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This article covers information about Ibuki Mioda's Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
Ibuki Mioda Fullbody Sprite (5)


Ibuki can be found at the following locations during Free Time:

Chapter 1
1 2 3
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 1.1 Mahiru Ibuki Island 1 Path
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 1.2 Ibuki Cottage
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 1.3 Ibuki Beach
1st Island (Path) Ibuki's Cottage 1st Island (Beach)
Chapter 2
1 2 3 4
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 2.1 Akane Ibuki 2nd Island Path
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 2.2 Ibuki Central Island Path
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 2.3 Ibuki Cottage
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 2.4 Ibuki Diner Parking
2nd Island (Path) Central Island (Path) Ibuki's Cottage 2nd Island (Diner Parking)
Chapter 3
1 2 3 4
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 3.1 Ibuki Music Venue - Parking
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 3.2 Ibuki Music Venue
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 3.3 Ibuki Music Venue - Storage Room
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 3.4 Ibuki Music Venue - Storage Room
3rd Island (Music Venue Parking) 3rd Island (Music Venue) 3rd Island (Music Venue Storage) 3rd Island (Music Venue Storage)


Ibuki prefers the following presents from the MonoMono Machine:

Ibuki Mioda Island Mode Icon
Loves: 046. 2.5D Headphones, 060. American Clacker, 075. Desperation, 083. Two-Sided Ukulele, 087. Absolute Tuning Fork, 101. Lust Setsugekka
Likes: 002. Ramune, 005. Civet Coffee, 009. Chocolate Chip Jerky, 016. Jabba's Natural Salt, 017. Cocoshimi, 019. Coconut, 020. Iroha T-Shirt, 021. Brightly Colored Jeans, 025. Queen’s Straitjacket, 029. Passionate Glasses, 031. Earring of Crushed Evil, 033. Hope's Peak Ring, 034. Spectre Ring, 035. Cloth Wrap Backpack, 037. Jabbaian Jewelry, 038. Biggest Fantom, 041. Tips & Tips 2nd Edition, 044. Kiss Note, 049. Measuring Flask, 050. Razor Ramon HG, 052. Flash Suppressor, 055. Mr. Stapler, 057. Many-Sided Dice Set, 058. The Funbox, 059. The Funplane, 062. Power Gauntlet, 063. Mesopotamia, 064. Nitro Racer, 065. Slap Bracelet, 070. Old Timey Radio, 072. The Second Button, 080. Mini Wave-Dissipaters, 084. Collapsible Fishing Rod, 085. Bojobo Dolls, 086. Century Potpourri, 094. Bar, 096. Tissue, 102. Rose In Vitro, 103. Skullhead Mask, 107. Compact Costume, 108. Angel's Fruit, 109. Bandage Wrap, 110. Secret Wind Sword Book

Skills Granted

Becoming close to Ibuki will grant Hajime the following skills, which will aid him in Class Trials:

FTE Name Description Cost
#5 Shred Guitar Increases acceleration speed.
Effective during Logic Dive.
5 SP

Free Time Event Dialogue and Option Guide

Full dialogue from Ibuki's Free Time Events:

DR2 Hope Fragment (1)Introduction (Page 1)

Guide Assets Ibuki 19
Peeking, peeking...
Guide Assets Ibuki 16
Oh haiiiiiiiiiii! Who're you!?
Guide Project Hajime 01
U-Um... I'm Hajime Hinata...
Guide Assets Ibuki 19
Hellooooo? Your tension is super low! Are you feeling all right?
Guide Assets Ibuki 16
Ah, that's right! Introductions are a go-go!
Guide Assets Ibuki 18
"I," "Buki," "Mio," "Da!" Put it together and what do you get? Ibuki Mioda!
Guide Assets Ibuki 11
All right, introductions are finished! More importantly, check out this bombastic supermarket!
Guide Assets Ibuki 09
They got hamburger, ramen noodles, chili beans, bratwurst, pasta... Oooooh, melons!
Guide Assets Ibuki 10
Americans, Chinese, Mexicans, Germans, Italians...and even people from Yubari would shop here!
Guide Assets Ibuki 18
Man, I'm getting hellaaaaaa stoooked! I'm thirty-one flavors of stoked for all of this deliciousness!
Guide Assets Ibuki 08
And when I'm excited, I get hungry-mungry!
I-I don't understand it myself... Why do I get hungry when I'm excited? Why do I get excited when I'm hungry?
Guide Assets Ibuki 18
Kyahaha, the human body sure is a mystery!
Guide Project Komaeda 25
Um... This energetic young lady is known as the Ultimate Musician.
She used to play guitar in an all-girl band that was super popular with other high school girls.
Apparently their hit single, "After School Poyoyon Hour", sold over a million copies.
Guide Project Hajime 02
A super popular, all-girl, high school band...
That sounds familiar...
Guide Project Komaeda 24
Due to creative differences, she left the band to pursue a solo career.
Guide Project Hajime 02
...Creative differences?
Guide Assets Ibuki 19
Are you interested!?
Guide Project Hajime 03
Wah!? You could hear me!?
Guide Assets Ibuki 18
Duh! Ibuki's a musician, after all!
Guide Assets Ibuki 13
Like Schubert, Bach, Edison, Van Gogh, Perez, and Ayrton Senna...! I, too, am an awesome musician!
Guide Project Hajime 23
Oh, so you're saying you have good hearing...
Wait, most of those people you mentioned weren't musicians at all.
Guide Assets Ibuki 06
Don't sweat the details!
Obtained Hope Fragment.

