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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

K1-B0[1] (キーボ Kībo), preferring to be known as Keebo (Ki-Bo in the original Japanese), is a student in Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and a participant of the Killing School Semester, featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

He has the title of Ultimate Robot[1] (超高校級の「ロボット」 chō kōkō kyū no “robotto” lit. Super High School Level Robot), owing to his robot body. He is a creation of Professor Idabashi.[5]




This section contains SPOILERS for Danganronpa V3. It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

K1-B0 was a part of Team Danganronpa, an organization who created a famous reality show involving Killing Games known as Danganronpa. He was created by the company as the camera or the connector for the audience from the outside Killing Game. He was controlled by them during the Killing Game via his ahoge, which true function is to take the form of an "inner voice" and persuade him to take certain actions, said actions being decided through viewers' surveys.

However, it is unknown when K1-B0 was created and participated in the Killing Game himself. It is implied that he participated in at least two Killing Games hosted by Team Danganronpa, the 52nd and the 53rd Killing Game. Shuichi Saihara deduced that K1-B0 was used in the 52nd Killing Game and was executed, where the form of the execution is to participate in the 53rd Killing Game known as the Killing School Semester.

Fabricated Past

K1-B0's memory of being a part of Team Danganronpa was erased and fabricated where he believed that he is a creation of Professor Idabashi, whose identity is unclear whether he worked for Team Danganronpa or not.

Professor Idabashi, the leading expert in robotics engineering, created K1-B0 to be the culmination of all his research and work. He was meant to be a robot more human than any other before. Initially, he had no knowledge nor awareness, and was only capable of displaying a very narrow spectrum of human emotions. The plan was to raise and develop him like a parent would their own child. However, a few years passed, and there was no improvement in his mental state.

One day, an unpredictable accident occurred during a routine experiment. K1-B0's programming went rogue and he ended up seriously injuring the professor, but fortunately he survived. After hurting the professor, K1-B0 was suddenly overcome by immense sadness, especially considering that the First Law of Robotics said that a robot must not harm a human being. Even though K1-B0 wasn't punished for breaking that rule, he nevertheless felt sadness and blamed himself, feeling immense guilt. For the first time, he understood how it felt to feel human emotions, and at that moment his AI suddenly "committed suicide" by resetting. He became like a newborn infant once again, with all of his memories deleted. In his "next life", K1-B0 called it the day of his own "death" and the day of his true "birth". After learning the story from the professor, he assumed that perhaps he had wanted to be "reborn" as the professor's son once again.

K1-B0's strength was considerably weakened after the incident. This time, his AI matured accordingly and he learned and developed as his creator raised him like an own child, and K1-B0 considered the professor his father. Eventually, the professor even sent him to attend Īdabashi Industries High School (光星国際アカデミー) and he was recognized as being Ultimate even as a robot. However, he fears that other students will discriminate him because he is a robot.

Prior to the Killing School Semester


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The Gofer Project

Main article: The Gofer Project

K1-B0 and the other student's past were heavily fabricated by Team Danganronpa. This memory of them centered around an event called as The Gofer Project, a plan initiated by Hope's Peak Academy's Headmaster, Makoto Naegi that in Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles Saga was nothing more than a mere non-exist event and a fabrication. K1-B0 was able to have a complete recollection of the event after it was triggered by the Flashback Light in Chapter 5.

The Gopher Plan V3 Kids

In the complete memory shown by The Gofer Project, it was told that K1-B0 and the other fifteen students were actually students in Hope's Peak Academy who were immune to the sickness caused by the falling meteorites. Hope's Peak Academy staff requested that the sixteen of them participate in a project known as The Gofer Project, where the students should seek refuge in another planet as the last surviving humans.

Not wanting to abandon their loved ones, K1-B0 and the other fifteen students tried to escape from this plan, ultimately leading to an event called the Ultimate Hunt, where the sixteen of them were hunted down in order to forcefully making them participate in the project.

The Gopher Plan Fake Deaths

Once they were captured, the government began spreading false information, saying that K1-B0 and the other fifteen students had died. By doing so, they managed to calm down the Ultimate Hunt while providing protection to those sixteen students, including K1-B0.

K1-B0 and the others blasted to space in a huge colony ship, which is the true form of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles itself. Kokichi Oma, who declared himself as a member of Junko Enoshima's Remnants of Despair, said that he is the mastermind behind the Killing Game who let Monokuma entered the spaceship, effectively forcing K1-B0 and the others to participate in the Killing Game.

The True Event

NDRV3 Cast Prologue

All events regarding The Gofer Project was a total fabrication. The world is actually at peace with no meteorites falling down on the Earth.

Students of Fabrication

In actuality, K1-B0 was a part of Team Danganronpa who also participated the 53rd Killing Game as the connector for the audience from the outside world. He received information via his ahoge, functioned as an antenna, which will take the form of an "inner voice" and persuade him to take certain actions, said actions being decided through viewers' surveys.

K1-B0 participated in the 53rd Killing Game without knowing that he is a member work under Team Danganronpa.

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Killing School Semester

Main article: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony


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Gonta lifted the cover

After Monokuma officially started the 53rd Killing Game, K1-B0 and the others tried to find a way out by investigating a manhole inside the boiler. K1-B0 volunteered himself to open the heavy manhole, but his power alone is not enough to lift it, much to everyone's disappointment. Nonetheless, he was impressed that Gonta Gokuhara could lift the manhole easily.

