers.
You seem to just...light up when you start talking about them.
Guide Project Chihiro 11 Ah! Sorry, I spent all this time just talking about myself...
Guide Project Makoto 01 No, I had a lot of fun learning more about you!
Guide Project Chihiro 14 Huh? Really...?
Guide Project Makoto 01 Yup! I hope you'll tell me even more next time.
Guide Project Chihiro 07 O-Okay! Let's hang out again sometime!
It's a promise, okay?
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Free Time Event 3 (Page 4)

Spend some time with Chihiro
Guide Project Chihiro 05 Um, if you don't hate the idea...
...would you like to talk some more?
Guide Project Makoto 06 Jeez, if there's anyone who can say no to someone who asks like that, I'd like to meet 'em.
Guide Project Makoto 01 Sure, I'd love to learn more about you.
Guide Project Chihiro 09 Okay. But...what do you want to know?
Guide Project Makoto 03 Well, let's see... What kind of program are you working on now? I bet it's pretty amazing.
Guide Project Chihiro 10 Oh! Actually, I just started the research process for something...
You remember that database software I told you about? I'm retooling it into something a little more complex.
But I signed an NDA with the commpany that hired me, so I can't really go into the details...
Guide Project Makoto 06 Yeah, they probably wouldn't want the wrong people to hear about it, huh?
Guide Project Chihiro 04 It's not that I don't trust you or anything! I just...made a promise, you know?
Guide Project Makoto 04 No, it's okay. It's my fault for asking about something you couldn't talk about.
Guide Project Chihiro 04 Oh, but...
...maybe I can give you a little hint.
It has to do with simulating human thoughts.
Guide Project Makoto 03 She said it has to do with simulating human thoughts, right? Which must mean...
Guide Project Makoto 03 Are you doing robotics research?
Guide Project Chihiro 09 Hmm... Not exactly. Although the two fields are definitely connected.
Virtual reality
Guide Project Makoto 03 Are you talking about virtual reality?
Guide Project Chihiro 09 Nope, not quite!
Virtual reality is less about our thoughts and more about our senses.
It doesn't have a physical form, of course, but the illusion is real enough to convince most people.
We just call virtual reality "VR" for short. What I'm talking about has a short nickname like that, too!
Artificial intelligence
Guide Project Makoto 03 You're developing some kind of artificial intelligence, aren't you?
Guide Project Chihiro 14 Ah! You figured it out!
Was my hint too easy...?
Guide Project Chihiro 16 Ahh, what am I gonna do? If they find out I broke my promise, they might...
Guide Project Makoto 01 Don't worry. I'm not gonna say anything to anyone.
Guide Project Chihiro 11 Y-Yeah, I know... I know I can trust you.
Okay, I guess I can tell you about it.
Guide Project Chihiro 10 I'm working on a type of artificial intelligence the world has never seen before.
It's what we call a strong AI. It's designed to think like a human, to process any mental task we can.
Guide Project Makoto 05 A strong AI...?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 You see, in the field of artificial ntelligence, there's strong AI and weak AI.
Weak AI isn't meant to match human intelligence. It's simply a type of problem-solving software.
A weak AI isn't actually thinking, it's just executing actions programmed into it.
Strong AI, on the other hand, is a program that can achieve true self-consciousness - full ego awareness.
Guide Project Chihiro 09 In other words, a strong AI is a complete entity, a computer program capable of becomming aware.
But it's always just been a hypothesis. Plenty of experts don't think it's even possible.
Guide Project Makoto 03 It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie... And you're working on something like that?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 Well like I said, right now I'm just researching it.
I've made lots of progress on the programming side, and the intelligence development...
Guide Project Chihiro 09 ...but when it comes to actual awareness, it's stil a long way off. It might even be impossible...
Guide Project Makoto 05 Really...?
Guide Project Chihiro 10 I'm not sure how to put it, but...
No matter how well designed or complex a program is...
No matter how closely the software can simulate the workings of the human brain...
...I don't think that's enough.
If the program is only *simulating* thought, it will always be lacking something.
Guide Project Makoto 03 Lacking...?
Guide Project Chihiro 08 Well...
I guess you could say...a soul.
If you could somehow pour your own soul into the software, maybe then a strong AI could be created.
Guide Project Makoto 04 Wait...a soul?
Guide Project Chihiro 10 Yeah, I know. It's not a programming term. I'm not even sure how that would work on a technical level.
Guide Project Chihiro 05 Anyway, all I have right now is the theory. There's still lots of research left to do.
Guide Project Makoto 04 Artificial intelligence sounds like a pretty tough subject. But I'm glad I got to hear about it...
Guide Project Chihiro 11 I wasted your time on another boring topic. I must have bored you to death, huh?
Guide Project Makoto 02 No, the complete opposite! It was really interesting!
Guide Project Chihiro 14 You mean it...?
Guide Project Chihiro 06 Okay! Next time we talk, I wanna hear about you!
Guide Project Makoto 06 Oh, well... Unlike you, I really *am* boring.
Guide Project Chihiro 07 No excuses! It's your turn next time!
Guide Project Makoto 06 O-Okay...
Guide Project Chihiro 08 Ehehe. Yay!
Guide Project Makoto 05 When she says it like that, I think the only way to refuse... if you're one of those soulless AI programs she mentioned.
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Free Time Event 4 (Page 5)

Spend some time with Chihiro
Guide Project Chihiro 07 Hey, Makoto! You remember your promise?
