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Mahiru Koizumi Fullbody Sprite (2)

This article covers information about Mahiru Koizumi's Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.


Mahiru can be found at the following locations during Free Time:

Chapter 1
1 2 3
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 1.1 Mahiru Ibuki Island 1 Path
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 1.2 Mahiru Cottage
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 1.3 Mahiru Peko Island 1 Path
1st Island (Path) Mahiru's Cottage 1st Island (Path)
Chapter 2
1 2 3 4
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 2.1 Chiaki Mahiru Beach
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 2.2 Akane Mahiru Chandler Beach
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 2.3 Mahiru Hiyoko Diner Parking
Danganronpa 2 FTE Locations 2.4 Mahiru Mikan 2nd Island Path
1st Island (Beach) 2nd Island (Chandler Beach) 2nd Island (Diner Parking) 2nd Island (Path)


Mahiru prefers the following presents from the MonoMono Machine:

Mahiru Koizumi Island Mode Icon
Loves: 032. Silver Ring, 054. Kirlian Photography, 082. Japanese Tea Cup, 086. Century Potpourri, 102. Rose In Vitro, 107. Compact Costume
Likes: 022. Apron Dress, 029. Passionate Glasses, 033. Hope's Peak Ring, 037. Jabbaian Jewelry, 039. Ubiquitous Handbook, 044. Kiss Note, 071. Antique Doll, 073. Moon Rock, 078. Marine Snow, 080. Mini Wave-Dissipaters, 081. Stardust, 085. Bojobo Dolls, 093. Girl with the Bear Hairpin

Skills Granted

Becoming close to Mahiru will grant Hajime the following skills, which will aid him in Class Trials:

FTE Name Description Cost
#5 Auto Focus Automatically target the weak spot during concentration.
Effective during the Nonstop Battle.
4 SP

Free Time Event Dialogue and Option Guide

Full dialogue from Mahiru's Free Time Events:

DR2 Hope Fragment (1)Introduction (Page 1)

Guide Project Mahiru 11
Hey, aren't you the guy who was squatting on the beach earlier and burying your face in your arms?
Guide Project Hajime 01
Uh, y-yeah...
Guide Project Mahiru 21 gotta keep it together, you know? At times like this it's the boys' job to keep the girls safe.
Guide Project Hajime 18
Y-You're right...
Guide Project Mahiru 20
Did you want me to introduce myself? I haven't done it yet, right?
Guide Project Mahiru 07
Let's see... I'm Mahiru Koizumi. I'll be counting on you from now on.
Guide Project Komaeda 25
Mahiru is known as the Ultimate Photographer. She has a promising future as a photojournalist.
I'm not an expert on photography but I hear she's a young photographer who has won numerous awards.
On that note...she's known for her skill at taking pictures of people.
Guide Project Hajime 02
The Ultimate Photographer, huh...
Well, there is a camera hanging form her neck... I kind of assumed that already...
Guide Project Mahiru 13
Honestly, I'm a little relieved. You guys seem decent enough.
Guide Project Hajime 03
...Hm? Decent?
Guide Project Mahiru 06
Well, there's a lot of weirdos here. I can't tell if they're really Ultimates or, like, just insane...
I'm eager to get along with everyone so we can get off this island, but I was worried things wouldn't go well.
Guide Project Hajime 21
Get off this island...? What do you mean?
Guide Project Mahiru 18
Huh, you don't know? That's what that stuffed animal Usami was saying.
Guide Project Mahiru 13
After you finish collecting all the Hope Fragments that you earn by getting along with everyone...
Guide Project Mahiru 07
This joke of a school trip will be over, and we can all leave this island together.
Guide Project Hajime 03
Th-That's all we have to do and we can go home!? Is that true? Did she really mean that!?
Guide Project Mahiru 11
Hey, you should be paying closer attention! This is, like, really important!
Guide Project Komaeda 25
Well Hajime, now that you know this, you must feel a little relieved, right?
As long as we live here peacefully, we'll able to leave this island soon enough.
So there's no reason for you to act so panicky.
Guide Project Hajime 20
E-Even so...
What's the reason...? Why do we have to do something like this?
I mean, to go through all the effort of bringing us here so we can all live together and get along...
It doesn't make any sense.
Guide Project Komaeda 22
I may not know why we're here, but if that's all we have to do to go home, then that's all there is to it.
Guide Project Komaeda 25
Overall, I'm glad. I mean, it's really not that big of a deal.
Guide Project Hajime 16
Not a big deal...? Really?
We're told we're on a school trip without any warning, then we're taken to a place like this...
And then we're forget about Hope's Peak Academy...
Is he *sure* this isn't a big deal?
Guide Project Mahiru 11
Guide Project Hajime 03
Guide Project Mahiru 20
Don't "eh!?" me, what about your introduction? I've been waiting like forever, you know?
Guide Project Hajime 01
Ah, sorry...
I'm Hajime Hinata.'s nice to meet you, too.
Guide Project Mahiru 13
I see...Hajime Hinata, huh?
Guide Project Mahiru 21
Sorry to disappoint you, but I've already made a mental note to remember you as "Unreliable Hajime."
Guide Project Mahiru 11
It's gonna be though for you to change my mind. You better man up and try even harder to do your best!
Guide Project Komaeda 25
...I see you're whipped already, Hajime.
Guide Project Mahiru 11
I'm talking to both of you! You better man up and do better! Got it!?
Obtained Hope Fragment.