K1-B0 is among the many students kidnapped by Gonta Gokuhara in Chapter 2 to take part in the "Insect Appreciation Club". He saves the group from the situation by using his audio recording to prove Gonta was being deceived by Kokichi Oma. He is later used by Gonta and Tenko Chabashira as a makeshift hammer to break the water tank containing Ryoma Hoshi's skeleton.

Iruma fixing Ki-Bo

In Chapter 3, K1-B0's function was upgraded by Miu Iruma who voluntarily wanted to add more functions and tool with his robotic body, which K1-B0 let her do. One of his additional function upgraded by Miu is a flashlight emitted from his eyes, which later become useful in the third murder case investigation.

K1-B0 joins the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles' Student Council after Angie Yonaga convinces him that his inner voice is God.

Clearing the Death Road of Despair

K1-B0, along with the other survivors, used Miu's inventions to cross the Death Road of Despair in Chapter 5. They came across a large metal hatch which they open up and discover the apparent state of the outside world. Shortly after, Kokichi Oma appears and proclaims himself to be the ringleader behind the game and controls the Exisal's to take Kaito Momota hostage in the Exisal hanger.

Confusion and Conclusion

K1-B0 would later notice Himiko Yumeno bringing a black bag into the hanger, which would be an important witness testimony later on in the trial. He also joined his fellow classmates in storming the Exisal hanger, only to find a body crushed beyond recognition underneath the press machine, the only clue as to who the victim could be being Kaito's sleeve where-as Kokichi is still missing. Everyone is horrified at the thought of having lost Kaito as the investigation begins.

During the Class Trial, K1-B0 along with everyone else is still confused about their current state of beginning a class trial with two missing people, but Monokuma reassures them that it's fine and that the one missing person is "on standby in the back". When that supposed missing person arrives riding an Exisal and supposedly pretends to be Kaito before revealing themselves as Kokichi, K1-B0, along with everyone else, believes that Kaito must have been the victim until later on in the trial, where the voice coming out of the Exisal changed to match Kaito's again. K1-B0 along with Himiko and Tsumugi Shirogane believed that the victim could have been Kokichi and that the one riding the Exisal is Kaito. Although Shuichi Saihara and Maki Harukawa thought that they disproved this claim, it is later revealed that K1-B0 was originally right near the end of the trial and that the one inside the Exisal was in fact Kaito.

K1-B0, along with everyone else, is rendered depressed, stunned and silenced at the fact that Kaito ended up being the culprit of Kokichi's murder. However, he reassures everyone to smile, send him off in style, and that he won't accept their tears before proudly accepting his execution, but choosing to die on his own terms and not Monokuma's. During his execution, however, a bit of rubble was kicked up, knocking off K1-B0's "connector" to the outside world, making him unable him to hear the audience's voice.


Keebo about to go on rampage

As everyone else left the Class Trial room, K1-B0 made his way back to his Research Lab and upgraded the equipment and weaponry there, enabling him to fly and shoot lasers, making him much more powerful than before. While everyone else is training in the courtyard to carry on Kaito's will, K1-B0 takes it upon himself to destroy Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles with his new weaponry in order to end the Killing Game once and for all.

K1-B0 continued his vicious assault on the school, sending everyone else into a panic until Maki noticed him hovering up in the air. Everyone tried to get closer to him in order to call him down to talk, which he eventually does.

Awakened K1-B0

When K1-B0 gives the others his reasoning for wanting to destroy everything, Shuichi tried to talk him out of it and claims that it's possible they still have a place to go home to if the Killing Game is being shown to someone. K1-B0 eventually gives in and decides to halt his assault on the school, but only until dawn, stating that if they cannot find the whole truth behind Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, he will destroy it.

K1-B0's attacking the academy

Following this, Monokuma and the Monokuma Kubs, riding their Exisals, arrive and threaten to destroy K1-B0 for damaging the school and ending the Killing Game. K1-B0 reassures everyone to find the truth while he engages the Monokuma Kubs in combat, fighting them the entire time everyone else is investigation the real truth about the Killing Game.

Uncovering the Truth

K1-B0 eventually rejoins Himiko, Maki, Shuichi, and Tsumugi, his "connector" to the outside world fixed, and decided to re-open Rantaro Amami's case after discovering new truths related to his murder. Once Shuichi revealed Rantaro's talent as the Ultimate Survivor to everyone else, and proved that Kaede did in fact not murder him and was executed unjustly, he realized that the mastermind has to be one of them. By double-checking everyone's alibis during Rantaro's murder, Shuichi hones in on Tsumugi as the true culprit and mastermind of the Killing School Semester.

K1-B0 along with the other survivors were confused and shocked that the Ultimate Cosplayer could have gone through with such a plan while she denies the claim vehemently. Shuichi, however, makes it very clear that Tsumugi is the only person who could have murdered Rantaro by using the hidden passageway in the girls' bathroom, which led into the hidden room that connected to the library. She attempted to pin the blame on K1-B0 since he was not present for when they interacted with Mother Monokuma, but Shuichi is quick to call her out on not giving the command of "birth" which would have triggered Mother Monokuma's voice recognition software and created another Monokuma. K1-B0 along with the others watch as Tsumugi slowly breaks and re-introduces herself as "Junko Enoshima the 53rd".

Tsumugi, now cosplaying as Junko, went on to reveal that everyone's memories of being students at Hope's Peak Academy, The Gofer Project, and shouldering their friends and families burdens as mankind's last hope, was all a false memory planted into their brains by the Flashback Light. In reality, everything they remember about attending Hope's Peak Academy and the outside world being destroyed was a lie. What they remember about Kokichi Oma being part of the Remnants of Despair was a lie as well, much to everyone's shock.

