Helicopter Crash Episode (ヘリ墜落編 Heri Tsuiraku Hen) is an execution in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls with Komaru Naegi being executed.


Komaru is seen inside the Future Foundation's helicopter when they came to save her, the "person of interest". One of the Shinji Members closes the door, before a Beast Monokuma can attack her. Komaru thinks she is safe and tells the helicopter driver to hurry up and fly off.

However, it's revealed that the helicopter driver is actually a Monokuma Unit and it has already taken control of the helicopter, and starts flying it up to the sky. Komaru starts to panic more than before since the Monokuma Unit starts to play with the helicopter's wheel and it breaks it, making the helicopter fall and crash into the city's street.

Komaru appears to have survived the accident and crawls out of the helicopter, right before it explodes, blowing her away a few feet. She thinks she is safe until a Monokuma Unit stands in front of her. She looks up scared and, all of a sudden, she is soon surrounded by many Monokuma Units. Shocked, Komaru then passes out in the middle as the Monokuma Units continue to drop down from the buildings.


Komaru wakes up inside a strange room where she meets with the Servant, the person who says that he was the one who saved and brought her to the Warriors of Hope's Secret Base.



  • This is the first and only execution in the series to have completely failed with no outside interference.