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This article covers information about Yasuhiro Hagakure's Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

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Makoto Naegi can initiate a Free Time Event with Hiro at the following times:

CHAPTER: 1 2 3 4 5 6
FREE TIME: 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 0


Hiro prefers the following presents from the MonoMono Machine:

DR1 Present 60 Crystal Skull #60: Crystal Skull DR1 Present 61 Golden Airplane #61: Golden Airplane DR1 Present 76 Sacred Tree Sprig #76: Sacred Tree Sprig
DR1 Present 87 Meteorite Arrowhead #87: Meteorite Arrowhead

Present Reactions

When you give Hiro a present, he will give you a different reaction depending on how much he likes it. There are two possible reactions for each "tier" of present, and which of the two reactions you receive is random. Each line is a separate response.

Guwaaah! Such mysterious power... This is a true-blue OOPart! Makoto! The dawn of a new era draws near!
Huh!? You're sayin' I can have this? All of a sudden I feel invigorated! I feel awake! I feel like I like you!
That's real nice of you, man! I'll gladly take it.
Whoa! I've always wanted one of these! My God, my Buddha, my Makoto!
I'll never forget what you've done for me!
I'll take whatever I can get my hands on! That's just my style, man!
I wonder how much I could get for this at the pawn shop... Kidding, kidding! I appreciate it, really!
I'll take whatever I can get my hands on! That's just my style, man! But actually...I don't want this!
Oh, boy, gee, uh...I don't know what to say...
I have no idea what this is worth. So I guess it's not worth anything!
This doesn't mean anything to me...

Skills Granted

Becoming close to Hiro will grant Makoto the following skills, which will aid him in Class Trials:

FTE Name Description Cost
#2 Lost in Thought Increases the time limit for each phase. 3 SP
#5 Crystal Prediction Decreases an argument to three statements or less. 5 SP

Free Time Event Dialogue & Option Guide

Full dialogue from Hiro's Free Time Events:

Free Time Event 1 (Page 2)

Spend some time with Hiro
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 You and me meeting like this? It wasn't a coincidence.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 So I've got some good news for you! I'm gonna give you a psychic reading at a huge discount!
Guide Project Makoto 06 A discount...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 Normally it's a thousand bucks for two hours. But for you? Let's call it nine hundred!
Guide Project Makoto 04 That's only a hundred-dollar discount! And even then it's way too expensive.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 Hey, come on! You should count yourself lucky that the Ultimate Clairvoyant is willing to tell your future!
Guide Project Makoto 01 ...So are you right pretty often?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 I sure am! At the bare minimum, I've got a 20% chance of accuracy!
Guide Project Makoto 06 20%? That sounds pretty sketchy...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 For real? Don't make that face! Didn't you hear what I said!?
20% of the time I'm right, every time!
That includes natural disasters, election results, you name it!
Don't you realize how amazing that is!?
Guide Project Makoto 06 Ummm...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 Okay, fine! I'll give you a special trial run!
After all I've already seen what the future has in store for you!
Guide Project Makoto 04 What!? When did you see it!?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Heh heh heh. You won't believe what I saw...
It would appear that the mother of your children, and the mother of *my* children, are the same woman![1]
Guide Project Makoto 04 I refuse! Denied! Don't like it!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 Doesn't matter if you don't like it! That's just the way it is.
Guide Project Makoto 01 ...20% accuracy, you said?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 At least.
Guide Project Makoto 04 I-I pray to everything holy that you're wrong! Please, be wrong!?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 15 Now then, since that was a special trial run, I'm afraid I can't apply the discount.
That'll be one thousand dollars, please! Don't worry, you can pay me after we get outta here.
Guide Project Makoto 04 W-Wait, hold on—!
But there's no way that you're gonna be right, right!?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 If you like, I can do a reading right now to see if my reading was right or not.
Naturally, additional fees will apply.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 15 Think about it, okay? Let me know as soon as you're ready for my services! Hahaha!
Guide Project Makoto 01 Oh...he's gone...
Do I have enough in my bank account to take another crack at it...?
Guide Project Makoto 04 ...No! I can't bring myself to pay for something like that!
I can see how people could fall into that kind of cycle, though. That was close...
Please whoever's listening, I'm begging you... Whatever else happens, don't let him be right...!
Hiro's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him.
You just unlocked the skill Lost in Thought!