In reality, the circumstances behind their Killing Game are far crueler. After proving her talent fully as the Ultimate Cosplayer by cosplaying as some characters from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Tsumugi revealed that everything has been broadcasted to a very peaceful world that has been enjoying watching the students of Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles kill each other, essentially revealing everything that they've been through as a reality TV show and "Extreme Real Fiction". She also reveals that everything that took place in the Hope's Peak Academy Saga was nothing more than fictional events from a very popular anime and game franchise known as Danganronpa.

Hope or Despair

K1-B0, along with fellow survivors, were quick to oppose Tsumugi and Monokuma, but they both reveal that the participants of the Killing School Semester are also "fictional characters", whose memories, personalities, feelings, and talents were all fabricated in order to provide an exciting setting for the Killing Game. Tsumugi reveals herself as working for Team Danganronpa and goes a step further and shows Shuichi's, Kaede's, and Kaito's audition videos for the Killing Game, showing what sort of people they were prior to participating. K1-B0's fellow survivors become shocked at this sudden revelation and subsequently fall into despair.

K1-B0's introduction as the SHSL Hope Robot

K1-B0 however, after hearing what "the voice inside of him" has to say, reassured everyone to not lose hope. He later received the title Ultimate Hope Robot (超高校級の「希望 ロボット」chō kōkō kyū no “kibō robotto” lit. Super High School Level Hope Robot) for his spirits in keeping hope to move forward. Tsumugi corrected him and says that the voice K1-B0 hears is the voice of the people watching this Killing Game and that he is nothing more than an interactive communication device and camera for the viewers to interact and participate in the game themselves. Despite this, however, K1-B0 refused to give up on hope and stated that the people in the outside world don't want despair. Tsumugi meanwhile refused to give up on despair and stated that a world that enjoys killings could not possibly desire hope. In true Danganronpa fashion, they decide to settle this with one final, special vote where K1-B0 represents hope and Tsumugi represents despair.

However, Shuichi saw through the charade and cuts in, saying that neither choice is correct and that choosing hope would do nothing but cause the Killing Game to continue. Because of this, he decides to stop playing along and abandons his vote, hoping to end Danganronpa once and for all, much to Tsumugi's and Monokuma's chagrin. This causes K1-B0 to question his feelings of wanting hope and doubt the voice inside of him that has guided him all this time. Eventually, Shuichi convinces everyone else, including K1-B0, to abandon their vote as well. In a last-ditch effort to keep Danganronpa going, K1-B0 is hacked by the audience. Tsumugi is proud to show that the audience does not wish for Danganronpa to end and explains that they supposedly deleted K1-B0's personality that kept getting in the way. K1-B0 is able to take brief control again and told his fellow survivors that their choice is not the wrong one and that they can change the world before the hacking takes him over again. Despite Tsumugi telling the others that what they're doing is pointless, Shuichi refuses to give up, still exclaiming that he will end Danganronpa and that their lives are not just show-things for their amusement.

K1-B0's Fate

Confident that his voice reached the outside world through K1-B0, Shuichi and everyone else abandoned their vote. However, Tsumugi bent the rules one last time and abandoned her vote as well, which she revealed after everyone else did. Everyone is immediately confused and worried as to why she abandoned her vote as well. Tsumugi states that if they're going to risk their lives to end Danganronpa, then she will risk her life to make it continue. Tsumugi is confident that Danganronpa will continue after abandoning her vote, meaning only K1-B0's vote will have any power since he was still being hacked.

When Monokuma displayed the results of the final voting, she is shocked to discover that no one had voted, proving that the audience does not want Danganronpa to continue. Tsumugi panicked and tried to make everyone reconsider, but it is no use as the monitors all turn off, the audience no longer showing any interest. Tsumugi, upon realizing that Danganronpa was indeed over and done with, promptly loses all of her hope in living as she denied a world without Danganronpa, but had not prepared a proper execution beforehand and as such left it to K1-B0.

K1-B0 did not hesitate and proceeds to execute everything, killing Monokuma and Tsumugi, who waved at the camera with a look of disappointment on her face before being flattened under rubble inadvertently caused by K1-B0, ending the Killing Game for good. After making sure that his fellow survivors were still alive, K1-B0 smiled, activated his self-destruct button, began flying towards the glass dome and explodes, promptly destroying the dome and allowing his friends to escape into the outside world.

Danganronpa V3 Chapter 6 Execution01:40

Danganronpa V3 Chapter 6 Execution

Once the final execution had ended, the three remaining survivors, Shuichi, Maki, and Himiko, wondered why K1-B0 had let them live since he was acting on the will of the outside world. Shuichi concludes that it must have been the outside world's will to let them live since K1-B0 was acting on their will.

Creation and Development

K1-B0, along with Maki Harukawa and Kaito Momota, was one of the first new characters revealed for Danganronpa V3 in November 2015 and he was speculated as a possible main character. However, their names and talents weren't revealed until ten months later in September 2016.


His name is a pun on the Japanese word for "hope" (希望, kibō). His Chinese name is "機望" (jīwàng), which sounds very similar to hope in Chinese, "希望" (xīwàng). It also carries another pun, with 機 () meaning "machine" or "mechanism", relating to the fact that he is a robot.

In the original Japanese, his name is pronounced as "Ki-Bo" (キーボ). However, "Kiibo" is the correct spelling, as "ー" is used in Japan to denote a repeated vowel.

