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Teruteru Hanamura Fullbody Sprite (15)

This article covers information about Teruteru Hanamuras Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.


Teruteru can be found at the following locations during Free Time:

Chapter 1
1 2 3
Danganronpa 2 Free Time Events Locations Teruteru Hanamura (01)
Danganronpa 2 Free Time Events Locations Teruteru Hanamura (02)
Danganronpa 2 Free Time Events Locations Teruteru Hanamura (03)
Hotel - Restaurant Teruteru's Cottage Ranch


Teruteru prefers the following presents from the MonoMono Machine:

Teruteru Hanamura Island Mode Icon
Loves: 029. Passionate Glasses, 044. Kiss Note, 067. Kokeshi Dynamo
Likes: 016. Jabba's Natural Salt, 017. Cocoshimi, 019. Coconut, 020. Iroha T-Shirt, 022. Apron Dress, 025. Queen’s Straitjacket, 033. Hope's Peak Ring, 048. Male Cylinder, 049. Measuring Flask, 066. Gag Ball, 085. Bojobo Dolls, 086. Century Potpourri, 093. Girl with the Bear Hairpin, 101. Lust Setsugekka, 102. Rose In Vitro, 108. Angel's Fruit

Skills Granted

Becoming close to Teruteru will grant Hajime the following skills, which will aid him:

FTE Name Description Cost
#5 Tasting Reduces an argument to three statements or less.
Effective during the Nonstop Debate and the Rebuttal Showdown.
7 SP

Free Time Event Dialogue & Option Guide

Full dialogue from Teruteru's Free Time Events:

DR2 Hope Fragment (1)Introduction (Page 1)

Guide Project Komaeda 26 Oh well...let's finish introducing ourselves first. Look, there are two people talking over there.
Guide Project Teruteru 11 That's right... I'm having a hard time because it's full of poison. It really sucks. Speaking of which, it'd be great if you could use your mouth to suck it out...
Guide Project Sonia 07 Poison...I see...
Guide Project Hajime 01 you guys have a moment?
Guide Project Teruteru 19 Whoa...denied...
Guide Project Hajime 02 Denied?
Guide Project Sonia 24 Hello, it's nice to meet you.
Guide Project Hajime 17 name is Hajime Hinata. Nice to meet you too.
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Why, hello there. You must be the new guy.
Guide Project Teruteru 22 My name is Teruteru Hanamura. On the streets, I'm known as the Ultimate Cook...
Guide Project Teruteru 21 But could you guys call me the Ultimate Chef instead? It has more of a...big-city flavor to it, ya know?
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Mmhmhm, I hope we get along well.
Guide Project Sonia 19 Oh, that reminds me, I have not properly introduced myself either. I am terribly sorry to keep you waiting!
Guide Project Sonia 23 My name is Sonia Nevermind. I am a foreign exchange student from a small European kingdom called Novoselic. I may cause trouble here and there, but I hope we can get along well.
Guide Project Hajime 17 S-Same here... I hope we get along, too.
White porcelain skin... Sparkling blue eyes... And her hair glitters like fields of wheat... It's like...she has this mysterious charm that I want to gaze at forever...
Guide Project Komaeda 25 ...Are you enchanted? Well, that probably can't be helped. She's known as the Ultimate Princess, which means she's actual royalty.
Guide Project Hajime 02 The Ultimate Princess...? Normally I'd be surprised to hear that, but... It's not just her beauty, she's just so graceful... I'm completely at ease even though she's a real princess.
Guide Project Sonia 23 Um, this may be rude of me to say, but...truthfully, I feel happy.
Guide Project Hajime 03 Huh? What...are you happy about?
Guide Project Sonia 11 In my home country, I...did not have a single friend my age whose standing in society matched my own. So, to be able to do something like this with everyone is a new experience for me...
Guide Project Sonia 13 ...I shall extol your virtues.
Guide Project Hajime 01 "Extol my virtues"...? Th-Thanks.
What the...? I suddenly feel the urge to drop to one knee and bow.
Guide Project Teruteru 21 H-Hey, you three, am I being left off the menu or something?
Guide Project Hajime 16 No...that's not it...
Guide Project Komaeda 25 Oh Teruteru, it's so like you to check out the restaurant first. As the Ultimate Chef, do you like it?
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Mmhmhm...I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested. And since I do not want to be a liar, then truthfully...
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Yeah, I like it.
Guide Project Teruteru 21 Though I like the big-city flavor of my hometown, a country atmosphere like this is also splendid. Mmhmhmhmhmhm...!
Guide Project Hajime 20 Hey, are you...?
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Refined? Cultured? Guilty as charged!
Guide Project Hajime 01 No, not that... You just don't seem very worried, huh?
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Worried? What's there to worry about? Actually, I'm really happy.
Guide Project Hajime 02 Happy? Why is that...?
Guide Project Teruteru 21 If I can get serious real quick... I have a sneaking suspicion that Miss Peko is actually a bit of a freak, if you catch my meaning. What do you think?
Guide Project Hajime 01 ...What?
Guide Project Teruteru 11 She's probably wearing a black thong, too. What are your thoughts on that? Now then, shall we discuss this somewhere privately? C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
Guide Project Hajime 24 ...No thanks.
Guide Project Teruteru 14 Well, putting that aside for now... This might also seem unexpected to you, but... I feel like Miss Sonia over there has a good chance of putting out. You see, everybody knows princesses are groomed to lack common sense, right?
Guide Project Teruteru 20 For example, I could tell her my "loins" are full of poison and ask her to suck it out...
Guide Project Hajime 02 Is that...why he was talking about poison earlier?
Guide Project Sonia 07 ...Pardon me, what are you talking about?
Guide Project Teruteru 04 We'll discuss this later!
Guide Project Komaeda 25 ...I'd better not see you try that again.
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Anyway...when I fantasize about stuff like that, I can't help but look forward to living on this island.
Guide Project Teruteru 21 When it comes to cooking and love, passion is the most important ingredient. Mmhmhmhmhm!
Guide Project Hajime 01 This guy seems...dangerous, but for a completely different reason.
Obtained Hope Fragment.

