The Hope's Peak Uniform is a set of clothing worn by students attending Hope's Peak Academy and its affiliates.

While it exists and is considered prestigious, the dress code doesn't appear to be heavily enforced as the instances of Hope's Peak uniforms presented within the series have ranged in customisation; from none to heavily, some students even refusing to wear one.



The male uniform is rather basic, consisting of a brown blazer with pockets on each side, three golden buttons, and a brown pair of pants with pockets. A white shirt is intended to be worn underneath, a red tie tied neatly under the shirt's collar.

There does not appear to be a school provided cardigan option for the male students from what has been shown.

The shoe wear is a standard school model, available in white and dark brown. The type of socks worn by the male students are unknown.


The female uniform is a bit more flexible and naturally customizable. Female students can chose between a brown or navy pleaded skirt which usually reaches mid thigh. The blazer is the same, and underneath, like with its male counterpart, there is usually a white dress shirt.

This has not been fully established, but the female students seem to be able to chose between a thin dark navy bow and a red one.

The school also appears to provide a cream colored cardigan for its female students, as it has been featured several times, simply ranging in hue.

The socks come in grey and white, and can range in length. The shoes are a standard school model and can be chosen between a dark brown, or a white.



The first instance of the Hope's Peak Uniform has been featured in the first game in the series. In this image, we can see Class 78th in their classroom, dressed up in their winter uniforms.

This appearance is one of the few where the female characters are shown to heavily prefer the dark navy skirts to the brown skirts more commonly featured in future instalments. Majority of the visible female characters are also shown to be wearing dark bows, presumably also navy, instead of the classic red ones as well.

Additionally, Sayaka Maizono is shown to be wearing a cream colored cardigan underneath her blazer, Toko Fukawa sports a skirt similar in length to her Mutual Killing design. Mondo Owada is shown to have discarded the dress shirt and used a simple white tee shirt in its place, while similarly, Leon Kuwata has discarded his blazer, and wears a plain white tee shirt.

Interestingly enough, Mukuro Ikusaba is the only character with a breast pocket on her blazer at the time.

Additionally, the first games shows us an extra set of uniforms. Those being gym uniforms and school swimsuits. Both are rather basic and stereotypical, looking very similar to their kind in other Japanese media such as anime and manga.

The gym uniform features white shirts with dark navy elements, as well as dark navy bottoms (though they appear more black in the second image). Mid thigh long shorts for the boys and bloomer like shorts for the girls. Some characters are featured sockless, but others are shown wearing dark, presumably navy, socks which end just under their knees.

The singular exception is Celestia Ludenberg, who's shown to be wearing thigh high stockings as well as a navy sports jacked with white elements and a red insignia on her left breast. It's unclear whether the jacket is self provided or is an actual part of the Hope's Peak gym uniform, possibly a winter variant.

The swimsuits appear to be a simple blue shorts model for the boys, and an one piece swimsuit for the girls. There seem to be two color variants of the swimsuit, as characters such as Sayaka Maizono, Kyoko Kirigiri, and Mondo Owada are shown to be wearing bright blue swimsuits, while characters such as Junko Enoshima, Makoto Naegi, and Hifumi Yamada are wearing a clearly darker kind. Surprisingly, the female swimsuit does not feature a white name and class plate that's most commonly seen in Japanese media.

Danganronpa 2

The second instalment in the series provides us with an insight of what the female summer uniform would look like in the game's second chapter with images featuring a few of its characters during their days at Hope's Peak.

There are minimal changes to the uniform, the only major one being the lack of blazers as well as short sleeved dress shirts. All of the girls have their shirts tucked in, Ibuki Mioda and Natsumi Kuzuryu are one of the few characters who are shown to be wearing their dress shirts untucked. A detail worth noting is the Hope's Peak insignia on Natsumi's breast pocket, which is absent on the other cgs.

Other than that, Ibuki's skirt seems to have a more purple hue, though still appears to be the same navy variant from the first game. On the other hand Hiyoko's skirt appears to have a warmer hue than Mikan's.

Lastly, Natsumi and Hiyoko's appearances are the first ones to establish the red bows, which will be commonly used and primarily associated with the Hope's Peak uniform in future instalments. Meanwhile Mikan sports a bow similar to the 78th class, while Ibuki is wearing a completely custom tie.

The second game is the first time the Reserve course is introduced to the Hope's Peak saga, but the uniform has not been shown for it.

Danganronpa Zero

As the novel takes place and focuses on Hope's Peak Academy, there are more instances of characters shown in their uniforms.

Ryouko Otonashi is described as wearing 'Hope's Peak Academy's cardigan, skirts, white socks', but the cardigan is entirely new to the series as it had not been featured before.

Danganronpa Another Episode

As a spin off game set in the same universe, there were not many appearances regarding the Hope's Peak main course uniform. The singular one featuring Junko Enoshima in a photograph along with Monaca Towa without her usual cream cardigan and just a dress shirt being all. But we were introduced to a new branch to the school, the Elementary School Division.

The elementary division uniform bears some similarities but also differences to the main course uniform.

One similarity can be the color, which is an almost grayish navy color commonly seen in Hope's Peak uniforms. But he blazers are highly simplified, bearing no pockets and just two big, gold buttons and appearing quite big on the children. The girls wear pleaded skirts, while the boys wear shorts reaching their mid thigh. The outfit is finished off with dark grey socks and white elementary school shoes.


  • It is most common for a school's insignia to be present of the blazer's breast pocket, which is not the case for the Hope's Peak uniform. Instead, different insignia of the school appear on miscellaneous articles of clothing such as socks.
  • Yasuhiro Hagakure's class photo is the singular instance within all of the series which shows Junko Enoshima with her blazer on.