In the official English version, his name is changed to "K1-B0" (K-One-B-Zero). However, he prefers the nickname "Keebo".

Alternate Fates

In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version), K1-B0 was chased around in by Kokichi Oma in the storage room. He tried to protect himself from being touched by the Ultimate Supreme Leader. After Kaede Akamatsu and Makoto Naegi entered the room, K1-B0 introduced himself and told his backstory as Professor Idabashi's creation. He proudly said that despite being a robot, he is a normal high schooler.

Before the class trial start, K1-B0 found out that the stands were too few for eighteen people and Monokuma decided to get rid of two people. K1-B0 who automatically voted out by Kokichi became flustered and asked not to decide something important all by himself. However, he eventually ended up becoming an observer alongside Rantaro Amami and didn't participate in the class trial until the end of the demo.


Ki-Bo Kiibo Keebo K1-B0 Fullbody Sprite (Special)
NDRV3 Art Gallery Ki-Bo

K1-B0 is a robot, having a fully mechanical body. Most of his body is made up of black metal resembling armored plating, and he does not wear clothes. He has two glowing spots on his chest, another two on his stomach, and two on his both wrists. His waist, which resembles a belt, has a glowing red spot on the each side of his front. He also has quite a short stature.

Being a robot, he is sexless and lacks any reproductive functions, though in general his appearance and voice are considered masculine. While obviously synthetic, his voice and head resemble those of a normal human. While he usually sounds very similar to an ordinary human, his voice can turn notably more artificial when he lets out loud and long sounds like screams or attempts to sing. His skin is also very pale and his straight, platinum blond hair appears unusually sharp for a human, including a very large ahoge sticking from the top. His blue eyes are also notably mechanical and there are thick black lines around and below them. It seems he can make his eyes glow and emit some sort of beam of light from his right palm.

K1-B0 has a large metallic collar around his neck, with his school badge on the left front. A black screen goes all around the collar, displaying constantly moving and glowing green text. A softer, black material covers the area behind the collar and directly around K1-B0's neck. K1-B0 is capable of pulling it upwards to cover the lower half of his face like a mask. The collar is normally open from the front, but he can close it using two small metallic parts resembling a gate, supposedly to protect his more sensitive neck. K1-B0 has headphone-shaped objects instead of ears, and they also include black screen and green text.


This section contains SPOILERS for Danganronpa V3. It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Later, it is revealed that K1-B0's ahoge is an antenna that receives information from Team Danganronpa, which will take the form of an "inner voice" and persuade him to take certain actions, said actions being decided through viewers' surveys.

In the prologue, he wears the uniform of his original high school, including a student hat. The clothes are stated to look like the trending macho style. While they hide his robotic body quite well, the jacket is bulging as if it's about to burst.[6]


K1-B0 is a polite and serious teenage robot, who has some trouble with human social interaction. Nevertheless, he takes pride in his form and often boasts about his wonderfulness and efficient functions, though the other students never seem to find them impressive much to his disappointment. His aim is to overcome being an ordinary robot and because of this, he may get offended if he is compared to much more simple machines. While generally well-mannered, he is quickly angered by any prejudice against robots and sometimes threatens to sue people who make "discriminatory remarks". He considers robots a minority group among humans and can get slightly paranoid about "robophobia", supposedly because of past experiences.

Since he is a maturing AI, K1-B0 learns and develops similarly to a human.[7] While he has no heart nor brain, he uses his calculations to speak "as if he had a heart". Even still, he often can't read the mood around him and is oblivious to things, sometimes taking things very literally and occasionally acting insensitive. Due to being overly serious about certain topics and unable to understand sarcasm, he is an easy target for bullying and it's easy to make him heated up, and he is rather easy to read. According to Izuru Kamukura in the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, K1-B0 has a tendency to rely on others in difficult situations, and he overall gets very nervous in bad situations. Furthermore, he feels a bit self-conscious about the fact that he cannot strengthen his body on his own like humans, and he needs help for maintenance and upgrades. Overall, he is a bit conscious about being unable to do some things humans can, causing him to proclaim that he can do lots of things humans cannot.


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In Chapter 4, when the students enter the program world, K1-B0 appears disappointed and secretly wished he would have a human body.
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He himself has also pointed out that he doesn't really like "sci-fi" things, even though his existence alone is quite sci-fi, and he would rather be more like other people instead of possessing things like rocket jets. However, he also feels insecure about being too ordinary and not deserving his title as the Ultimate Robot, which is why he has a dream of becoming a pop star or doing some other type of work. For a short time, he even considers becoming a "tragic hero" figure in order to become more interesting, with a new tragic backstory and weapons, even though it's not something he would like. In general, he has a strong desire to be accepted and be like everyone else.

K1-B0 seems to understand most human emotions and many of their habits, though some of them only in theory, and he prefers to make decisions and actions based on logic. He claims that he works very hard to understand human emotions, and he's often quite hurt and saddened whenever the other students tell him that he wouldn't understand something because he is a robot. He tends to find abstract ideas frustrating and difficult, and sometimes has a hard time understanding why someone would do something that is very illogical. In general, he can get confused and a bit uncomfortable by his strange classmates, and sometimes reminds them to speak in a way he can understand. He can also get some habits a little wrong, like confusing the action of handholding and handshaking. Like a human, he blushes when he is feeling shy and feels awkward when talking about something inappropriate, though occasionally he may say inappropriate things without realizing it due to his naivety. For example, he considers nudity very shameful and embarrassing, but at one point forgets that it's considered inappropriate for people to relieve themselves in front of others. He can be very expressive with his body language since as a robot he can move his ahoge and some other parts according to his emotions. Being a robot, he is also very innocent when compared to most teenagers, and some situations make him very nervous and shy.