DR2 Hope Fragment (2)Free Time Event 1 (Page 2)

Invite Mahiru to hang out
Guide Project Mahiru 10 Ah, Hajime. Stay there...right there.
Guide Project Hajime 17 ...Hm?
Guide Project Mahiru 10 Okay, say “cheese”! ...Just kidding.
Guide Project Hajime 03 The shutter went “click”... I guess Mahiru wanted to take a picture of me.
Guide Project Mahiru 09 Well, I guess this is good enough. Yep, that sure is a dumb-looking face.
Guide Project Hajime 23 Dumb-looking face...? That's only because you took my picture so suddenly.
Guide Project Mahiru 13 Just so you's not like I want a picture of you or anything.
I swear to every god who's listening that that's true. just a record.
Guide Project Hajime 04 Y-You don't have to go that far...
Guide Project Hajime 02 But what kind of record?
Guide Project Mahiru 12 A record is just a record.
I want a record that right now, we're all living together in this place...
Guide Project Hajime 17 We' together.
Guide Project Mahiru 08 It's pretty simple...but in this kind of situation, it’s easy for us to forget that, you know?
Guide Project Mahiru 07 So I decided to make a record of everyone each day so we won't forget.
Guide Project Mahiru 13 That's pretty much the only thing I can do right now.
Guide Project Hajime 17 I see... That's a good idea...
I seriously wouldn't have thought to do something like that... Mahiru seems like a pretty solid person.
Guide Project Mahiru 13 But...taking pictures of guys isn't fun, so I guess it'll be fine if I only do that once every three days...
Guide Project Hajime 23 ...You're already contradicting what you just said.
Guide Project Hajime 17 Well, aren't you “commendable”? It’s so “awesome” that your priorities are in check.
Guide Project Mahiru 16 What does that mean...?
Guide Project Hajime 18 Hm...?
Guide Project Mahiru 20 More importantly, we've got this blue sea and white beach, but that weird stuffed animal just ruins it.
No matter how beautiful the scenery is, if the subject's face doesn't stand out...
Guide Project Mahiru 21 Ah, I know. If you ever see Monokuma again, capture him.
I can take pictures of Monomi just fine, but he sees what I'm trying to do every time.
One day, I'll definitely capture him with my viewfinder, and I'll be world famous for landing such a huge scoop.
Guide Project Mahiru 20 Well then, I'm busy so I guess I'll see you later.
Guide Project Hajime 23 After controlling so much of the conversation, Mahiru suddenly changed the subject and walked away.
Guide Project Hajime 20 Was she angry or something...? Did I say something weird...?
Guide Project Hajime 04 This is bad... I have no idea what’s going on...
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DR2 Hope Fragment (3)Free Time Event 2 (Page 3)