DR2 Hope Fragment (2)Free Time Event 1 (Page 2)

Invite Teruteru to hang out
Guide Project Hajime 01 I was wondering... Do you specialize in a particular style of cooking?
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Mmhmhm...what a ridiculous question. Why would you kill the possibilities of your ingredients by limiting yourself to a specialty? Well, if you say so... I don't know if it's right to say all cooking is creative...
Guide Project Teruteru 21 Chefs have the right to be called "chefs" because they create dishes. It'd be simple for a true chef to create something from nothing!
Guide Project Hajime 02 I don't really understand but...he sure has amazing confidence. I sort of understand Teruteru's uncommon passion toward his dishes.
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Anyway Hajime, I've been wondering this for a while... Don't you think dishes resemble "that" a lot!?
Guide Project Hajime 03 "That"...?
Guide Project Teruteru 04 You know, "that"! It can only mean one thing! Juicy, succulent meats intertwined... The naughty sound of squishing and splashing ringing each time...
Guide Project Teruteru 11 At times it's gentle! At times it's forceful! You gotta rub it! You gotta tease it! You gotta just hammer it in! See...? You understand, right?
Guide Project Hajime 02

Could it be...? The thing he's talking about...

Pro wrestling
Guide Project Teruteru 07 I really wanted you to say mud wrestling, at least...
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Jeez, you're so naughty! C'mon! Say it again!
Guide Project Hajime 19 H-He's going to make me say it no matter what...
Sumo wrestling
Guide Project Teruteru 21 That's right. The passionate sound of two men slapping their meat together...!
Guide Project Teruteru 04 ...Heeeeeeeey, stop pretending to be so innocent! C'mon, say it loud and clear!
Guide Project Hajime 19 H-He's going to make me say it no matter what...
Guide Project Hajime 02 ...
Guide Project Teruteru 14 ...
Phew...I guess it's unavoidable. At least I know now that your body is pure.
Guide Project Hajime 01 Teruteru's mumbling gibberish to himself. I should just let him be. It'd be too annoying to deal with him...
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Well, if you ever decide to cook, you should know some simple advice! They say there's a fine line between cooking and screwing!
Guide Project Hajime 03 Who the hell has ever said that!?
I don't really want to think about it, but...don't tell me that's the reason you started cooking?
Guide Project Teruteru 14 I see...that sounds plausible. After all, both actions appeal to a human's instincts.
Guide Project Teruteru 21 But to be honest, it's much simpler than that. I was destined to become a chef the day I was born...
Guide Project Teruteru 20 After all, my family's restaurant back home is a diner...*cough* I mean, a fancy, upscale restaurant!
Guide Project Hajime 17 Ah, I see. So you decided to become a chef as you were helping out your family's business.
Guide Project Teruteru 07 Helpin' out...? It weren't somethin' dat easy...
Guide Project Hajime 18 ...Did you just use an accent?
Guide Project Teruteru 01 The rise of family restaurants... Constant attacks by cheap chain joints... The bullying from a rival store... A grief-stricken mother...and frightened young siblings who were born to different mothers...
To stop that crisis, I ventured alone and competed in a cooking deathmatch hosted by the Shogun of Taste...
Guide Project Teruteru 20 ...Juuuust kidding. A dirty tale of hardship like that doesn't suit an attractive urbanite like me!