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In Chapter 3, he claims he is ticklish and it's implied that he might be able to feel pleasure similar to sexual pleasure when sensitive spots underneath his armor get touched. In general, he doesn't seem to have very much interest in sexual matters, considering it quite scandalous and claiming at one point that he would never expose professor Idabashi's strong AI to pornography. He has also bashfully pointed out that there isn't much he can do about it anyway, since he lacks any reproductive functions. However, he secretly seems to have some interest in such subjects, as he once accidentally admitted this without thinking. When he is asked about his ability to fall in love, he says he doesn't know because he hasn't had any romantic feelings yet. In the bonus mode Love Across the Universe, it's eventually confirmed that he can fall in love and dreams of romance and intimacy. In the topic of romance, K1-B0 is shown to find the idea that robots should only date their own kind very offensive. When he does develop romantic feelings, he is shown to be very serious about the matter, assuming that you constantly have to do typical things couples do in order to truly understand love.

Overall, K1-B0 appears to be quite well-meaning and kind, and he genuinely wishes to be friends with everyone (even considering Kokichi his friend during the bonus mode). He has mentioned multiple times that he wishes to make people smile and happy. He even likes comedy movies, because he enjoys the feeling of people having fun and wishes to become a robot who can make lots of people smile someday, like a comedy movie. He is also pacifistic and refuses to hurt humans, greatly respecting the First Law of Robotics, and in general dislikes violence and weapons. He also dislikes certain action movies for the way they portray robots as evil and murderous killing machines, considering it robophobic since most robots are friendly to humans. While he can be a bit cowardly, as the most durable member of the group he is occasionally willing to protect the humans when needed and use himself as a shield against damage and harm, as he can survive hits that could kill an ordinary person.

K1-B0 hears voices inside his head and decides to listen to them more firmly after hearing Angie Yonaga's talk about God, treating his "inner voice" as his God who gives him advice and cheers for him. When he's mocked for being a robot who believes in God, he says robots can do that. When his ahoge gets broken by Kaito Momota's execution, the voices get silent, forcing him to use his own logic. It's later revealed that his ahoge is actually an antenna that receives information from Team Danganronpa, which will take the form of an "inner voice" and persuade him to take certain actions, said actions being decided through viewers' surveys.

When forced to make his own decisions without the inner voice, K1-B0 proves himself to extremely forceful and pragmatic, choosing the school's destruction as the most efficient way of eradicating despair. During the final trial, despite having his inner voice back, K1-B0 refuses to listen to it anymore and instead wishes to support his friends and not have any more suffering. He is also originally on the side of hope, which is his role and purpose, but he abandons the concept after Shuichi convinces him that it would lead to more killing games and suffering. Because of this, the Audience takes control of him and attempts to completely erase his personality, but he still manages to destroy the school and the End Wall and saves his friends with the cost of his own life. It's left ambiguous whether it was K1-B0's own doing or caused by the change of heart in the Audience. Before he exploded, K1-B0 is seen giving a final smile after making sure his friends had survived.

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Ultimate Robot


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K1-B0 is a robot equipped with high technology and advanced functions created by Team Danganronpa as the "eyes" of Danganronpa audience from the outside world.
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Danganronpa V3 K1-B0 Keebo Ki-Bo Introduction (Demo Version)

K1-B0 has a "maturing AI" that boasts advanced learning functions and recording functions. Similar to a human, he originally knew nothing and matured by learning. He uses calculations to express emotions, but he is very socially awkward when compared to humans. According to K1-B0, his strong AI was programmed such that his mental age would reflect his appearance.

He works with electricity, and thus he does not need to and cannot eat nor drink. Despite this, he likes foods and explains that he watches eating and drinking, with Japanese food being his favorite. He also can't sleep, but he needs to reserve time for recharging his power cells. He is conscious while charging and needs to do it only once a week. While he does not breath, he can sense and dislikes polluted air, though this ability is only as sensitive as ordinary human's.

He was created to have many functions and lots of energy in a small body, and for a robot, he is not very heavy, as he can be lifted up like an average human. He is not very strong either and is actually quite feeble, and there is a running gag that many of his physical skills like strength, accuracy, and endurance are equivalent to elderly people or elementary students. He himself points out that many of his abilities, like intelligence and strength, are meant to be close to ordinary humans. He originally possessed much greater strength, but it was weakened after an accident during trial production. In case of some sort of emergency, he also has an emergency stop button on his neck, which renders him practically unconscious until the button is pressed again.

Unlike some machines, he is waterproof, but he cannot swim because he would sink like a rock. His creator also forbade him from staying too long in direct sunlight. He is also unable to cry and shed proper tears even if he wanted to. In the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, he asks Miu to give him the ability to cry tears, so that he could have a better understanding of the feelings of sorrow.

During the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan and his Free Time Events, he states that his eyesight is 20/13, and he possesses a hairdryer function by exhaling warm, loud "breath" from his mouth. His hands can turn into a multi-tool, with them possessing 20 different tools. For example, his finger can detect wafting aromas and distinguish different scents. He also has a music player and capability to play even tapes and records. At one point, he also mentions being good at one-man comedy shows, but not being good with computers. He also has an audio recording function but refrains from using it regularly because of its extensive energy consumption.


