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TokoSchoolMode6 This article is a despair-inducing stub!

As such, it is considered to be incomplete regarding the information available.

Jabberwock island real
Jabberwock Island is the primary setting of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

It is actually an archipelago, consisting of five bigger islands connected by a smaller, central island. According to the information pamphlet, it is located in the Pacific Ocean.

It revealed in Chapter 6 that the Jabberwock Island shown in the second game is actually part of the Neo World Program, a virtual version from the real Jabberwock Island.


Prior to the Neo World Program


The informational pamphlet from Danganronpa 2.

Jabberwock Island is a small archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, a paradise of everlasting summer with natural beauty. Jabberwock comprises one small central island and a group of five islands surrounding it.

The resort was developed around the outer islands, and a magnificent administration building was built on the central island. The lobby of the administration building houses a statue representing the island. One moves between the five islands by a ferry boat service. At first some people requested bridges to be built, but they were refused due to concern for the environment.

During the events of the Neo World Program

According to a conversation between Sonia NevermindHajime Hinata, and Monokuma, Jabberwock Island was made by the Future Foundation and is, in other words, an artificial island. (Hinted by Monokuma saying "those guys" and "huge organization/fearsome group" in the game).

Future Foundation rebuilt the island by adding or removing many features, such as:

  • Removing the administration building on the central island.
  • Adding Surveillance Cameras throughout the island which connect directly to the Future Foundation.
  • Creating bridges and connecting them to every island. They also shelter the bridges.
  • Taking the boats away from the island and taking out the airplane engines in the airport.
  • Adding teacher's rules which must be obeyed by the students.

However, a certain someone brought a virus which messed up and hacked the Neo World Program, allowing Monokuma to enter the island and defeat Usami, which made the Killing School Trip start. Monokuma also changed some features when the Mutual Killing started, they are:

  • Turning "Usami" into "Monomi".
  • Replacing the original Jabberwock Statue with his Monobeasts, who later guarded every sheltered island bridge.
  • Building a trial ground (Monokuma Rock) on the central island.
  • Adding a countdown bomb (Neo World Program countdown bomb) on the central island, at the original Jabberwock Statue location.
  • Building a Funhouse on the fourth island
  • Replacing Usami's rules with Killing School Trip rules.

The Islands

Central Island

The central island is the main island that connects all five islands on Jabberwock Island, Monokuma usually used this island as a gathering place.

Locations found on this island are :
All the students waiting at that statue

Jabberwock Park in the manga.

Jabberwock Park

Quiet Park. A statue symbolizing the island is erected there. Used as a gathering place when Monokuma called the students together; there is also a Neo World Program Countdown bomb planted on the Monobeast statue, but before Monokuma came to the island, it was the original location of the Jabberwock Statue. This is where Hajime first meet with Byakuya Togami.


There are bridges which connected all the islands together and it was sheltered by Monokuma when the Mutual Killing started. The bridges are also guarded by the Monobeasts, but when a trial ends, Monomi defeats them one by one.

It's revealed that the bridges were built by the Future Foundation, knowing that before the Neo World Program commenced, tourists visited each island via ferry.

Monokuma Rock

Monokuma Rock was built by Monokuma himself when the Mutual Killing started. It's used as a court room whenever a murder occurs. Monokuma also equipped the Rock with an escalator which connects Monokuma Rock with the land and also included an elevator wide enough to be filled with 15-16 people. Monokuma changes the design of the court room in every different trial.

The First Island

Appropriately titled, this is the first island to be explored. Hajime wakes up along the coast, and Nagito Komaeda is there to greet him. After Hajime gains his bearings, he begins to explore.

The First Island is the only island which isn't guarded by a Monobeast, because it was already unlocked by Usami when the students were transported to the island. This island is where the students live, and where the first murder takes place.

Locations found on this island are:


The beach where Hajime wakes up. It's located along the coast and where the students discuss their plans to escape. This is also where Hajime first meets Nagito.


Jabberwock Airport was originally used as a 'normal' airport until the Neo World Program started. The airplanes on the Jabberwock Island are heavily broken. According to Kazuichi Soda, the airplane engines were missing, therefore the airplanes cannot be used. This is also where Hajime first meets Gundham Tanaka and Kazuichi.