DR2 Hope Fragment (2)Free Time Event 1 (Page 2)

Invite Ibuki to hang out
Guide Assets Ibuki 16 Ah! Yes, yessss!
Guide Project Hajime 01 What...?
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 Jeez, hurry! Hurry up and choose me!
Guide Project Hajime 18 Um...what?
Guide Assets Ibuki 07 Um, um, were you ever in any school clubs?
Guide Project Hajime 02 School clubs, huh... I can't say for sure because of what happened to our memories, but I probably wasn't in any clubs.
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 Hyaaaaha! That's a major bingo!
Guide Project Hajime 03 Wh-What is?
Guide Assets Ibuki 13 Well, isn't it obvious!? You should be part of Ibuki's music club from now on! For a while, everyone thought music clubs were outdated because the rock-and-roll boom was dying off...
Guide Assets Ibuki 11 But now, music clubs are super popular with boys for some reason! We should jump on the bandwagon, too!
Guide Project Hajime 20 But I'm not really into music....
Guide Assets Ibuki 06 Nooooo problem! You can just pretend you're playing an instrument while a music track plays in the background.
Guide Project Hajime 19 That's not something the Ultimate Musician should say...
But even if I'm pretending... I've never even held a musical instrument.
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 Everyone starts at that point. As long as you feel the love, there's no problem.
Guide Project Hajime 02 What do I have to do...if I don't really "feel the love"?
Guide Assets Ibuki 07 It's okay! Jamming out is sooooo much fun! You'll be so popular with the ladies! Chicks go out with guys who pretend to be musicians all the time!
Guide Assets Ibuki 16 By the way, Ibuki thinks guys who don't like bands are narcissists, so she doesn't like them!
Guide Project Hajime 18 That...isn't something the Ultimate Musician should say either...
Guide Assets Ibuki 04 Yep, yep! Now choose the musical instrument you wanna use!
Guide Assets Ibuki 13 Ah, Ibuki has dibs on the guitar, so you can't use that!
Guide Project Hajime 19 Looks like I've been roped into her scheme... I guess I really have to choose something...
Guide Project Hajime 02

I've never played any type of instrument before, so it doesn't really matter...

Guide Project Hajime 02 Then maybe the keyboard...?
Guide Assets Ibuki 19 You can play the keyboard!? What a surprise!
Guide Project Hajime 01 What? No. I've never even touched one before.
Guide Assets Ibuki 04 It's easy to tell if you're faking at playing the keyboard so that's a no-go. What's next!?
Guide Project Hajime 18 Do I...even have a choice here...?
Guide Project Hajime 02 I'll use the bass then...
Guide Assets Ibuki 05 Nope! Denied!
Guide Project Hajime 01 Why!? I thought it was fine as long as I didn't pick the guitar?
Guide Assets Ibuki 15 Hmmm, you might stand out too much and steal Ibuki's spotlight. She's supposed to be the main event, y'know.
Guide Project Hajime 24 What a selfish reason...
Guide Project Hajime 02 Then...I guess the drums.
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 That's awesome! All right, it's decided! Drums are great 'cause you can just hit 'em to the beat, and you don't even need to know how to read music!
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 As long as you can move your arms and legs independently of each other, even a novice can play them real easy!
Guide Project Hajime 19 Every drummer in the world would hate you for saying that...
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 Now that we've decided on an instrument...
Guide Assets Ibuki 13 Let's start with learning how to use a loudspeaker!
Guide Project Hajime 03 Hold on a second! Why would you need a loudspeaker!?
Guide Assets Ibuki 07 What are you saying? It's a must-have item for live performances.
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 It doesn't mean you just hold it and scream into it! If you don't put your soul into it, the loudspeaker won't respond to you!
Guide Assets Ibuki 14 Gyahaha! Put your soul into it! Shout! Shout!
Guide Project Hajime 01 I was forced to do some weird training that didn't make any sense to me at all... I didn't really understand Ibuki to begin with, but with this, I don't understand her even more...
Ibuki's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with her.