This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.
After Miu Iruma starts performing maintenance on him, he is upgraded with eye flashlights and a photographic camera.

Being a robot, K1-B0 lacks any reproductive organs, which is something Kokichi makes fun of. Miu has mentioned her wish to upgrade him with a one, but it's unclear if this ever happened, as K1-B0 has been shown to decline some of her suggestive suggestions like a vibration function. Nevertheless, he seems to feel pleasure similar to sexual pleasure if some sensitive spots underneath his armor get touched, causing him to make "cute noises".

His Research Labs contains many battle upgrades he decides to install after being forced to make his own decision due to losing his connection to his inner voice. He is very powerful that he could battle five Exisals at the same time in Chapter 6.

In chapter 6, it was revealed that his eyes are video-cameras, his ahoge is an antenna and his inner voice are the results of interactive polls made on the outside world. While he normally listens to the inner voice, he decides to ignore them after Shuichi convinces him that it would lead to more suffering, and K1-B0 is seen rejecting his original duty out of his own will. Because of this, the Audience attempts to take control of him and erase his personality. It's unclear if his final actions are his own doing or caused by the Audience's change of heart.

Spoilers end here.

In other languages

K1-B0's talent as it appears in official translations of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

en-US Ultimate Robot
Title English Translation
日本語 超高校級の「ロボット」 Super High School Level Robot
Français Robot Ultime[8] Ultimate Robot
‪中文(台灣)‬ 超高中級的機器人[9] Super High School Level Robot
中文 超高中级的机器人[9] Super High School Level Robot



Professor Idabashi

Professor Idabashi is K1-B0's creator and raised him as their own child. K1-B0 respects the professor's skills, despite the fact that they aren't an Ultimate.

After becoming trapped into the killing game, K1-B0 mentions that the professor would desperately search for him if he went missing, proving how close they are.


This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.
In the bonus mode Love Across the Universe, if Shuichi offers to take his clothes off, K1-B0 is shocked by such shamefulness and mentions that he has never seen the professor naked.

However, in Chapter 6 K1-B0 is revealed to be a creation of Team Danganronpa to monitor over the Killing Game and give the viewers a way to interact. Because of this, and considering that all the other participants' memories were fabricated as well, it is unknown whether or not Professor Idabashi actually exists and if he does he works for Team Danganronpa.

Spoilers end here.

Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles:

Miu Iruma


This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.
With Miu being quite disliked in the group, K1-B0 appears to be the only student, other than Kaede and Gonta, who genuinely likes her and wishes to be friends with her.

At first, Miu considered K1-B0 pathetic for being so weak, offering to upgrade him later (and especially wishing to upgrade his crotch area). Because he is a robot, Miu took a special interest in K1-B0 and even feels sexual attraction towards him, though it's unclear if he is aware of this. Since K1-B0 was unable to take care of his body by himself, Miu was very excited to offer her help. However, K1-B0 felt very embarrassed and shy about it, considering it very intimate and saying they shouldn't do it so soon. In Chapter 3, Miu seems to finally convince K1-B0 and she begins to perform maintenance on him in a rather suggestive manner they both seem to find very pleasurable, with K1-B0 making "cute noises" whenever Miu touches a sensitive spot. Her intense personality makes K1-B0 feel very shy and he blushes a lot due to Miu's compliments and remarks. Miu, in turn, thinks he's very cute with his shyness and cute noises, and while she usually prefers to be submissive, she seems to enjoy being dominating towards K1-B0.

When K1-B0's Ultimate Research Lab was revealed, Miu was very excited to upgrade him even more, saying he would look so pretty with them and that she wants him to make lots of cute noises. This causes K1-B0 to blush heavily and tell her not to mention that in front of Shuichi, who was with them at the time. Being very interested in K1-B0's talent and features, Miu went inside his lab without his permission. Besides that, she added many new features to K1-B0, such as a flashlight that came out from his eyes. She also wishes to give him a vibration function, but he declined, seemingly understanding at least some of her suggestive remarks.

While Miu is very openly attracted to K1-B0 and seems to think their relationship is something similar to being a couple, it's a bit unclear how he feels about her, as he doesn't really speak of her in an explicitly romantic manner like he does with Shuichi in the bonus mode Love Across the Universe. He does not seem to be fully aware of some of her implications, but genuinely cares about her and is very grateful for her help. It is also possible that he likes her back, but isn't aware of it. In Chapter 3, when Miu praises a computer in a suggestive manner, K1-B0 is seen to get silently jealous. K1-B0 is shown to be nicer and more sympathetic towards Miu than the most other students, though Miu is occasionally rude towards him, and K1-B0 understandably doesn't seem to have complete trust in her intentions at times.

K1-B0 was shocked when he discovered Miu's corpse in Chapter 4 and he was the only one to still speak fondly of her even after the chapter. After her death, he states that he wishes he could cry, but Miu never gave him a crying function. During the trial, he mentions that he believes Miu was a good person based on the time they spent together, despite some of her personality traits.

In the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, the two appear to be close as well, and Miu takes care of K1-B0's maintenance for their three high school years. K1-B0 tells her how grateful he is and that he will miss being able to ask her in the future. Miu is very offended by this, asking K1-B0 why he's going to throw her away and assumes that he has other partners than her. K1-B0 tries to explain they're graduating soon, but Miu is still angry. He then tells her that it would be good to have someone like her who is good with technology to care for him. Miu answers that he can come to her place and the two agree to continue their usual habit, with K1-B0 thanking Miu in advance.