Invite Mahiru to hang out
Guide Project Hajime 02 You know...I've been wondering about this for a while...
Mahiru has been taking lots of pictures, but I wonder if any of those pictures might contain some sort of clue?
Guide Project Hajime 10 Hey Mahiru... About the pictures you've been taking...
Guide Project Mahiru 20 I don't really mind showing them to you...but I'm pretty sure you won't find much.
Guide Project Hajime 03 ...Huh?
Guide Project Mahiru 12 You're wondering if they have any clues, right? Unfortunately, I don't take photos like that.
Guide Project Hajime 18 Hm? What does that mean?
Guide Project Mahiru 20 You'll know if you see one... Here.
Guide Project Hajime 01 She handed me her camera, and when I looked at the screen, I saw...
Guide Project Hajime 03 A bunch of smiles.
Guide Project Mahiru 20 Didn't I tell you? These are the kinds of photos I take.
Guide Project Hajime 17 I've...never seen anyone smile like this before.
Guide Project Hajime 02 But...does she not take many pictures of boys because she doesn't let her guard down around them?
Guide Project Hajime 17 definitely looks like everyone's having so much fun that they've forgotten the situation we're in.
Guide Project Mahiru 08 ...Well? At least tell me how you feel about it.
Guide Project Hajime 03 Huh? O-Oh yeah...
Guide Project Hajime 17 Um... It's amazing.
Guide Project Mahiru 21 ...Oh.
Words like "awesome" and "amazing" aren't words of praise at all.
Guide Project Mahiru 08 They sound half-assed and insincere... I really hate when people say stuff like that.
Guide Project Hajime 04 S-Sorry...
Guide Project Hajime 19 That reminds me... She did get a little angry when I said that before...
Guide Project Hajime 20 Maybe she's right. Maybe it's rude not to evaluate her work properly... Maybe.
Guide Project Hajime 17 Well, I can't really say it well, makes my heart feel warm and stuff...
...You must really like taking pictures.
Guide Project Mahiru 20 You thought about it for that long and *that's* all you have to say...?
I mean, it's so obvious. If I didn't like taking photos, I wouldn't be snapping shots in a situation like this.
Guide Project Hajime 23 Y-You're right...
Guide Project Mahiru 13 Photos depict everything, whether it's beautiful or horrible.
That's the truth contained in these images...
That's why no matter what situation we're in, it's a photographer's duty to keep taking photos.
Guide Project Mahiru 20 ...That's basically what my mom taught me.
Guide Project Hajime 02 Y-Your mom took photos too, huh...
Guide Project Mahiru 20 My mom was a pretty famous war photographer...
But I...just take lots of photos of smiling people at normal places.
Guide Project Mahiru 12 But because the theme of my work is too conventional, people don't really care to judge it.
They just say stuff like, “You should take more ‘amazing’ pictures”...
Guide Project Hajime 16 I...don't really know much about photography, so I can't really give any good feedback, but...
Guide Project Hajime 17 ...I really like photos like these.
How should I put it...? It makes me realize the importance of what's right in front of you...
Guide Project Mahiru 08 ...
Guide Project Mahiru 03 That was it. You made a good comment.
Guide Project Hajime 03 ...Huh?
Guide Project Mahiru 03 ...
...I guess...
...I can show you my photos again next time.
Guide Project Hajime 18 Mahiru quickly walked away...
Guide Project Hajime 17 It feels like she's opening up to me a little bit...
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DR2 Hope Fragment (4) Free Time Event 3 (Page 4)