Rocketpunch Market

This is a market that has many goods such as food, drinks and the other things. This is the place where Byakuya got his 'just in case' duralumin case and other safety weapons. Hiyoko Saionji usually buys her favorite gummies here and this is the place where the killers usually bought stuff to help them with their murders. This is also where Hajime first meets Mikan Tsumiki and Ibuki Mioda.

Usami Corral (Farm/Ranch)

This is a farm which is occupied by livestock, it originally only had chickens until Usami, as a demonstration of her magical abilities, turned a chicken into a cow. It is not used much in the story. This is also where Hajime first meets Hiyoko and Akane Owari.

Hotel Mirai

Hotel Mirai in the Manga

Hotel Mirai as seen in the Manga.

Hotel Mirai is the complex where the students live during their stay on the island. Each student has their own cottage, identified with a small label showing a pixelated representation of their face outside their door. There is a swimming pool located in the center of the complex, and an Old Hotel Building next to the hotel.

This is where Hajime first meets Nekomaru NidaiFuyuhiko Kuzuryu and Mahiru Koizumi.

Hotel Lobby

A room on the ground floor of the main building of Hotel Mirai. This is where the students can relax and play video games. This is also where Hajime first meets Peko Pekoyama and Chiaki Nanami.

Hotel Restaurant

Located on the second floor of the Hotel Mirai's main building, this is the place where the students usually meet in the morning and eat breakfast. Nagito states that the room is big enough to hold a banquet. Hajime first meets Teruteru Hanamura and Sonia Nevermind here.

In Chapter 3, Hiyoko makes a memorial dedicated to Mahiru here, to which most of the other students suggest burning the memorial down as they believed it looked more like someone was cursing Mahiru rather than a memorial to her. They later took back their complaints after realizing how much Hiyoko put into building the memorial and remains standing for the rest of the game.

Old Hotel Building

Beach house in the manga

The Old Hotel Building seen in the Manga.

The The Old Hotel Building is located beside Hotel Mirai. Inside the Lodge, there is an office, bathroom, and kitchen. This is the location of the party that Byakuya came up with to watch over his fellow classmates. The first murder takes place here.

The Second Island

Second island

Hajime arrives at the second island.

The second island opens up after the first trial ends and after Monomi defeats one of the Monobeasts guarding this island.

This is the place where the second murder takes place.

Locations found on this island are:


A place where the students can find a variety of different medicines. According to Mikan, anesthetics can be found in here and it was proved right when Peko took some to knock out Hiyoko when she carried out her plan to murder Mahiru.

Ancient Ruins

The abandoned Hope's Peak Academy Building. It was sealed off even though it was already turned into ruins. There is writing on the gate, kanji for "Future". A password is required to enter the front gate - if someone enters the wrong password, they would be shot by a machine gun set near the gate.

According to Monokuma, not even him and Monomi can enter the ruined Academy until the correct password is found.

The inside of the ruins is only accessed in the last chapter, where it was used again by Monokuma (AI Junko Enoshima) and the Future Foundation to activate the "Graduation".


Numerous documents sleep in here. Please be quiet in the library.

A giant library, filled with many books both imported and local, even occult magazines can be found here. According to Sonia, the island hosts an installation on the level of the national library and even rivals the library in her hometown.

Later, Monomi explains to the group that she prepared the library to make the group concentrate on their studies. According to the pamphlet/tourist brochure regarding Jabberwock Island (before used by Future Foundation), there were many wealthy people taking long vacations on the island and the library was surely built using their contributions. After the island was used as the Neo World Program's main location, they added two Usami statues there, but they were later broken by Monokuma, and replaced with two statues of himself.

Diner - Restaurant and Parking

A modern restaurant. Used as Sonia girls-only party meeting point in Chapter 2. There was a spinning diner sign outside and a parking lot. Inside the restaurant, there was a bar-table, food shelf, a bathroom, dining table and other stuff.

Chandler Beach

A beautiful Beach. This is truly a tropical island.

A beautiful private beach used by many of the students.

Beach House

A private luxury/celebrity-edition Beach House equipped with a walk-in closet, fridge, and plumbing. The shower was busted and couldn't be used. Inside the closet, there was swimming, diving, and other equipment. The drinks inside the fridge were free, but there was a rule in the Beach House, it's forbidden to change clothes in the beach house, or else whoever breaks the rule would be punished. The second murder takes place here.

The Third Island

Third island

Hajime arrives at the third island.