Free Time Event 2 (Page 3)

Spend some time with Hiro
Guide Project Yasuhiro 15 Hey, Makoto! What's up, my brother and fellow mother lover? Let's raise our semi siblings up right, okay!?
Guide Project Makoto 04 S-Stop talking about that...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 01 So! You ready for the next round!?
Guide Project Makoto 04 Never!
Guide Project Makoto 01 ...Actually, how do you do your fortune-telling, anyway?
I saw you doing palm readings and stuff, and I didn't see you use any tools or anything...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Wow, I didn't know you knew about divination tools!
Sounds like you know your way around the spirit world!
Guide Project Makoto 06 Er, I'm not sure you need to know that much to know about those kinds of tools.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 Now that I know you're an expert, I have a question for you! A correct answer gets you another discount!
Guide Project Makoto 01 No thanks...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 There are 22 cards known as the Major Arcana, and 56 cards known as the Minor Arcana...
Generally, the cards from the Major Arcana are used for divination. Do you know what I'm talking about!?
Guide Project Makoto 03 The major and Minor Arcana... And the Major Arcana cards are used to tell the future...
That must be...
I Ching
Guide Project Makoto 02 Isn't that the I Ching?[2]
Guide Project Yasuhiro 10 Whoa! You even know about the I Ching! You're mega smart...!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 But the I Ching actually uses special bamboo sticks for fortune-telling, not cards.
Now listen, what I'm talking about is super famous. There's no way you don't know this!
Playing cards
Guide Project Makoto 02 It's a deck of playing cards, right?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 04 Come on, man! ...Actually, you *did* get pretty close with the cards part.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 But these aren't for playing games! They're for serious fortune-telling!
Each Major Arcanum card features its own scene, not a number or member of royalty! Well, sometimes royalty!
Guide Project Makoto 01 I see...
Guide Project Makoto 02 Oh, I know! You're talking about tarot cards![3]
Guide Project Yasuhiro 10 Ahh, gloriously correct! I will now tell your fortune for a measly six hundred bones!
Guide Project Makoto 06 Wow, really?
...Is something I'd never say! I've had enough fortune-telling for one lifetime!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 04 I see...Well, if you ever change your mind, you know where to find me!
Guide Project Makoto 01 Sure thing. Anyway, getting back to what I asked you about before...
If you don't use any tools or whatever, how do you do your fortune-telling?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 Well, don't be fooled. I have my own techniques.
For example I employ numerology![4]
Guide Project Makoto 03 Numerology...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 It uses a mathematical formula to predict the future based on birth dates, letter numbering, all that.
Guide Project Makoto 06 But...I didn't see you doing anything like that, either.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 Well, it's more of an inspirational style of fortune-telling!
Some kind of unknown power just acts through you, and suddenly, bam! You've got the info!
Guide Project Makoto 03 You're talking about intuition!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 Don't try and describe it using such a cheesy word!
Guide Project Makoto 03 But if it's not intuition, then it's gotta be some kind of supernatural power...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 Don't compare my clairvoyance to some occult bullcrap! I hate the occult! Take that crap somewhere else!
Guide Project Makoto 06 You hate the occult...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Yup! Now here's some good news. Act now, and I'll throw in an extra bonus on your reading!
I used white magic to record a CD of spirit messages I received from the luxury suite of heaven!
Five seconds of this baby, and you'll be witnessing miracles and communing with angels for days!
Guide Project Makoto 06 And you said you...hate the occult...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 Hey, business is business!
Guide Project Makoto 04 The more I talk to him, the less I understand...
Hiro's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him.
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Free Time Event 3 (Page 4)

