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Title Slowpokemaru (Hit list "Demon name")
Birth date May 31st (Gemini)
Gender Female
Height 163 cm (5' 4")
Weight 49 kg (108 lbs)
Status Alive
Voice Actor Aya Uchida (JP)
Cherami Leigh (EN)
Family Makoto Naegi (Older brother)
Unnamed Parents
Unnamed pet dog (Deceased)
Anime Episode 01
Game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
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Komaru Naegi (苗木 こまる Naegi Komaru) is the main protagonist of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls and the younger sister of Makoto Naegi.

Komaru was a Captive for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc's first motive and then a Target for the Warriors of Hope's Demon Hunting in Ultra Despair Girls.

Komaru is often called "Omaru" by Toko Fukawa and "Dekomaru" by Genocide Jack. In the official English version, Hiroko Hagakure nicknamed her "Koko".


Komaru is around 15-17 years old[1] teenage girl.

She has short, dark brown hair and desaturated green eyes. She also sports an ahoge, similar to that of her brother's, which developed as she grew. Overall, she is described as very plain-looking and "normal", which seems to be the same way people describe her brother.

When she was in the motivational video with her parents in the first game and its corresponding anime adaption, her hair appeared neater in a classic bob cut, and she did not possess an ahoge. The uniform she wears in this video consists of a white button-up shirt, a brown blazer, a brown skirt, and a red ribbon.

In Ultra Despair Girls, she is revealed to be wearing the St. Tomoe Girls' Academy uniform, which is a sailor fuku with a white blouse, a red necktie, and a turquoise collar, line trim, and skirt. There's a school crest on the bottom right of the back of the collar, necktie, shirt pocket and the outer sides of socks.


Komaru had a cheerful and optimistic personality, somewhat similar to her brother. She loved Makoto, telling her brother to do his best while enrolled at Hope's Peak Academy.

As of Ultra Despair Girls, Komaru is somewhat hypersensitive and easily scared. She wavers between hope and despair as a result of her forced imprisonment. She doesn't want to have strong hope, because she believes it will be lost eventually, leading to worse despair. She has a low image of herself, considering herself boring, ordinary and weak. After being encouraged by Toko Fukawa, she gains a desire to at least try to escape again. While she finds escaping hard and fighting even harder, she is willing to fight off hordes of Monokuma robots as she tries to survive the world's current catastrophe and find her missing family.

Komaru shows some childish traits, such as being very naive, reliant, and easily excitable. She also has an 'unusual' kind of pride, as she gets really worked up from the puzzles of the Monokuma Kids, as if they're looking down on her. When she solves their puzzles, she brags towards them.

Komaru is also very gullible. This is revealed when Toko says certain things that are obviously false, as Komaru easily believes them to be true. She is rather innocent and doesn't seem to have much interest in romance nor sexual things.

Even though she sometimes gives up too easily, there are other times in which Komaru shows how stubborn and determined she can be. However, she has a weakness in complicated subjects such as basic computer science, but she does have moments where she is intuitive.

Komaru seems to be unafraid of the dark, though she says that she doesn't like it.


Prior to the TragedyEdit

Komaru lived a normal life with her parents and brother. They also had a dog during her childhood. She sometimes didn't get along with her brother, but the two watched TV together, as well as shared thoughts on manga they shared with each other.

In a typical day with Komaru and her family, her mother would always watch the same talk show at lunchtime, and her dad wouldn't shave his beard on Saturday when he didn't have work.

She had many friends in school, including a girl called Chieko.

During the TragedyEdit

Komaru was one of the countless people who learned of the mutual killings done by the high school students in Hope's Peak Academy when it was too late to stop it. She, like everyone else, had witnessed the Tragedy that plummeted the entire world into despair.

During that event, she lost seven of her classmates during one of the many accidents resulting from the Tragedy and her friend Chieko disappeared. She kept telling herself that everything would be alright, but realized how hopeless it was when a group of unknown men attacked her house, separated her from her parents, and confined her in an apartment complex in Towa City when she was still a middle schooler.

Because she had no communication or connections to the outside world (besides the food given to her everyday by her kidnappers), she had no idea about the mutual killing that her brother was involved in and the existence of Monokuma.