You'd rather hear me talk about my splendid and glorious life as a first-rate chef, right? Right?
Guide Project Hajime 02 Hmmm...I kind of want to know more about that cook-off...
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DR2 Hope Fragment (3)Free Time Event 2 (Page 3)

Invite Teruteru to hang out
Guide Project Hajime 17 That reminds me, your place back home is a restaurant, right? As I recall, you said it was a diner...
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Huh? What? What happened? If you're looking for Robuchon, he's sleeping beside me.
Guide Project Teruteru 21 Or are you talking about this apron? Ah, just as I thought, you noticed it! A Chinese acquaintance of mine told me that he's karaoke buddies with a Versace desingner.
Guide Project Teruteru 15 So he had this specially made for me! Plus, it was the low price of only 490 dollars!
Guide Project Teruteru 20 By the way, he also got me this shirt. It was designed by Gaultier!
Guide Project Teruteru 21 If I remember right, I paid him back with a...barrel of Shaoxing rice wine, I think?
Guide Project Hajime 02 I feel like he totally changed the subject. I guess he really doesn't want to talk about the diner.
Guide Project Teruteru 20 If I'm going to serve first-rate customers in a first-rate restaurant, I need to be mindful of my appearance.
Guide Project Teruteru 14 I've discussed this with my siblings and they agree with me...
Guide Project Teruteru 04 But...they're also, you know, people who've made mistakes due to the folly of youth. has to be a mistake for them to admire a job like that.
Guide Project Hajime 01 A job like that...?
Guide Project Teruteru 22 I haven't seen them for a while so I don't really know, but it sounds like they're being scouted by restaurants. Apparently...they're candidates for the title of Ultimate Male Escort and Ultimate Female Escort.
Guide Project Hajime 04 Male and female escorts...? Aren't they underage!? Plus...his siblings still have *that* face, right?
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Hm? What happened?
Guide Project Hajime 02 They must have some serious techniques... I guess that's probably why they're called "Ultimates".
Guide Project Teruteru 14's obvious they're just exploiting their youth to make a quick buck! So what if they make a hundred million annually or whatever...? That much money doesn't mean a thing...
Guide Project Teruteru 06 That's right! Money isn't everything! You gotta think about the big picture! They think they're so great earning more money than me!
Guide Project Hajime 01 I don't know if he's worried about them or just jealous of them... It's difficult to tell.
But still...didn't you become a chef just to make money?
Guide Project Teruteru 12 I-It's not just for money... My...dream is...
Guide Project Teruteru 21 That's right! I want to own my own restaurant! Of course, that's not all! Obviously, I'd want to appear in a lot of TV shows, and it'd be nice to put on a dinner show too!
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Maybe partner up with some convenience stores and fast food places too, don't you think?
Guide Project Hajime 20 Doesn't that the end, you only want fame and fortune?
Guide Project Teruteru 12 Y-You're wrong! M-My real dream is, you know...! Having a cute, sommelier wife...maybe...?
Guide Project Hajime 23 He looks like he confused himself somehow... I don't know why, but...I feel like he wants to hide his true intentions. But I don't know what that is yet...
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DR2 Hope Fragment (4)Free Time Event 3 (Page 4)