Spend some time with Hiro
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Hey, Makoto! Are you familiar with Kamata?
It's a tiny little suburb in Tokyo, right!?
Guide Project Makoto 01 Yeah, I've heard of it. What about it?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 Well, don't tell anyone I told you this, but...they appear there.
Guide Project Makoto 06 Huh? What...does?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 13 UMAs
Guide Project Makoto 06 UMAs are...I think...
Guide Project Makoto 02 ...Thurman?[5]
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 ...
Guide Project Makoto 06 ...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 Dumb jokes don't work for you, man! I'M supposed to be the stupid one around here!
Guide Project Makoto 06 What!? Why would you say that about yourself!?
Guide Project Makoto 02 You mean spaceships?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 Ugh, no! Those are UFOs, ya dingus!
A UMA is basically an animal version of that. I should have to tell you anymore than that, right!?
Guide Project Makoto 02 You're talking about cryptids, right? "Unidentified mysterious animals"...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 You got it! And it just so happens they've been appearing in little ol' Kamata!
Guide Project Makoto 01 ...
What kind of cryptids?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 The terrifying skyfish!
In the West, they're usually just called rods. They can fly, and they have a thin body and a big wide fin!
They can move their fins in a wave pattern, which lets 'em move faster than the naked eye can see!
Guide Project Makoto 06 ...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 You ever heard of the anomalocaris? Some people think that's what the skyfish evolved from! And some OTHERS think they're an artificial life form, a genetically engineered military superweapon!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 12 Isn't that scary as hell!?
Guide Project Makoto 06 But...what would they be doing in Tokyo? And in Kamata, no less?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 13 Nobody knows. But I think they're dangerous. You know how close Kamata is to Haneda Airport, right?
I don't wanna wait till it's too late. I've been thinking I should call all the airlines!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 They need to know there's a way to get rid of those damn skyfish. And I know what it is!
As long as they can pay my fee, I can keep things safe for them. That's what I'm gonna tell 'em.
Guide Project Makoto 06 I wouldn't do that if I were you. I see a lot of jail time in your future if you do...Plus, isn't that like, super occult? I just don't understand...
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Free Time Event 4 (Page 5)

Spend some time with Hiro
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 I'm surprised how well you and me get along, Makoto! Seems like we hang out all the time these days.
Guide Project Makoto 04 Is...that a bad thing?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 Oh, no, not at all! And since we're such good friends, can I ask you something...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 15 Wait! I totally realized something just now, completely out of nowhere!
Guide Project Makoto 06 I think I'm about to see the performance of a lifetime...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Say, Makoto... Have you been feeling down in the dumps? No energy, no spark?
Guide Project Makoto 04 Huh? You think so...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 Oh, you don't have to hide it from me. I know what it's like, I've been there!
And you know what I'd recommend?
Guide Project Makoto 03 What is it...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 A crystal ball!
Guide Project Makoto 06 Okay...and?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Just hold on to it for a second! Here, here!
Guide Project Makoto 04 Completely against my will, Hiro shoved the crystal ball into my hands.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 Whaddya think? Nice and cool to the touch. Feels good, doesn't it?
Guide Project Makoto 06 A-Actually...yeah.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 You can feel its power, can't you?
Guide Project Makoto 03 Hmm... *do* I feel it...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 It's the ancient power of our timeless Mother Earth!
Guide Project Makoto 01 ...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 You see, that crystal ball has quite the history...
It was found in the ruins of Atlantis! It is literally a priceless one-of-a-kind artifact!
This precious item grants enormous power to whoever holds it, bringing prosperity and peace of mind!
This very ball has known the touch of Napoleon, George Washington, even Genghis Khan.
Guide Project Makoto 06 I think that's probably the single most unbelievably unbelievable thing I've ever heard...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Well, I'd like to give it to you as a present!
In return I'd like you to come with me to a little seminar when we get out of here.
And don't worry! I'll see about getting a discount on your entry fee. Cuz that's what friends do!
Guide Project Makoto 06 Th-That's really nice of you and all, but I'm not sure I'm really interested...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 Sorry! The crystal ball has already acknowledged you as its proper owner!
It wants to stay with you. It NEEDS to stay with you! It has given itself to you!
So now you gotta keep your promise! You don't wanna know what that thing does to oath breakers...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 15 Okay, I'm countin' on ya, pal!
Guide Project Makoto 05 Refusing to take back the crystal ball, Hiro hurried away...
But I could hear him mumbling to himself, and caught something about "
finally made my quota"...
I really hope I heard him wrong...
Hiro's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him.
You just unlocked the skill Crystal Prediction!

Free Time Event 5 (Page 6)