Invite Mahiru to hang out
Guide Project Mahiru 11 Ah, Hajime!
Guide Project Hajime 11 Huh? Wh-What?
Guide Project Hajime 19 She looks like she's mad. Did I do something?
Guide Project Mahiru 21 Your sleeve... It's dirty.
Jeez, have you been doing your laundry properly?
There's a washer and dryer in the shower room of your cottage, right?
I'm not saying you need to wash your clothes every day, but you gotta wash them once in a while.
Guide Project Hajime 18're right...
Guide Project Mahiru 20 That idiot Kazuichi was saying he's never once washed his jumpsuit...
Why are boys always so lazy!?
Guide Project Mahiru 03 Jeez, you're hopeless. Just take it off, I'll wash it for you.
Guide Project Hajime 23 I-It's fine. I'll do it myself later...
Guide Project Mahiru 08 Y-You say that, but you're not gonna do it, right? That's why I'm telling you I'll wash it for you.
Guide Project Hajime 04 S-Seriously, I'll make sure I wash it later's fine.
Guide Project Mahiru 08 Well, fine...
Guide Project Mahiru 11 But if I see you next time and your sleeves are still dirty, I'm gonna be really mad, okay!?
Guide Project Hajime 18 S-Seriously, I got it...
Guide Project Hajime 23 ...It's like I'm being yelled at by my mom or something.
Guide Project Mahiru 08 Gosh, if I worry about you even a little bit, you make that annoyed face...
It's not like I'm doing this because I want to...
It's because you're being lazy like my no-good dad!
Guide Project Mahiru 21 Argh, jeez! That's why I hate boys!
Guide Project Hajime 02 Ah, now that you mention it, you said this earlier...
As I recall, Mahiru's mom was a...
Guide Project Hajime 02 Your mom was a nurse, right...?
Guide Project Mahiru 19 ...Huh? What are you talking about?
Guide Project Hajime 04 C-Crap. Um, Mahiru's mom is...
Clothes designer
Guide Project Hajime 02 Wasn't your mom a clothes designer...?
Guide Project Mahiru 19 ...Huh? What are you talking about?
Guide Project Hajime 04 C-Crap. Um, Mahiru's mom is...
War photographer
Guide Project Hajime 02 Your mom was a...war photographer, right? she gone a lot?
Guide Project Mahiru 16 ...Yeah. She's overseas most of the year.
Guide Project Hajime 20 you do all the housework while she's gone?
Guide Project Mahiru 20 I have no choice. There's no one else who'll do it for me.
Guide Project Mahiru 13 But it's fine... I like my mom best when she’s out taking photos.
Guide Project Mahiru 09 Ever since I was little...the first thing she'd do when she came home was show me all the photos she took.
Photos filled with people's smiles...
Guide Project Mahiru 16 I'm sure she probably took a lot of horrifying photos, too...
But even so, she only showed ones where people were smiling and looked happy.
Guide Project Hajime 17 So...that's why you like photos of people smiling.
Guide Project Mahiru 16 Actually, I don't know what to do.
Is it really okay for me to just keep taking photos of the world I live in...?
I want to visit different worlds and take pictures of people's sparkling smiles there, just like my mom...
Guide Project Mahiru 09 But I guess life isn't so simple.
I mean, if I go overseas, my dad's gonna be all alone...
Guide Project Hajime 17 Even thought she complains about it, she’s really good at taking care of people.
Well, she'd have to be. Otherwise there's no way she'd able to take so many smiling pictures.
Guide Project Mahiru 03 Wh-What...? Why are you staring at me like that...?
Anyway...make sure you do your laundry! If you can't, I guess I can help you out and stuff...
...Just let me know right away when that happens.
Guide Project Hajime 18 After talking to me in a gentler tone than usual, Mahiru walked away with her head down.
Guide Project Hajime 23 Was she blushing just now I overthinking things?
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DR2 Hope Fragment (5) Free Time Event 4 (Page 5)