Invite Teruteru to hang out
Guide Project Teruteru 01 Jeez...the ingredients in this island's supermarket are no good at all. It's concerning. They aren't even properly managing their freshness at all. Just a while ago, I even found an ingredient that had mold growing on it.
Guide Project Teruteru 14 I need to do something about it soon... What would you do, Hajime?
Guide Project Hajime 02

What do you do with moldy ingredients? I seem to recall...

Kill it with fire
Guide Project Hajime 01 Won't the mold die if you just cook it over high heat for a while?
Guide Project Teruteru 07 That's what a thoughtless amateur would think... Depending on the mold, some strains are very resistant to heat. But if you really insist, then your only opinion is to cook it until it's burned to a crisp!
Guide Project Hajime 02 I see...then...
Remove the mold
Guide Project Hajime 01 If you just remove the moldy part, can't you eat the rest?
Guide Project Teruteru 07 Sweet. You're too sweet. You're as indulgently sweet as a Princess Cake.
Guide Project Teruteru 22 By the way, Princess Cakes are originally from Sweden so they have twice the sugar of a normal cake!
Guide Project Teruteru 07 But putting that aside... Simply removing the moldy part is meaningless. It's possible that the inside is already contaminated by bacteria.
Guide Project Hajime 02 I see...then...
Throw it away
Guide Project Hajime 20 There's no other option but to throw it away...right?
Guide Project Teruteru 10 That's exactly right...! If you want to cook a safe, tasty dish, that's the only way...
Guide Project Teruteru 13 Jeez, such disrespect toward ingredients!
Guide Project Hajime 02 He looks pretty mad... I guess he's really serious about ingredients.
Guide Project Teruteru 14 Regardless, I guess it's understandable since this supermarket is on some rural island. Compared to the market in Aoyama that I always visit, this store is horrible.
Guide Project Hajime 01 I don't really get it, but does it make that much of a difference? The end result usually looks tasty anyway...
Guide Project Teruteru 17 poor thing. From the bottom of my heart, I feel so bad for you.
Guide Project Teruteru 10 You've never seen the sparkle released by quality ingredients... The countless miracles...
Guide Project Teruteru 21 The sexy shimmer of a fish's eye! The seductive shine of oiI dripping from the meat's fat! Fresh, ripe vegetables with their smooth limbs...
Guide Project Teruteru 01 Ahhh...just thinking about them makes my loins quiver!
Guide Project Hajime 18 I-Isn't that bad for a cook...?
Guide Project Teruteru 20 I really do miss my darling, tender ingredients... With my own hands, I want to reshape them as gorgeous and beautiful dishes...!
Guide Project Teruteru 21 about it? Are you getting turned on, too?
Guide Project Hajime 20 Ummm...instead of eating amazing dishes like that, I'd rather just eat normal food... But that might be because of...the current situation.
Guide Project Teruteru 22 ...
Then...that's what I'll make for you the next time I feel like cooking for you.
Guide Project Hajime 03 Huh...?
Guide Project Teruteru 22 It's okay if I make an obviously cliched meat and potato stew with no fun flavors at all, right? I think it's a perfect dish for you, since you sort of look like a potato yourself.
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Well, that all depends on if I feel like making it, so just wait patiently and look forward to it!
Guide Project Hajime 17 I feel like he slipped in a snide comment about me just now but...
A meat and potato stew made by the Ultimate Chef... I'm looking forward to seeing the end result.
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DR2 Hope Fragment (5)Free Time Event 4 (Page 5)