The kidnappers, Ultimate Despair, planned to make her and the other captives to kill each other. This would then be shown to the students of 78th Class and act as a motive to convince the students to kill each other. However, this did not happen because Junko Enoshima was executed and the Mutual Killing Game ended before the motive could be established. As a result, Komaru and the other captives remained imprisoned in Towa City for one and a half years.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocEdit

Chapter 1 - To SurviveEdit

During the Mutual Killing incident of 78th Class, Monokuma gave Makoto a "motivational video" showing the Naegi family offering encouragement to him - Komaru was seen cheering her brother on. After that, the video glitched out before showing the destroyed living room and no sign of Makoto's family. The videos were made to motivate the students into killing each other.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair GirlsEdit

Prologue - The Warriors of Hope Edit

One and a half years after Komaru's imprisonment, the Warriors of Hope invaded Towa City with their army of Monokuma Units and Monokuma Kids.

Komaru heard a banging on the door during her breakfast. She rushed up to the door and begged for help, only to be attacked by a Monokuma Unit. She hurried away, only to realize that the building was aflame. Komaru soon ran toward the elevators as she is being chased by the Monokuma. She thuds heavily on the door of an elevator, and the elevator subsequently opens to reveal Byakuya Togami and some Future Foundation agents. Byakuya, using his Megaphone Hacking Gun, destroys the Monokuma that was chasing her. Byakuya explains that they were assigned to rescue Captives. However, before the agents are able to escort Komaru, several more Monokuma units suddenly appear, eliminating all of them except for Byakuya. Byakuya then lends Komaru his spare Hacking Gun and commands her to flee and fight against the Monokumas using it. As she flees into the elevator, Byakuya holds off the Monokumas. The elevator then closes, leaving Byakuya's fate unknown.

After escaping from the apartment, Komaru arrives in the streets, where she witnessed Monokumas slaughtering innocent people. She then flees to the family restaurant across from the apartment, which Byakuya suggested her to go to because it's supposedly where an agent of the Future Foundation is standing by. She is dumbfounded when the scene inside the restaurant appeared oddly normal considering the current circumstances. Komaru anxiously directd the clerk to call the police, but it was too late as Monokumas soon break into the building, almost instantly killing all of the people inside, including the clerk. Suddenly, a newscaster broadcasts, informing all of Towa City to evacuate.

Komaru attempts to hide in the restaurant, but she soon becomes aware that if she hid, it wouldn't be long before she is found and killed by Monokumas. Plucking up her courage, she begins to fight Monokumas using the Hacking Gun she received from Byakuya. Although she was still confused about the usage of the weapon, she still managed to get rid of all Monokumas inside the restaurant.

Afterwards, Komaru heard the sound of a girl laughing coming from the television, drawing her attention. She was surprised when she looked up at the TV, as she found the newscaster's corpse was being toyed with by a group of children. The children introduce themselves as the Warriors of Hope, who have but one goal: turning Towa City into the children's paradise, one without adults. This startled Komaru, who takes a while to take it all in.

After the deranged broadcast is finished, Komaru decided to look for the Future Foundation man that Byakuya told her about, shortly finding the man to be injured on the backdoor of the restaurant. The agent mentions Komaru as the Captive, advising her to escape from the backdoor straight ahead to the park, where the Future Foundation helicopter was waiting for them. Worried about the wounded agent, Komaru asks him to join her, but the agent refuses when some Monokumas catch sight of them. Feeling intense guilt, she left the man to fight single-handedly with Monokumas.

Soon afterwards, she arrived at the park, meeting with four members of the Future Foundation next to their helicopter. After Komaru introduced herself, the agents confirmed her as the Captive. Komaru, who is still worried about the agent in the family restaurant, requested one of the agents to look after him. The rest of the agents explain to Komaru the Future Foundation, the Tragedy, Towa City, and the Towa Group. Komaru gets scared and is told to leave immediately. All she wanted was to be reunited with her family.

One of the agents wanted to answer Komaru's question about her family's condition, but they were interrupted when they heard a singing voice from a child. Komaru was astonished when she found the singing voice was coming from a Monokuma kid, a child wearing Monokuma mask, who brought the corpse of one of the agents. Komaru became the only person to safely arrive inside the helicopter. However, a Monokuma already sabotaged the helicopter, crashing it.