Invite Mahiru to hang out
Guide Project Mahiru 10 Ah, Hajime. Stay right there.
Guide Project Hajime 17 Hm?
Guide Project Mahiru 10 *Click!*
Guide Project Hajime 23 There goes the shutter again... Looks like Mahiru took a picture of me.
Guide Project Mahiru 07 Whoa, what a dumb-looking face!
Guide Project Hajime 23 You should tell me in advance before you take my picture...
Guide Project Hajime 17 ...And what kind of face am I making? Show me.
Guide Project Mahiru 09 No way.
Guide Project Hajime 18 Why not...?
Guide Project Hajime 17 Then erase that one and take it again. I'll make sure I don't make a dumb face this time.
Guide Project Mahiru 10 Nope, you can't.
Guide Project Hajime 17 For some reason, the way Mahiru's smiling makes me think she's having much fun...
Guide Project Hajime 23 ...And for some reason, I'm getting embarrassed...
Guide Project Hajime 20 I mean...isn't it just a waste of film to take a photo of me making a weird face...?
Guide Project Mahiru 11 I never erase a photo once I take it. That's my policy.
No matter what kind of photo it is, the moment captured in it only exists at that time.
Guide Project Mahiru 03 ...
Guide Project Hajime 17 ...Hm?
Guide Project Mahiru 03 N-Nothing. A-Anyway...
Guide Project Mahiru 07 Do you like to take photos?
Guide Project Hajime 02 Hmmm, I'm not sure... I pretty much just use the camera in my cellphone...
Guide Project Mahiru 08 Jeez, you're no fun at all.
Guide Project Mahiru 10 But even though you're not familiar with cameras, you should at least know what type of camera I have, right?
Guide Project Hajime 02 The type of camera Mahiru has...
Disposable camera
Guide Project Hajime 02 A disposable camera...?
Guide Project Mahiru 08 ...
Guide Project Hajime 23 Heh, I don't really know much about cameras. Haha...
Guide Project Hajime 19 Um, then...
Polaroid camera
Guide Project Hajime 02 A polaroid camera...?
Guide Project Mahiru 10 ...
...Heh, what kind of camera is that again? Haha...
Guide Project Mahiru 20 It's one where the photo instantly comes out as soon as you take it!
Guide Project Hajime 19 R-Right... Then...
SLR camera
Guide Project Hajime 02 Was it SLR camera?
Guide Project Mahiru 10 Hmhm, you don't sound very confident.
Guide Project Hajime 16 I can't help it. I really don't know cameras that much.
Guide Project Hajime 17 ...But I'm definitely more interested than I was before.
Guide Project Mahiru 03 I-I see.
Actually, never mind! There's somewhere I need to be!
Guide Project Hajime 18 Mahiru ran away...but...
Guide Project Hajime 02 What was she going to say after "then"...?
Mahiru's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with her.

DR2 Hope Fragment (Full)Free Time Event 5 (Page 6)

Invite Mahiru to hang out
Guide Project Mahiru 08 ...Hey.
I actually need to ask you for something... Will you listen to me?
Guide Project Hajime 02 Well, it depends on what you're going to say.
Guide Project Mahiru 11 Jeez, why do guys always say stuff like that? Do you really mistrust me that much...?
Guide Project Hajime 04 Th-That's not...
Guide Project Mahiru 05 ...
Guide Project Hajime 03 ...Huh?
Somehow...she seems less headstrong than usual...
Guide Project Hajime 24 ...I'm sorry. I'll listen to anything you have to say.
Guide Project Mahiru 08 ...Anything?
Guide Project Hajime 16 Ugh...well, you know...if it's something I can do.
Guide Project Mahiru 08 You don't need to be scared... It's not like I'm going to make you to do something impossible.
Guide Project Mahiru 03 But this is something only you can do.
Guide Project Hajime 03 Only me...?
Wh-What does that mean? I can't really imagine what she's going to ask...
Guide Project Mahiru 03 U-Um... Since this place isn't that good, can we go...somewhere else?
Mahiru dragged me away from that area...
...There’s no one else on the beach.
Guide Project Hajime 18 Mahiru has been quiet for a while now.
Guide Project Hajime 17 did you want to ask me?
Guide Project Mahiru 08 Well...that's...
Guide Project Mahiru 03 Um... Can you take a photo of me?
Guide Project Hajime 03 You...want me to take your picture?
Guide Project Hajime 21 B-But why me...?
Guide Project Hajime 16 I mean...I haven't really taken many pictures before, and I don't even know how to use your camera...
Guide Project Mahiru 03 I-It's fine.
Guide Project Mahiru 03 I just...want you to take it.
Guide Project Hajime 20 F-Fine then...
Guide Project Mahiru 03 ...Hm.
Guide Project Hajime 19 Mahiru handed me her camera, and I nervously took it with my trembling hands.
Now should I take the picture...?
Guide Project Hajime 02

Um... What should I be careful about when I'm taking a picture of someone...?