DR2 Hope Fragment (3)Free Time Event 2 (Page 3)

Invite Ibuki to hang out
Guide Assets Ibuki 16 Okie dokie! Let's start the club!
Guide Project Hajime 18 Club...? Were you actually serious about that...?
Guide Assets Ibuki 05 Um, today's training is...badum-badaum-badum-badum-tish!
Guide Assets Ibuki 04 Racing! Aw yeah!
Guide Project Hajime 02 Racing...? Does that have anything to do with music...?
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 Hell to the yes!
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 If you wanna learn proper music theory, training yourself in the rhythm of racing is a must. Music has its own language too, y'know. It's always nice to hear music that adheres to the principles of music theory... And it's easier to make people feel the beat as well.
Guide Assets Ibuki 10 ...But Ibuki doesn't care about that at all though!
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 Come on! LET'S GO!
Guide Project Hajime 01 Not only was I bossed around by Ibuki, I had to run five laps around the island for some reason...
Guide Assets Ibuki 19 Man, that was really fun, Hajime!
Guide Project Hajime 20 Uh... No it wasn't...
Guide Assets Ibuki 15 What are you saying? There's no way you could go through a live performance if you get winded by something like this.
Guide Project Hajime 02 That may be true...
Then do you usually train like this all the time?
Guide Assets Ibuki 15 I don't do it for training. Running is Ibuki's hobby!
Guide Project Hajime 01 I thought this was training so I could learn proper music theory...?
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 I also like playing one-person tag and one-person hide and seek too! It's a lot of fun! Have you ever found an eight-leafed clover by the riverbank?
Guide Assets Ibuki 15 It's seriously sooooo hard, I definitely can't find one at all. *Sulk*
Guide Project Hajime 02 Isn't that because eight-leafed clovers don't exist?
Guide Assets Ibuki 19 Also, it's fun to play a game called, "Will I Get There?". It's super thrilling!
Ibuki forgets lots of stuff really fast, so she tries to write memos for important things...
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 But on days I play that game, I go outside without thinking about anything.
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 When I do that... Surprise, surprise! No matter how long I'm out, I can't get back home! I just think of fun stuff all the time, and after I've taken a bunch of shortcuts and detours... I usually end somewhere I've never been before.
Guide Assets Ibuki 15 One time, I nearly walked onto a fishing boat and almost ended up in a foreign country.
Guide Assets Ibuki 19 Ah, but sometimes I like to spend time relaxing, too. The other day, I woke up in the morning with a powerful hankering to look at the stars.
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 So I just waited all day till the stars came out!
Guide Project Hajime 19 Impossible... There's no way I can keep up with what she's saying...
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 Also, also...!
Guide Project Hajime 01 Once Ibuki starts talking, it seems like she'll never stop...
Ibuki's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with her.

DR2 Hope Fragment (4) Free Time Event 3 (Page 4)

Invite Ibuki to hang out
Guide Assets Ibuki 19 Why hello thar! What do you wanna play today?
Guide Project Hajime 01 Play...? Are we done with the club...?
Guide Assets Ibuki 07 What are you talking about!? Playing is a big part of music clubs! Do you know what's the most important thing about playing music in a band?
Guide Project Hajime 02

The most important thing...? Uh, let's see...

