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Komaru Naegi
Title Ultimate Younger Sister
Birth date
Gender Female
Status Alive
Voice Actor Aya Uchida (JP)
Family Makoto Naegi (Older Brother)
Anime Episode 01
Game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
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Komaru Naegi (苗木 こまる Naegi Komaru) is the protagonist of Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo - Dangan Ronpa Another Episode, and is also Makoto Naegi's younger sister. [1]


Komaru has short, dark brown hair and green eyes. She wears a sailor school girl uniform. Komaru also possesses an ahoge similar to that of her brother's. When she was in the video with her parents, her hair looked neater in a classic bob cut and she did not possess an ahoge. Her uniform used to consist of a white shirt, brown blazer, skirt, and a red ribbon.


From what was previously seen in the original game, Komaru apparently had a cheerful personality. She loved Makoto, telling her brother to do his best while enrolled at Hope's Peak Academy.

As of now, her current personality is unknown, but is presumed that she is either a brave girl willing to fight off Monokuma robots, or more cynical now that her brother is not around and she is trying to survive the world's current crisis and find her missing family.


Komaru was seen cheering her brother in the motivational video with her parents provided by Monokuma early on during the Mutual Killing incident of Class 78.

From the state of the Naegi family home, it could be presumed that Komaru no longer lives there, considering that Monokuma or members of Ultimate Despair or forces amenable to either, produced such specific videos of destruction just to taunt the students of Class 78.


Makoto NaegiEdit

She and Makoto seem to have a good relationship, implied in Monokuma's motivational videos. In the video it showed Komaru and her parents cheering her brother up when he succeed to enroll in Hope's Peak Academy. They also have a similarity as siblings as they both have the same ahoge.


  • Her first name is Japanese for "to be troubled or worried".


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