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I Stepped on the Cat (ネコふんじゃった Neko funjatta) is an execution in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, with Kaede Akamatsu being executed and Monokid being destroyed in the process.


A shackle that has a design of Monokuma in it was connected to a long rope appears from behind Kaede and closes around her neck, pulling her towards the trial room's open roof, which closes once Kaede passes through. She is then dropped onto an oversized piano with a spiked cover. Monokuma, wearing a black suit, sits on a tall chair in front of the piano holding a baton, while a crowd of other Monokumas start to gather.

Monokuma raises his baton, and the Monokuma Kubs appear on both sides of the piano, holding ropes that are connected to the rope around Kaede's neck. Using the ropes, they pull Kaede slightly upward, then start pulling her up and down, making her play a song on the piano using her body. However, Kaede begins to step on the wrong piano keys, playing an out of tune song that disgusts the crowd of Monokumas.

Suddenly, the Monokuma Kubs begin to speed up the song, pulling Kaede up and down so quickly that she finds herself unable to breathe. The song becomes faster and faster as the crowd of Monokumas begin to boo and throw rocks, until Kaede dies from asphyxiation. The spiked piano cover starts to close in on Kaede's motionless body, but Monodam pushes Monokid in before it shuts completely. Kaede's corpse is destroyed by the piano cover's spikes as her blood splatters. Monokid is decapitated, and his head rolls over to the watching students.



  • Kaede's execution is similar to Leon Kuwata's and Teruteru Hanamura's executions, The 1,000 Blows and Deep Fried Teruteru respectively. Both begin with the innocent students surrounding the culprit, who are later pulled back by a chain and dragged to their execution. They also end with the silhouettes of the remaining students shown watching the execution.
  • This execution is named after the Japanese name of a beginner-level solo piano piece known as Der Flohwalzer (or Flea Waltz). This is also the song that Kaede plays in the execution.
    • Interestingly, the majority of the song is played with black keys, however, Kaede was shown only stepping on white keys during her execution. Furthermore, the keys she had stepped on were nowhere close to the keys that should've been played in the song, so how Kaede even got a tune out in the first place is unknown.


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