Guide Project Hajime 02 Is it...technique?
Guide Assets Ibuki 15 Wrooooooong! Super wrong! That's the most boring answer!
Guide Project Hajime 24 If you say so...
Agreeing on the direction
Guide Project Hajime 02 Is it...making sure everyone agrees on the direction?
Guide Assets Ibuki 20 Nah, that's impossible. No matter how unified a band is, or how much they get along, that's impossible. When you get older and get a boyfriend, or when you get married and have kids, or when your parents die...
Guide Assets Ibuki 15 Once you're worrying about your future, the direction is definitely gonna go all over the place for sure!
Guide Project Hajime 24 How intense...
A sense of unity
Guide Project Hajime 02 Um... A sense of unity?
Guide Assets Ibuki 16 Ding ding ding! You got it right!
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 Yep, that's correct. It's all about that! The band members performing as a singular unit on stage...
Guide Assets Ibuki 13 That is the ideal live concert! That's where the greatest music is made!
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 In order to do that, it's particularly important to eat cake with everyone after school!
Guide Assets Ibuki 12 Sooooo your training today is to roll your eyes to the back of your head!
Guide Project Hajime 03 That's impossible!
Guide Assets Ibuki 04 Also, you gotta learn how to break guitars, and how to splatter pig guts! Those are the three basics!
Guide Project Hajime 20 Please, enough already...
Guide Assets Ibuki 07 Oh my-my-my-my, are you gonna give up before you even do it? I have a reward for you, y'know.
Guide Assets Ibuki 11 If you're able to withstand the training, I'll make your stage costume!
Guide Project Hajime 01 You're the one who's going to make it?
Guide Assets Ibuki 10 Of course! Sewing is a minor necessity when you're in a band!
Guide Project Hajime 17 I see... I never expected that from you... But now that she mentions it, everything Ibuki is wearing looks really unique... I can totally tell she puts her heart into making her clothes so they're not just another commercial product. I feel like I'm finally able to understand Ibuki a little better...
Ibuki's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with her.

DR2 Hope Fragment (5) Free Time Event 4 (Page 5)

Invite Ibuki to hang out
Guide Assets Ibuki 05 Now then, what should Hajime and I play today?
Guide Project Hajime 01 Playing again...? Seriously, what happened to training?
Guide Assets Ibuki 16 I've decided! Today we're gonna do 1000 practice head swings!
Guide Project Hajime 02 Head swings? Isn't that just called headbanging?
Guide Assets Ibuki 04 Ibuki will start us off!
Guide Project Hajime 01 As soon as she said that...Ibuki started swinging her head back and forth with amazing speed.
Guide Project Hajime 18 She's so fast that her head is a blur... I can't believe her tiny neck can keep up with that...
Guide Assets Ibuki 04 You do it too, Hajimeeeeeeeee! It's fuuuuuuuun! GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!
Guide Project Hajime 19 I had no idea why I was doing this... But I decided not to think about it and just played along with Ibuki.
M-My ringing...!
Guide Assets Ibuki 12 Da boom na da mmm dum na ema...
Guide Project Hajime 01 Just as I thought, there was no meaning behind it... But... I feel like a lot of stuff I'd been stressing about mysteriously lifted off my shoulders.
Guide Assets Ibuki 19 Oh my, Hajime. You look pretty refreshed. I feel like we were playing pretty well together just now.
Guide Assets Ibuki 05 I mean...Ibuki just realized it. When I'm with Hajime...Ibuki plays really well.
Guide Project Hajime 20 Ah...I just remembered that Ibuki left her old band. Apparently she was a member of a girl band that was the height of their popularity...
...Hey Ibuki. Why did you leave your old band? Was it because you had creative differences with them?
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 Hmmm, how should I put it? Creative differences...? Personality differences...? Well, it's not that big of a deal. That's the destiny of a band member after all!
Guide Assets Ibuki 19 Like I said earlier, what's most important is a sense of unity. Technique is something you gain just by practice.
Guide Assets Ibuki 22 But you won't know if the group really meshes well together until you try it once... And if it's no good, that's something you can't really help. That's why Ibuki doesn't really regret leaving the band.
Guide Assets Ibuki 15 But being a teensy bit lonely.
Guide Project Hajime 02 I see... If...I can fill that loneliness by doing stuff with her, even if it's just a little... Well, then I guess I don't mind playing along with her for a while.
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 Theeeeen I shall keep playing with Hajime today!
Guide Assets Ibuki 13 Let's continue our headbanging. This time it's for the championship! Whoever loses has to tongue kiss Monomi!
Guide Project Hajime 03 W-We're competing now...!?
Guide Project Hajime 17 I ended up banging my head until I lost consciousness... It must've been a blessing in disguise that no one won or lost, thanks to a double KO...
Ibuki's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with her.