Spoilers end here.

Kokichi Oma

Kokichi enjoys teasing K1-B0 due to him being oblivious and a robot, thus making him an easy target. K1-B0 is very uncomfortable with Kokichi because of this and repeatedly asks him to stop.

However, Kokichi does not really appear to have a malicious intent, as he seems genuinely interested in K1-B0. His behavior seems more like ignorance and innocent bigotry, as he seemingly considers robots very interesting and "cool", but he thinks they aren't people and thus he does not treat K1-B0 like a person. Kokichi is seen being very excited about K1-B0, wanting to be friends with "the robot" and childishly chasing him in an attempt to touch him, seemingly not realizing that his behavior is offensive and condescending. He also curiously asks about how the robot functions, like asking about his private parts, and seems disappointed if the answers are much duller than he expected. He is shown to very disappointed that K1-B0 doesn't have a rocket punch function, wondering why he even exits.

Kokichi is later seen treating K1-B0 in cruel and mean manner throughout the game, though at one point he seems genuinely surprised by the idea that K1-B0 might genuinely understand human emotions. He constantly brings up how K1-B0 is different from the others and isn't a person, and points out his difficulties with understanding human emotions. While K1-B0 is usually quite well-mannered, he acts harsher towards Kokichi because of his constant discrimination. Considering him a "robophobe", K1-B0 thinks Kokichi should be just ignored, yet he almost never manages to follow this rule.


This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.
In the end of the class trial in Chapter 4, K1-B0 was seen being angry and annoyed when he figured out that Kokichi was the one who manipulated Gonta into killing Miu.

During the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, after spending three years as Kokichi's classmate, K1-B0 admits that he considers Kokichi his friend though he isn't fond of his robophobia. Kokichi seems genuinely surprised and maybe even touched by this, but quickly continues his usual teasing.

Spoilers end here.

Shuichi Saihara


This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.

At first, Shuichi thought K1-B0 was one of Monokuma's relative which he declined, however. Shuichi was surprised how K1-B0 was a robot and also one of his classmates.

During the bonus mode Love Across the Universe, in the Love Suite, K1-B0 wonders about the meaning of love and asks Shuichi to be his lover so he can learn about those emotions. The robot goes overboard with listing typical things lovers do together and Shuichi calms him down by saying that maybe they shouldn't be in a relationship if K1-B0 doesn't truly like him. K1-B0 turns unhappy and assumes he was rejected, but Shuichi tells him it's not like that. K1-B0 then confesses that he might have fallen in love with Shuichi and wishes to exchange warm words and hold hands with him. They both feel nervous, but decide to hold hands, which makes them feel calmer. Shuichi notices that K1-B0's hand feels warm instead of cold like he assumed. When Shuichi wakes up in his own bed the next morning, he wonders if it was just a dream, but he notices that his hand still feels warm.

If K1-B0 has a good time with Shuichi during the bonus mode Love Across the Universe, he wouldn't like to go back to the dorm and wishes to spend more time with Shuichi. He then explains his chest feels warmer when he is with Shuichi and he feels very calm.

Spoilers end here.

Tenko Chabashira

With him being neither a boy or a girl, Tenko considers K1-B0 "barely passable", not treating him as harshly as boys, but neither being as nice towards him as she is towards girls. K1-B0 is unsure whether or not this should be considered robophobia.

Tenko later asks him to join her, Himiko and Angie to relax and be pretense celebrities while being pampered by Kirumi. However, K1-B0 doesn't really understand how it works, especially the parasol which doesn't really seem to have any actual purpose. Tenko then a bit meanly answers him that a robot like him wouldn't understand what it means to feel like a celebrity.

Kaede Akamatsu

Although initially defensive about his robot nature, K1-B0 decides that he is glad to be Kaede's friend after discovering that she is not a discriminatory towards robots.[10]


This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.
In the extra free time events, Kaede seems to be interested in K1-B0 since it's her first time interacting with a real robot. Kaede is also curious in K1-B0's features and interrogates him. K1-B0 was not aware of Kaede joking around since he finds human jokes very annoying. He states how Kaede is the first person who asked so many questions without hesitating towards him. [11]

K1-B0 would avenge her wrongful execution by killing Tsumugi and Monokuma, thus ending the Killing Game.

Spoilers end here.

Tsumugi Shirogane


This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.
In the beginning, these two don't interact each other that much and acted like they barely knew each other.

In Chapter 6, it was shown that Tsumugi and K1-B0 were in the same affiliation, Team Danganronpa. Tsumugi treated K1-B0 like a toy and even bullies him for his actions in the trial. They officially became enemies when K1-B0 believed in hope and Tsumugi cared about the show. When nobody casts their votes, Tsumugi trusted K1-B0 to execute her along with Monokuma as well. K1-B0 holds no hesitation to do that task since he was mad when she killed their friends and started the Killing Game with no hope. In the end, he made everything got destroyed and betrayed her and Monokuma by leaving the survivors alone.

Spoilers end here.

Himiko Yumeno

During the first chapters, Himiko is shown to have quite a poor opinion of K1-B0, seemingly not considering him a person and more than once suggesting that "they should just kill the robot".

At some point, Himiko suggests that K1-B0 should self-destruct to open a hole in the wall, thus making himself useful. In Chapter 6, he self-destructed to destroy the academy's wall, letting Himiko and the other survivors to escape.