Spend some time with Hiro
Guide Project Yasuhiro 05 This is getting serious, man...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 12 When are we gonna get outta here!?
The world is so big, so freakin' huge! And we've all been stuffed into this one tiny corner...
Guide Project Makoto 04 I guess even Hiro is starting to get stressed out by all this
Guide Project Yasuhiro 13 Can we talk, man to man?
I haven't told anyone else, but I need to get this off my chest...
Guide Project Makoto 04 Huh? What is it?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 There's a big reason why I'm so anxious to get out of here.
Guide Project Makoto 01 A big reason...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 12 I'm super worried, man! I'm afraid someone's gonna bust into my house and steal my collection!
Guide Project Makoto 01 What collection...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 I've been surfing black markets and back channels to build a huge collection of OOPArts!
Guide Project Makoto 01 ...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 No reaction? Wait... don't tell me you don't know about OOPArts!
You know, OOPArts! Out-of-place-artifacts!?
Stuff they find in the ruins of ancient civilizations, but with no explanation how it coulda got there!
The crystal skulls, the golden airplanes of Colombia, the Baghdad Battery, just to name a few!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 But OOPArts can be more than just artifacts!
For example, I'd definitely classify the famous geoglyphs of South America[6] as OOPArts.
Guide Project Makoto 03 Famous South American geoglyphs...
Guide Project Makoto 02 Are you talking about those lines the Aztec's made?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 Huh? Hmm... The Aztecs definitely know their way around that stuff, but...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 Nope, sorry! When it comes to OOPArts, the big Aztec contribution was the crystal skulls!
Guide Project Makoto 06 So that's not it, huh?
Guide Project Makoto 02 Is it, like...samba or something?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 05 Samba? Sorry man, can't stand it.
Guide Project Makoto 01 Huh...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 The rhythm upsets my internal balance, ruins my inspiration!
I tried working with the locals, but it throws off my entire predictive divination ratio!
Guide Project Makoto 01 Huh? You mean you've been to South America?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Yeah! Er, I mean—no! Er, I mean—I dunno!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 Anyway! The important thing is, there is no link between samba music and geoglyph creation
Guide Project Makoto 02 Those are called the Nazca lines, right?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 15 You got it, Ace!
Guide Project Makoto 05 Why Ace...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 01 Plenty of museums and research centers claim to have all those different OOPArts, but ya see...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 01 Here's the shocking the truth! For all of 'em, the real deal is at my house!
Did I shock ya? Did the truth slam into your soul like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs!?
Guide Project Makoto 01 have all that stuff at your house?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 01 Yup! Got it mostly through the Internet! It's more valuable to me than anything!
Guide Project Makoto 06 He's gotta be the world's biggest sucker...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 05 I've invested every penny I have into that collection! Which is why I'm so worried...
If that stuff gets stolen while I'm gone...
It'd just be the most tragic tragedy! You know what I've had to go through to get that stuff!?
Why do you think I got held back, like...ya know...three of four years...?
Guide Project Makoto 04 ...Huh?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 15 Oh, uh! Nothing! Forget about the last part!
Guide Project Makoto 01 Okay... Anyway, everything I've read is that when you really do serious research on those artifacts...
most times they end up finding out that there's perfectly normal explanation for them.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 Don't be stupid! You—stupid—Makoto!
It's a government cover-up! They want to hide the ancient aliens and the secrets of the universe!
Guide Project Makoto 06 ...So tell me again how much you hate the occult?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 This isn't the occult! It's about aliens and ancient civilizations living together! Yes, it's possible!
Guide Project Makoto 06 I don't think there's anything I could say to change his mind...
Hiro's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him.
Your maximum number of Skill Points has increased!

Free Time Event 6 (Page 7)

