Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg (グランボアシェリ・ルーデンベルク Guranboasheri Rūdenberuku) is a character featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. He is a Target for the Warriors of Hope's Demon Hunting.

He was Celestia Ludenberg's pet cat and the most closest to her, which is why he became a Captive for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc first motive.

His usual location is around the Towa Community Center.


Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg is a large, fat cat with grey fur and green eyes as well as white tipped paws. He wears a fancy frilled collar around his neck and a rather small bow on his tail.


Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg is said to have a bad personality, similar to his owner. He is mean-mannered and rotten, despite his cute appearance. He is very spoiled and pampered by his owner, but extremely loyal to her.

As a spoiled pet, he is very picky and doesn't eat just any kind of cat food.


Prior To The Tragedy

Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg used to be Celestia's pet cat. She enjoyed his company and pampered him, and most likely she was planning on having him with her in her dream mansion.

After Celestia left to the Hope's Peak Academy, Grand Bois Chéri was most likely left in the hands of someone close to Celestia.

During The Tragedy

Grand Bois Chéri was captured by the Ultimate Despair and became a Captive for Monokuma's first motive in the Mutual Killing incident of Class 78. He was apparently enclosed in an apartment just like the other Captives.

He was later freed, only to become one of the Warriors of Hope's Targets in Towa City.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

After becoming a Target, Grand Bois Chéri hides in the Towa Community Center.

Later on after Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa show Hiroko Hagakure Grand Bois Chéri's Hit List entry, she promises to send men to rescue him, even if he is a cat. Toko realizes whose pet Grand Bois Chéri is and remarks that he doesn't have an owner to return to.



Celestia Ludenberg

Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg is Celestia's pet cat. Grand Bois Chéri loves his owner, and is pampered by her often. Celestia loves her cat dearly, confirmed by the fact that he became a Captive.


Warriors of Hope

They see him as a Demon target and will do anything to kill him.



  • Like his owner, his favorite dish is Gyoza.
  • He hates dry cat food.
  • He is named after a popular brand of black tea.
  • In Grand Bois's Hit list entry the Warriors of Hope mention reducing him to ashes with fire attacks (burning him) after finding him, referencing Celestia's execution and how she was burned at the stake.


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