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The Kingdom of Novoselic is a small European monarchy that exists in the universe of Hope's Peak Academy Saga. It is Sonia Nevermind's home country. It was destroyed by the forces of Ultimate Despair due to the orders of the nation's princess, Sonia, who had fallen into despair.


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Based on Sonia's story, Novoselic is an extremely small country governed by an absolute monarchy. Though the population is small, its economy is thriving, so the people of the country can live comfortable lives.

For generations, the royal family has protected the kingdom and its people from its neighboring countries. Thanks to that, the people still have complete trust toward the royal family.

Novoselic has many unique traditions, some of which revolve around mysterious local wildlife. For instance, lovers in Novoselic cannot become one until they capture a rare animal called a Makango; if the relationship involves a member of the royal family, they are expected to catch a Golden Makango instead. Additionally, the people of Novoselic are not acknowledged as an adult until they consume an animal called a Skong.

According to Sonia, Novoselic has a legendary hero that looks exactly like Hajime Hinata, although the description simply indicates that said hero has a white shirt, an ahoge, and a completely unremarkable face.

Novoselic Royal Castle

The royal family of Novoselic has been living in the royal castle for over a thousand years. Even though the castle is old and small, it's truly a wonderful, historic building.

Sonia states that getting lost in the castle subterranean labyrinth is easy. The barracks are fully equipped as well.


  • Sonia reveals many facts about Novoselic throughout the game, such as:
    • There aren't any Amusement Parks in Novoselic.
    • Wine and chocolate are two of Novoselic's hidden specialties.
    • Anime is wildly popular in Novoselic, particularly the show Sparkling Justice.
    • Novoselic's Elementary Schools teach a course on warfare, to the point where grade-school children can operate a tank.
    • If a meeting is scheduled in Novoselic, the participants are expected to arrive 13 minutes earlier than the agreed time. According to Sonia, being any later is severely punished.



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