Spend some time with Hiro
Guide Project Yasuhiro 15 Makoto! You ready for me to tell your fortune!?
Guide Project Makoto 04 I told you, I'm done with that!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 C'mon, don't be like that! This one's on me! Free of charge! No money down!
Guide Project Makoto 06 This just makes me even more suspicious...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 I'll be waiting for you in my room! Meet me as soon as you can!
Guide Project Makoto 06 I'm super skeptical...but I just can't ignore him.
I guess I'd better just go and get this over with...
But I'll have to be on my guard. This could be another one of his traps...
Considering how he's been up till now, there's no way I can believe he'd do anything for free.
Against my better judgement, I headed to Hiro's room.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 15 Yo, Makoto! Welcome!
Guide Project Makoto 01 Th-Thanks...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 12 Listen, before we get to reading, I have a little favor to ask you...
Guide Project Makoto 02 I knew it!
Forget it, I'm out of here! I was right to be skeptical—!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 05 No, man! I'm for super serious this time! Er—I mean, I really am serious!
I want to talk to you about a problem I'm having...
Guide Project Makoto 01 A problem?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 I listen to everyone else's problems all day, right? But who do *I* have to talk to?
Friends? Nope. I mean I literally have zero friends...
Guide Project Makoto 01 Jeez... I figured he didn't have many friends, but none at all...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 01 This is the first time I've felt like there was someone I could talk to, could share my problems with.
Guide Project Makoto 01 H-Hiro...
Okay. If you don't mind telling me, I don't mind listening.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Thanks...!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 17 So, you remember I told you how I got held back a few times, right?
Guide Project Makoto 01 Y-Yeah, you mentioned that.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 06 Well, there's kind of a serious reason for that.
Guide Project Makoto 04 There is...?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 16 Someone's after me.
Guide Project Makoto 04 Someone's after you? Who!? What did you do!?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 13 No, I—what makes you think I did anything? I just got dragged into it.
I had an appointment come in, the daughter of some rich upper management type guy.
Maaaybe I pressured her a little to pull out her entire life savings...
Well, when her dad found out, he went apepoop, and it turned into a whole legal thing...
Guide Project Makoto 01 ...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 05 And it turns out, this Mr. Richie Rich[7] guy just so happened to have ties to the mob.
So then I had these super scary gangsters coming after me...!
Guide Project Makoto 04 And you tried to run?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 14 Yeah. But they caught up to me, of course.
They tried to force me to pay them...well, more than I could afford. So I snuck may way into Hope's Peak...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 12 The instant I leave this school, they're gonna come for my guts! Black market organs are in huge demand!
But I love my organs! I don't wanna give 'em to someone else!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 08 So, here's the deal. Sell me some of your organs on the cheap, and I can resell 'em at market price!
Guide Project Makoto 01 ...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 07 Just one! One's all I need!
Guide Project Makoto 05 ...
Guide Project Yasuhiro 08 Okay, fine! Sell me your identity! Those are pretty valuable these days!
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 Gah...! You're so selfish!
Guide Project Makoto 02 Be honest, you used that money to buy those artifacts of yours, didn't you?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 11 Gwah! H-How'd you know!?
Guide Project Makoto 01 I remember you mentioning how expensive that stuff was. What else could it be?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 10 Wait! Y-You're not suggesting I sell my OOPArts, are you!?
Guide Project Makoto 02 Why not? That makes the most sense, doesn't it? If you can't bear to do it yourself, I'll help you.
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 No! No no no! No freakin' way! That collection is all I have in life!
How could you even suggest such a terrible thing! You're a cruel man, Makoto Naegi!
Guide Project Makoto 02 You can call it terrible, but—
Guide Project Yasuhiro 03 That's enough! Forget I ever asked!
No matter what it takes, I'm gonna get out of here! Even if it means demolishing my life savings!
Guide Project Makoto 04 Wait, you have life savings!?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 Tch. So now you know.
I figured if I sold your organs, I wouldn't have to dip into my retirement fund...
Guide Project Makoto 02 What the hell is wrong with you!?
Guide Project Yasuhiro 02 What!? Okay, I've had it! If you're not gonna give me your organs OR your identity, you can just get out!
Guide Project Makoto 01 Hiro angrily sent me away, and I was glad to go.
In the end, I think I'm better off having talked to him about...all of this.
If nothing else, I got to know him a lot better.
I learnt to never let my guard down around him...

Could what we have be described as a kind of...friendship?
Hiro's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him.
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Complete Report Card

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Yasuhiro Hagakure Report Card Page 4

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Yasuhiro Hagakure Report Card Page 7

PSN Trophies

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

PSN Trophy School Mode
The Sixth Nonsense[8]

Filled in every page of Yasuhiro's Report Card

Trophy Bronze
PSN Trophy School Mode Gold
Mr. Know-It-All

Filled in every page of every character's Report Card

Trophy Gold

Danganronpa 1.2 Reload

Individual report card trophies were removed in this re-release.

PSN Trophy School Mode Gold
Mr. Know-It-All

Filled in every page of every character's Report Card

Trophy Gold


  1. This is a reference to the "Bad Ending" of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The Ending has Kyoko Kirigiri executed instead of Makoto Naegi and the remaining students decide to live in the school for the rest of their lives where Aoi Asahina becomes the mother off Makoto's, Yasuhiro Hagakure's, and Byakuya Togami's children.
  2. A reference to the real-world ancient Chinese divination text I Ching.
  3. A reference to the real-world Tarot. They are a special set of cards often used in fortune telling.
  4. A reference to the real-world Numerology. It is the belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.
  5. A joking reference to the real-world American actress and model Uma Thurman.
  6. A reference to the real-world Nazca Lines, a series of large ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, in southern Per.
  7. A reference to the real world character Ri¢hie Ri¢h from the American comic series Richie Rich.
  8. Yasuhiro's Report Card trophy "The Sixth Nonsense" is a reference to the 1999 supernatural thriller movie The Sixth Sense.