DR2 Hope Fragment (Full) Free Time Event 5 (Page 6)

Invite Ibuki to hang out
Guide Project Hajime 17 So what are we doing today?
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 Before we get to that.... Do you remember anything, Hajime?
Guide Project Hajime 01 Anything...?
Guide Assets Ibuki 17 Y'know, about your talent and stuff! Since you've been hanging out with Ibuki for so long, you should've remembered something by now!
Guide Project Hajime 18 Huh...? Don't tell me all that stuff we did was just to help me remember...
Guide Assets Ibuki 14 Wroooooooong! Ibuki just wanted to play with Hajime!
Guide Assets Ibuki 06 But Ibuki Mioda, the goddess of music, thought you might remember something if I stimulated your senses.
Guide Assets Ibuki 15 ...But I guess Hajime was too dull for it to work!
Guide Project Hajime 02 Dull...
But still...I never expected that Ibuki was actually thinking about me the whole time... I didn't even notice. I feel...a little ashamed.
Guide Assets Ibuki 19 Well, it's fine as long as you don't worry about it. I mean, the Hajime I know is the same person you've been from the start.
Guide Project Hajime 20 ...What do you mean?
Guide Assets Ibuki 20 It's pretty embarrassing so I don't really want you to make me say it, but... It actually doesn't matter at all whether or not you remember! 'Cause...Hajime is already standing right here. I feel like you're someone who's willing to go far away to search for yourself...
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 But your true self...doesn't actually exist anywhere. The person standing here right now is who you are. The person who's changing every day... That's you.
Guide Assets Ibuki 22 I believe finding yourself means accepting that you're someone who is constantly changing. Even when you're worrying about things, you're still you.
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 ...Juuuuust kidding! Ibuki was trying to say things that she wouldn't normally say.
Guide Assets Ibuki 13 After all, this is the very last event!
Guide Project Hajime 02 Ibuki... Thanks...I think...
Guide Assets Ibuki 16 There's no need to thank me. Cause Ibuki was able to remember something she hasn't felt for a long time after playing with Hajime!
Guide Assets Ibuki 06 The importance of giving your all when expressing yourself!
Guide Project Hajime 17 You're always doing that...
Guide Assets Ibuki 06 But to expand on that, the important part is to do it together with someone!
Guide Assets Ibuki 22 Someday...I want to play music with someone who trusts me as much I trust them... That's always been Ibuki's dream.
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 I think believing that dreams come true as long as you believe is the first step toward fulfilling your dreams!
Guide Project Hajime 01 ...That's a little complicated.
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 It's eaaaaasy peaaaaasy! All you gotta do is believe.
Guide Assets Ibuki 22 matter what happens from this point forward, never ever give up. It's a promise!
Guide Project Hajime 17 Ibuki said that with a seriousness that I've never seen her display to anyone else. It's kind of surprising that I'm actually learning from her, but... Her words took root inside my heart. I won't give up. I'll definitely leave this island...with everyone.
Guide Assets Ibuki 09 Hmhmhm... Hajime, you're making a very nice face! Now today's training is...
Guide Assets Ibuki 19 Stealing Akane's snack and kicking Nekomaru in the butt...
Guide Assets Ibuki 16 AKA "Picking A Fierce Fight With Two Raging Demons!"
Guide Project Hajime 19 Are you seriously going to do that...?
Guide Assets Ibuki 16 Of course!
Guide Assets Ibuki 18 Now let's get on with it!
Guide Project Hajime 17 I frantically ran after Ibuki because I had no idea what she was going to do. But I no longer feel like she's dragging me about like she used to. I feel a strong bond between Ibuki and myself...
Ibuki's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with her.
You just unlocked the skill, Shred Guitar!
You have obtained a present: Ibuki's Undergarments.

Complete Report Card

Ibuki Mioda's Report Card Page 1

Ibuki Mioda's Report Card Page 2

Ibuki Mioda's Report Card Page 3

Ibuki Mioda's Report Card Page 4

Ibuki Mioda's Report Card Page 5

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Ibuki Mioda's Report Card Page 7

PSN Trophies

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

PSN Trophy Island Mode
Dynamic Duet

[1] Filled in every page of Ibuki's Report Card

Trophy Bronze
PSN Trophy Island Mode Gold
Mr. Congeniality

[2] Filled in every page of every character's Report Card

Trophy Gold

Danganronpa 1.2 Reload

Individual report card trophies were removed in this re-release.

PSN Trophy Island Mode Silver
Mr. Congeniality

[2] Filled in every page of every character's Report Card

Trophy Silver


  1. Ibuki Mioda's report card trophy, "Dynamic Duet", is a reference to comic book superheroes Batman and Robin (comics), known as the Dynamic Duo.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The trophy for completing all report cards, "Mr. Congeniality", refers to the "Miss Congenitality" reward given at Miss Universe beauty pageants, and the 2000 Sandra Bullock movie of the same name.