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Gifted Inmates Academy Gallery
Gifted Inmates Academy

Saishuu Gakuen

Gifted Inmates Logo

Kanji 才囚学園
Romaji Saishū Gakuen
Academy's Staff
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Headmaster Monokuma
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Staff Monokuma Cubs
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Status Active
Events New Killing School Life
Game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
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Gifted Inmates Academy also known as Prison School for the Gifted (才囚学園, Saishū Gakuen) is the main setting of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. It is a prison school similar to its predecessor Hope's Peak Academy. The difference is that it imprisons students and that it has a dome around it. It is run by Monokuma and his self-proclaimed children; the Monokuma Cubs.

The New Killing School Life holds here.


School System

In this world, the government has established a special promotional system called “the Gifted Program” that awards students carrying the promise of the future, called Ultimates, with special privileges.

These Ultimate gifted students are scattered throughout the country and have never met each other in person, but one day, sixteen Ultimate students are locked up inside the Gifted Inmates Academy.

Killing Game

Gifted Inmates Academy is being run by a mysterious teddy bear called Monokuma who claims to be the headmaster, and his children, the Monokuma Cubs. According to Monokuma, this school is where the students overflowing with talent will compete with one another in a killing game.

Building Structure

The Gifted Inmates Academy is where the new Ultimate students' Killing School Life takes place. The high school (and hotel) are in a garden surrounded by a cage and grass growing inside and dilapidated ambiance with an enormous all surrounding the building. According to Famitsu preview, it was prepared specially by the Monokuma Cubs. Because the interior of the school has been neglected for a long time, there's wild grass growing in places, and a pervasive sense of an abandoned building hangs about. However, with sunlight streaming in, it's very different from Hope's Peak with its sealed windows, and it seems that the player can look out and see what's going on the outside. Furthermore, this game too will have the 2D sprites on the 3D map. In addition, the player can explore a more realistic 3D map.

There is a hallway with grass and flowers growing in it, and a library with a huge number of books scattered around.


The sixteen Ultimate students were chosen by the government through the implementation of a special promotional system called the “Gifted System”. The system was founded to cultivate geniuses from all over the country, so these students who are predicted to have promising futures not only receive scholarships, but also rights such as the right to vote or run for office. Students can use research labs put in place for their individual talents to hone their skills.

Known Students:

School Rules

  1. There is no end date for the communal school life at Gifted Inmates Academy.
  2. When a murder occurs, everyone must participate in a school trial.
  3. If the true culprit is found during the trial, then only the guilty party will be executed.
  4. If the true culprit is not found during the trial, everyone except the guilty party will be executed.
  5. If the culprit succeeds in getting away with their crime, they will graduate and be permitted to leave.
  6. If the innocent continue to win, the game will end when there are only two participants remaining.
  7. The hours between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. are designated as “night time” and the cafeteria and gym will be locked.
  8. Violence against Headmaster Monokuma is strictly prohibited.
  9. Monokuma will not interfere or aid with murders.
  10. Your Monopad should be kept safe, and please do not break it.
  11. The Body Discovery Announcement will be played when three or more students discover a body.
  12. Students are free to investigate the school at will. There are no restrictions on this.
  13. Anyone who breaks the school rules will be punished by the Nasty Monkeys.
  14. The headmaster may add rules at any time.

To enforce the rules, there are sophisticated anthropomorphic animal-shaped killing weapons known as the “Nasty Monkeys”, five in total, each piloted by a Monokuma Cubs member, and will punish any student who breaks a school rule.[1]


  • Part of the Japanese name "才囚" and a different word, "最終", meaning "final" or "last" are homophonous.



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