Don't talk to the subject
Guide Project Hajime 02 ...Is it better if I don't talk to you until I finish taking the picture?
Guide Project Mahiru 20 No matter what the photographer does, it's the subject that needs to ready themselves.
Guide Project Mahiru 09 It's more natural for the photographer and the subject to keep talking.
Guide Project Hajime 20 I-I see... Then another thing I should worry about is...
Take it as fast I can
Guide Project Hajime 18 ...Is it better if I take the picture as fast as I can?
Guide Project Mahiru 20 Where'd you hear that...? Or do you have something else you'd rather be doing right now?
Guide Project Hajime 23
Guide Project Mahiru 09 Then take your time until you get the shot just right.
Guide Project Hajime 19 I-I see... Then another thing I should worry about is..
Walk one step forward
Guide Project Hajime 17 I guess it's better to take one step forward....
Guide Project Mahiru 09 Yep... When you're not used to taking photos, you somehow always end up taking one step back.
Guide Project Mahiru 03 don't have to do that right now...
Guide Project Hajime 17 Huh? It's better if I get closer, right?
I've never felt this strange feeling before in my life.
Normally I'd feel too embarrassed to do it...but because I locked eyes with Mahiru through the viewfinder...
The Mahiru I was looking at through the camera looked like she had a completely different face than before.
I suddenly felt extremely embarrassed...and accidentally pressed the shutter.
As soon as I released the shuter, Mahiru immediately ran over to me and took the camera from my hands.
Guide Project Mahiru 18 Huh...? Does my face really look like this?
Guide Project Mahiru 09 Hahaha...I look a little goofy. I guess I can’t say much about your photography skills.
Guide Project Hajime 03 R-Really? I thought I did pretty well...
Guide Project Mahiru 03 Yeah...I like it.
Guide Project Hajime 03 Huh?
Guide Project Mahiru 03 I like it as much as the photos my mom took.
Guide Project Hajime 03 My heart was racing for some reason... I didn't really know what to say.
Guide Project Mahiru 09 I realized I didn't have many photos of myself...
So...I was thinking about taking at least one shot of myself while I'm on this island.
The me...who's here like this...
Guide Project Mahiru 03 I really wanted a record of myself as you see me...
...Thanks, Hajime.
Guide Project Hajime 17 Y-Yeah...
Guide Project Mahiru 07 I know! If you're interested, I'll give you my old camera!
Guide Project Hajime 03 Huh? No, that's okay...
Guide Project Mahiru 09 It's fine! I want you to use it.
But I didn't bring it with me, so if we ever get off this island...
I'll make sure I teach you how to take photos.
Guide Project Mahiru 03 So...when we're finally able to get out of here, together, maybe we can...
Guide Project Hajime 24 As Mahiru suddenly stopped speaking, I stayed silent as well.
All I heard was the sound of the waves crashing around us...
There wasn't a single atom of awkwardness contained in our silence.
Guide Project Hajime 17 I can feel a strong bond between Mahiru and myself...
Mahiru, let's definitely get off this island. With everyone.
So I can one day hear the words she wanted to say...
Mahiru's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with her.
You just unlocked the skill, Auto Focus!
You have obtained a present: Mahiru's Undergarments.

Complete Report Card

Mahiru Koizumi's Report Card Page 1

Mahiru Koizumi's Report Card Page 2

Mahiru Koizumi's Report Card Page 3

Mahiru Koizumi's Report Card Page 4

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PSN Trophies

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

PSN Trophy Island Mode
Picture Perfect

Filled in every page of Mahiru's Report Card

Trophy Bronze
PSN Trophy Island Mode Gold
Mr. Congeniality

[1] Filled in every page of every character's Report Card

Trophy Gold

Danganronpa 1.2 Reload

Individual report card trophies were removed in this re-release.

PSN Trophy Island Mode Silver
Mr. Congeniality

[1] Filled in every page of every character's Report Card

Trophy Silver


  1. 1.0 1.1 The trophy for completing all report cards, "Mr. Congeniality", refers to the "Miss Congenitality" reward given at Miss Universe beauty pageants, and the 2000 Sandra Bullock movie of the same name.