Invite Teruteru to hang out
Guide Project Teruteru 10 Hajime...are you ready?
Guide Project Hajime 16 Wh-What is this all of a sudden...? What do you mean, am I ready?
Guide Project Teruteru 10 Who cares? Just answer...! Are you ready?
Guide Project Hajime 02

Wh-What should I do...?

Guide Project Teruteru 17 ...
Guide Project Teruteru 10 All right, I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that! Now then, how about it!?
Guide Project Hajime 20 If I don't have a choice, don't ask me at all...
I don't know.
Guide Project Teruteru 14 I you're the cautious type. Personally, I completely understand your smart way of living...
Guide Project Teruteru 20 But life and cooking need adventure sometimes! Now then, can I hear your answer one more time?
Guide Project Hajime 20 Could this be...a situation where I can't say no...?
Guide Project Teruteru 15 I knew you would say that, Hajime!
Guide Project Hajime 01 But...what am I ready for?
Guide Project Teruteru 21 Well, isn't it obvious? You're ready to eat my specially made dish!
Guide Project Hajime 02 ...Why do I need to be ready to eat something?
Guide Project Teruteru 20 know what they say, right? When food is so tasty that it melts your mouth and tongue... Try imagining that realistically!
Guide Project Teruteru 16 Oh, the horror...!
Guide Project Hajime 23 If something like that really happened...that dish would stop being food and become a weapon...
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Oops, if we keep chatting about pointless things, my wonderful dish will get cold. Now you go.
Guide Project Hajime 02 With that, Teruteru revealed a tupperware container. Before he even opened it...a delicious smell that words can't describe flooded the area...
Is this...what we were talking about before...?
Guide Project Teruteru 21 My most proud masterpiece: "Versailles-style Meat and Potato Stew queue de boeuf"!
...Go on, try some!
Guide Project Hajime 05 Though the name makes me uneasy, it smells like a normal meat and potato stew. I made up my mind, and as soon as I opened the tupperware... I was scarfing it down faster than I could shovel it in!
It's delicious...! It's extremely delicious!
Guide Project Hajime 02 Steamy potatoes that fall apart so delicately... Carrots seeping with such gentle flavor... Onions that had nearly melted... Tender meat with the perfect amount of fat clinging to it... Everything had combined to form such perfect harmony...! I've never eaten such a delicious stew in my whole life! No...did I...somewhere...?
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Well, obviously it's delicious. After all, I'm the one who made it!
Guide Project Hajime 20 That...that maybe be obvious, but it's not just delicious. This taste... How should I put it...? It reminds me of something I forgot...
Guide Project Teruteru 10 ...
Guide Project Hajime 01 After I quickly finished eating, Teruteru silently stared at me for some reason.
Guide Project Teruteru 10 sure say such interesting things.
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Yep, I think I have a general idea of what you like, so what should I make you next time!?
Guide Project Teruteru 14 "Zodiac-style boiled etouffee", how about "Aztec-style mackeral simmered in miso de Poche"?
Guide Project Hajime 02 Though the names all sound suspicious, they seem like they're just regular home-style meals. Could...his cooking specialty really be...?
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DR2 Hope Fragment (Full)Free Time Event 5 (Page 6)