After the events of the second trial, the Third Island is opened. Hajime states that the ambience of the island is completly different from the other two. He noted that it doesn't feel like a resort, and how it feel a little dangerous.

Locations found on this island are:

Hospital - Lobby

The lobby of the hospital. Hajime states it looks like something out of a horror movie. The lobby is where patients would wait.


The Hospital includes the main room and three sick rooms on first floor, and staff/meeting room and an additional resting room on second floor. This is the place where the students suffering of the Despair Disease were taken.

Titty Typhoon (Music Venue)

A music live house, that includes a parking lot and staff room. The third murder takes place here.


A motel used for temporary living.  In the third chapter the unaffected students move here to avoid catching the Despair Disease due to the fear the disease could be airborne, and that their cottages were contaminated by it.

Electric Ave.

A town filled with many electronic goods.

Movie Theater

A place to watch movies on a huge screen inside a big, dark room.

A place where the students can watch movies and eat snacks. The movie choices the students can watch are: Anime, Animal Movies, Horror Movies, Yakuza Films, Comedy Movies, Sports Movies, Love Movies, Mystery Movies and Action Movies. Students can also get different snacks including hot dogs and popcorn, which comes in three different flavors (Curry, Caramel and Salty).
Fourth island

Hajime arrives at the fourth island.

The Fourth Island

After the events of the third trial, the Fourth Island is opened.

Locations found on this island are: 

Usami/Monomi's/"Haunted House"

Monomi's private room was located here. Monitors fill up the majority of the room. Usami used these to watch over the students. The entire room is noticeably very girly and pink, similar to Usami/Monomi's personality and appearace.

Nezumi Castle

Nezumi Castle.

Nezumi Castle (Amusement Park)

An exciting amusement park filled with hope, dreams, and mice. A mice-themed castle. There's a secret inside the castle, a secret password to unlock the abandoned Hope's Peak Academy gate. Monokuma and Monomi apparently can't enter this building due to their 'fear' of mice.


A ride in which the students can ride for free.

The Funhouse, including the Strawberry House and Grape House

Strawberry house

Strawberry house.

Strawberry House, Grape House and Strawberry/Grape Tower are located here. The houses are entered through a Monokuma-like train. Nekomaru Nidai was killed in Strawberry/Grape Tower. The fourth murder takes place here. It is believed that the two houses and two towers are seperate buildings, but it is later revealed that the houses are all one building, and the towers are all one big tower that works as an elevator to get in between the two houses.

Fifth island

The Fifth Island

After the events of the fourth trial, the Fifth Island is opened. Hajime states the entire island looks like one gigantic city and something from a Sci-Fi movie.

Locations found on this island are:

Jabberwock Military Base

Jabberwock Island's military base. What are they planning to fight? The place where warfare vehicles and heavy weapons are located. The helicopter used by Monokuma to execute Teruteru was found here.

Plushie Factory

The place where Monokuma produces his Monokuma dolls using coconut trees.

Plushie Factory - Break Room

A small room inside the factory containing emergency fire supplies.


A place where Monokuma stores his completed dolls, as well as other Monokuma merchendise including guitars, calendars and sandbags. The last murder takes place here.

Vendor Street

A street littered with food vendors, including a shop that serves ramen.

Sea King Industries

Sea King Industries is a mid-sized corporation located inside a small building. Kazuichi states that the company is known for making electric insulation and other machine parts and that they only have 100 employees. The machines work on making humanoid robots and monobeasts now, thanks to Monokuma.



  • Komaru Poster

    Hajime stating that he's going to buy the Another Episode game.

    In the cinema on the third Island, there is a poster next to the door. In the original PlayStation Portable release, this poster referenced the game Time Travelers, while in the PlayStation Vita and PC versions, it references another Danganronpa game, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. The image is of Komaru Naegi, the sister of Makoto Naegi, firing a Megaphone Hacking Gun at a pinned Monokuma. This poster can also found in Chiaki's Cottage, behind the Monokuma arcade machine.
  • "Mirai" (未来) translated means "Future".
  • The music venue, Titty Typhoon, might be a reference to the 1996 film, From Dusk Till Dawn, as the Nightclub in that movie is named "Titty Twister."
  • When Akane talks about not caring what the island is called she makes reference to Papuwa Island, an island that makes an appearance in the anime/manga series Papuwa.


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