Guide Project Makoto 04 Huh? What promise?
Guide Project Chihiro 14 Did you forget already?
Guide Project Chihiro 04 You promised that we could talk about you this time!
You really did forget...
Guide Project Makoto 04 Chihiro looked really disappointed. With sagging shoulders, she wandered away.
That's right, I did promise. She wanted to talk about me this time...
I'd better go after her...
I headed to Chihiro's room.
Guide Project Chihiro 04 ...
Guide Project Makoto 05 Listen, I just wanted to tell you that I didn't forget about my promise..!
Guide Project Makoto 04 Of course I remember! So cheer up, okay?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 ...Then can we talk about you today?
Guide Project Makoto 01 Sure, I don't mind at all!
Guide Project Chihiro 06 Really? Great! Then come in and sit down.
Guide Project Makoto 04 Huh? I can...come in?
Guide Project Chihiro 07 Yeah, of course!
Guide Project Makoto 05 I know what she said, but I'm not sure she should be so quick to let down her defenses like this...
Guide Project Chihiro 06 Okay, let's go! I wanna hear all about you!
Guide Project Makoto 01 I'm happy to talk, but what do you want to know?
Guide Project Chihiro 10 Well, let's start with a question.
Guide Project Makoto 04 Huh?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 What do you like to do in your spare time?
Guide Project Makoto 06 Well, you know...
I watch TV, play video games, lay around... That's pretty much it.
Guide Project Chihiro 14 Huh? What about sports?
Guide Project Makoto 06 Oh, I don't really play anything.
The only time I run anywhere is during gym, or when I'm running late in the morning...
Guide Project Chihiro 11 Really? And you're still so strong?
Guide Project Makoto 04 N-No, I'm pretty much on the bottom rung of masculinity!
Guide Project Chihiro 02 You're on...the bottom rung?
Guide Project Chihiro 04 ...
Guide Project Makoto 05 Chihiro seemed...disappointed, somehow.
Hey, what's the matter?
Guide Project Chihiro 10 Well, it's just... I'm looking for someone strong.
Guide Project Makoto 03 Someone strong? Well, what about Sakura...?
Guide Project Chihiro 09 ...No, I mean a guy.
Guide Project Makoto 03 Thinking about strong guys, there *is* someone here who's probably been in a lot of fights...
Guide Project Makoto 03 Hmmm... I honestly just can't think of anyone stronger than Sakura.
Guide Project Chihiro 04 ...
Guide Project Makoto 05 She seems really depressed for some reason. I kinda feel guilty now...
Does it really absolutely have to be a guy?
Guide Project Chihiro 04 Yeah...
Guide Project Makoto 03 Okay. In that case...umm...
Guide Project Makoto 03 Maybe Byakuya...?
Guide Project Chihiro 14 Byakuya? You think so...?
Guide Project Makoto 01 Yeah, no matter what kind of problems he runs into, I've never seen him get rattled or anything.
If you can believe in who you are no matter what happens, that must take a certain kind of strength...
Guide Project Chihiro 14 Yeah, that's true...
But I don't think Byakuya's the one...
Guide Project Makoto 04 Huh? What do you mean?
Guide Project Chihiro 10 O-Oh, it's nothing. Does anyone besides Byakuya come to mind?
Guide Project Makoto 03 Then what about Mondo?
He's the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader, right? He's gotta be the strongest guy here.
Guide Project Chihiro 10 Mondo... Yeah, that's it!
Guide Project Makoto 01 But why are you looking for a strong guy?
Guide Project Chihiro 04 ...
Guide Project Makoto 06 Huh? She went all quiet again...
Are you, like...into tough guys or something?
Guide Project Chihiro 10 I want to...start training. I'm so weak...
Guide Project Makoto 04 ...Huh?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 I thought if I could talk to someone strong about it, it might help motivate me.
Guide Project Makoto 05 So that's why, huh?
Sorry, I wish I could help somehow...
Guide Project Chihiro 11 ...
Hey, Makoto...? Do you have any kind of, um...inferiority complex?
Guide Project Makoto 04 Inferiority complex...?
Guide Project Chihiro 05 You know, some part of you that you can't stand. Something you absolutely hate...
Guide Project Makoto 03 Well, I guess so...
For me, it's how forgettably ordinary I am.
I've been made painfully aware of this part of me ever since I came here.
The rest of you all have your ultimate abilities, but I don't have any kind of talent at all.
Guide Project Chihiro 10 do you overcome that kind of feeling?
Guide Project Makoto 05 I'm not sure I can...
That's why I decided to just accept it. It's how I feel, and there's nothing I can do about it.
And if I find myself thinking about it too much, I just find something else to do with my time.
If I throw myself into something hard enough, I can forget about it for a little while.
Guide Project Chihiro 09 Throw myself into something...
Guide Project Chihiro 10 I see. That's a good idea.
If I don't do something, nothing's ever going to change.
Guide Project Chihiro 06 Yeah, I think your advice has helped me understand!
Guide Project Makoto 06 Advice? I'm not sure it was anything like that...
Guide Project Chihiro 07 Ehehe... Thanks, Makoto!
Guide Project Makoto 01 Well, if it helped, that's good enough for me.
Talking to her like this, I feel like I've gotten to know Chihiro really well.
I think we understand each other a lot better...
I wonder if maybe I've finally become a
friendto her in the truest sense of the word.
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  1. Chihiro's Report Card trophy is a reference to the 1990 crime film Goodfellas.