Invite Teruteru to hang out
Guide Project Teruteru 14 ...
Guide Project Hajime 02 What happened to him? He's strangely quiet... Looks like he's thinking about something...
Guide Project Teruteru 04 What's up? Why are you looking at me with such passion...? Oh, I get it! You've finally awakened!
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Then let's go right ahead and start planning our future together!
Guide Project Teruteru 11 All through the night, of course...and in bed, obviously!
Guide Project Hajime 01 Why do you always do that...?
Guide Project Teruteru 14 ...Well, that's just a little joke. I've actually been thinking a little... What you said...about being reminded of something you forgot.
Guide Project Teruteru 22 That meat and potato stew I made you...was actually my mom's recipe.
Guide Project Hajime 17 Ah, that's probably it. It felt...really nostalgic somehow. It was sort of like...the taste of a mother's home cooked meal.
Guide Project Teruteru 22 That's right... A pure, nostalgic taste. For me, it's the taste of my mom's cooking... The flavors she'd always be cooking in the kitchen of our rundown country diner... Seeing you eat and enjoy it so much made me...remember, too. Why I started cooking...
Guide Project Teruteru 10 Just because a dish is gorgeous and uses first-rate ingredients doesn't mean everyone will like it. Tastes change depending on likes and dislikes...feelings and emotions...memories and perception...
Guide Project Teruteru 22 It depends on each person to determine what they believe is tasty... I didn't really want...the sparkling city-life or my stunning success... I just...I just wanted to cook for someone important to me.
Guide Project Teruteru 10 My cooking was just...for the sake of making the person most important to Why did I forget something as important as this...?
Guide Project Hajime 17 remember, right? So all you have to do now is never forget that again. That's probably your dream or something, don't you think? Well, it's not like it's my place to say that.
Guide Project Teruteru 22 Hajime...
Guide Project Teruteru 04 Just as I thought, you're quite interesting! It'd be great if you'd let me thoroughly inspect you just once!
Guide Project Teruteru 11 Of course, I'd like to thoroughly inspect you while you're naked as the day you were born!
Guide Project Hajime 02 You're the same as ever, making such vulgar remarks...
Guide Project Teruteru 21 I know! To thank you for everything, I made something to make you happy! Trying eating this!
Guide Project Hajime 01 And Teruteru took out... A white rice ball. The glossy white rice perfectly matched my refreshed state of mind, which sharpened my appetite.
Then I won't hold back... Thank you for the meal.
Guide Project Hajime 06 I bit into it...and the sweetness of the rice spread throughout my mouth. It seemed unseasoned at first, but when I bit into it I could tell it was slightly seasoned with something. Something different than what's normally used to bring out flavor... Wh-What in the world is this...!? I-It's no use! I can't stop stuffing this rice ball into my mouth!
I-It's so good! It's just too gooooooood!
Guide Project Teruteru 20 Well, obviously! I gave my all when I made it!
Guide Project Teruteru 04 More is it? Are you feeling it already? Are you starting to feel a little weird...? Or maybe you feel your core getting strangely warm...?
Guide Project Hajime 01 ...Hey, what is this season?
Guide Project Teruteru 04 Mmhmhm, well obviously...
Guide Project Teruteru 21 That's a trade secret!
Guide Project Hajime 17 ...Ignoring that for now, I feel like I got to understand Teruteru a little better. I can feel a strong bond forming with Teruteru... As long as we have this bond, I won't give up. That's what I think.
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You just unlocked the skill, Tasting!
You have obtained a present: Teruteru's Undergarments.

Complete Report Card

Teruteru Hanamura Report Card Page 1

Teruteru Hanamura Report Card Page 2

Teruteru Hanamura Report Card Page 3

Teruteru Hanamura Report Card Page 4

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PSN Trophies

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

PSN Trophy Island Mode
Cooking With Passion

Filled in every page of Teruteru's Report Card

Trophy Bronze
PSN Trophy Island Mode Gold
Mr. Congeniality

[1] Filled in every page of every character's Report Card

Trophy Gold

Danganronpa 1.2 Reload

Individual report card trophies were removed in this re-release.

PSN Trophy Island Mode Silver
Mr. Congeniality

[1] Filled in every page of every character's Report Card

Trophy Silver


  1. 1.0 1.1 The trophy for completing all report cards, "Mr. Congeniality", refers to the "Miss Congenitality" reward given at Miss Universe beauty pageants, and the 2000 Sandra Bullock movie of the same name.