Kirumi Tojo


This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.
Kirumi is more considerate towards K1-B0 than most other students are. When K1-B0 is asked to join Tenko, Himiko and Angie to relax and be pretense celebrities, Kirumi wishes to serve him as well and asks him if he would prefer to have oil. K1-B0 answers it won't be necessary, and the offer alone made him happy.
Spoilers end here.




This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.

K1-B0 along with Monokuma was created by Team Danganronpa for the TV show, Danganronpa. However, K1-B0 seemed to get very annoyed whenever he forced the students to do something as he pleased, he even refused to listen to him and tried to ignore him. Monokuma always seems to mock him for being a robot. K1-B0 also tried to protect the students when Monokuma executed them.

In Chapter 6, K1-B0 began a war with Monokuma and his children to stop him and the mastermind by destroying the academy and revealing everything to everyone to protect his classmates.

In the final Class Trial, K1-B0 was challenged by Monokuma a lot of times during the Class Trial in order to defend Tsumugi and the truth being the Killing Game. Soon after the final Class Trial ended, K1-B0 started to destroy Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles he forgave everyone with the exception of him and Tsumugi. In the end, he destroyed everything and betrayed him and Tsumugi by leaving the survivors alone.

Spoilers end here.



This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.
At first, when they met, K1-B0 saw Monotaro as someone like him being a rare Artificial intelligence. However, he was offended if he was directly compared to such "toys".

During Chapter 4, Monotaro suffered from severe memory issues, forgetting who his real father is and assuming that K1-B0 was his father, which he strongly denied. This made Monotaro upset, which caused Himiko to blame K1-B0 for mean behavior and told him he should at least play along for now. K1-B0 answered that he cannot play along since Monotaro isn't even his child. Monotaro then believed that Miu is his mother, and she accepted him right away.

In the end of Chapter 4, K1-B0 was even shocked that he killed his Monokubs.

Spoilers end here.


Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version) (English)


  • "Are you another robophobe? I have a recording function. If you make any robophobic remarks, I will see you in court."
  • "I'm not just any old robot! I am K1-B0, the Ultimate Robot! But please, address me as Keebo!" (to Kaede)
  • "My breath does not smell like gasoline! I am powered by electricity!" (to Kokichi)
  • "D-Don't mock me! I have studied the complete history of stand-up comedy!" (to Kokichi)
  • "I may have the appearance of a robot, but I am a high school student just like you. I was created by Professor Idabashi, the leading authority in the field of robotics... He installed in me a "strong AI," captable of learning and maturing like a human brain. That's why, at the time of my creation, I didn't know anything. I was like a baby... But the professor raised me like I was his own child. He taught me so many things... Until finally, he enrolled me in high school. And now I stand here before you all! See? I'm just like everyone else!" (to Kaede)
  • "Just leave him alone. Everything he has been saying has been a lie. He's a far more suspicious person than I am, that's for sure."

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (English)

Character Trailer:

  • "That is a harmful stereotype. I can produce heartfelt remarks through calculations."
  • "I see it! I'll print out this memory."


  • "I may have the appearance of a robot, but I am a high school student just like you. From one high school student to another, I hope we can all get along!"
  • "Pardon me, but...we need to be on our guard. We do not know if and when danger will strike."

Chapter 1:

  • "Isn't it premature to say what we'll do after we escape? Assumptions are all but useless."
  • "Given the circumstance...the most logical course of action would be to give up..."
  • "There is no need to worry, is there? No one is going to...kill anyone, right?"
  • "As novice investigators, logic dictates that we work together rather than give in to paranoia."
  • "I hope my line of questioning has not offended either of you. It is necessary, so that we may find the truth."
  • "But communication is the foundation of any discussion!" (to Tenko Chabashira)
  • "I cannot imagine why anyone would risk their life to lie on another's behalf."
  • "That is a harmful stereotype. I can produce heartfelt remarks through calculations!"

List of Appearances


  • K1-B0 is genderless, though often assumed male due to his more masculine appearance and voice.

This section contains SPOILERS for Danganronpa V3. It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

When Tenko asks K1-B0 if he is a "degenerate male or a girl", K1-B0 says he has never thought about it before, and he is afterwards treated as neither a male nor a female. However, he tends to refer to himself as male anyway.
  • It's also implied that he can have romantic feelings for a person regardless of gender, as he has romantic feelings for Shuichi in the bonus mode Love Across the Universe. He also has a more ambiguous relationship with Miu in the main story and bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan.

This section contains SPOILERS . It has been hidden from view to protect users from spoiling themselves. Expand at your own risk.

Spoilers start here.
  • K1-B0 is the first Ultimate Hope who isn't the main protagonist and a deceased one who dies for the sake of hope.
  • In his Love Suite scene, his fantasy shows him being curious about love and asking a friend to be his practice partner, eventually confessing that he has fallen in love with them.
  • His dream is to have a robot idol business in the future and he wishes to be a pop star. However, he does not appear to fully grasp how singing works, as his singing voice resembles a long, rasping sigh increasing into a higher note and shouting. His singing voice is apparently so terrible that it makes people feel like throwing up, and he later gives up on the idea of being a pop star.
  • K1-B0's skill, Digital Love, is a reference to the Daft Punk song of the same name.
  • He really likes anime movies and empathizes with the robot characters who play active roles. He believes anime movies will help to reduce robophobia.
  • During the bonus mode, when Shuichi suggest making their own movie, K1-B0 would like to make a drama about hero stuff, which would be popular with children. K1-B0 wants to be the hero while Shuichi would be the small citizen A.
Spoilers end here.


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