Somehow, Komaru survived the crash, and is taken by the Servant to the Warriors of Hope's base. The Servant then returns Komaru's Hacking Gun after he analyzed and weakened it for the sake of game balance. After that, the Servant warned her not the mention the gun and leaves her. Komaru completes a test and reached the main hall where the Warriors of Hope are waiting.

Each of the Warriors of Hope introduces themselves. Komaru asks them to stop their manslaughter since she discovered the fact that they, with Monaca Towa's, the mage's power, control the Monokumas. But Nagisa Shingetsu replies that they won't stop until their paradise, the children's paradise, is completed. Monaca suddenly got mad because Komaru didn't understand what they were talking about, causing all of the Warriors of Hope to immediately try to calmed her.

The Warriors of Hope then tell Komaru that they'll commenced a game including Komaru, known as "Demon Hunting", the game where the Warriors of Hope release a Demon (an adult) into Towa City as the Target. Then the Warriors of Hope would compete to see who could hunt it down first. Suddenly from Komaru's back, the Servant appears and snaps a Monokuma Bracelet on her wrist, and reminds her to keep the fact that she had been given back the Hacking Gun a secret. Not long after that, the Warriors of Hope open a trap door, resulting in Komaru falling through it, and back down into Towa City.

Chapter 1 - Crying for Love in Hell Edit

After falling out of the Warriors of Hope's airship, Komaru lands on the rooftop of a building, which is shortly revealed to be a hospital. She saw Monokuma coming after her and she cowers, hoping someone would help her. Suddenly, the murderous fiend known as Genocide Jack appears and swiftly disposes of the Monokuma. Jack then clarifying that the person who she just saved is "Komaru Naegi" or not.

After Komaru confirmed that she is "Komaru Naegi", a Monokuma Unit appears from every side of the building. Jack then decided to bring Komaru to a safe place and begins to ask her if she met Byakuya because she could smell his scent from Komaru's Hacking Gun. When she begins to count down the time before she hurts Komaru, she suddenly sneezed and switched to Toko.

Toko, who can now managed Jack, said that she is an ally and will help Komaru to escape from the Monokuma units. After they get rid of the Monokuma on the rooftop, Toko properly introduced herself to Komaru, explaining to her that she has two split personalities. Komaru learned that Byakuya has been caught by the Warriors of Hope, and that Toko decided to remain in Towa City to rescue him.

After they managed to escaped from the hospital, Komaru asks Toko some questions which she reluctantly answers. Komaru explains to Toko that her only plan is to escape from the city because if she stays, she will relentlessly be attacked by the Monokuma Units. However, she changes her plan to sticking together with Toko to search for and save Byakuya. Komaru, who is very thankful that Toko allowed her to be with her, hugs her, surprising Toko.

Komaru spots that there is a bridge that they could use to escape from the city, so the girls decided to head for Towa Bridge, where they then meet Yuta Asahina, Aoi Asahina's younger brother. He then introduces himself, and Toko recognizes his last name. He also writes Komaru's name on his palm 3 times, because he believes it to be the best way to remember someone's name.

They hoped to cross the bridge in order to escape, but soon found that half of the bridge has been destroyed. The remaining half of the bridge was then suddenly demolished by the Monokuma Kids using dynamite that has been planted on the bridge. The three were able to escape in time. Yuta then attempted to swim out of the city, but was interrupted by Komaru, who asked him if it was really far to the other shore, added by Toko that maybe there were some strange creatures living in the sea due to the pollution, but Yuta answered confidently that the only thing that he needed was himself to be careful, even though it would be so troublesome. Toko tried to stop him, but Yuta had already started.

While swimming, his bracelet was activated (as a result of being too far from Towa City) and exploded, killing Yuta instantly. Komaru was devastated by what had happened to Yuta and burst into tears, saying it's impossible to escape. But Toko encouraged the despairing Komaru to at least die trying to find a way out instead of waiting to die (she added quietly that those were words quoted from Makoto). The pair then tried to use the underground subway station to escape by returning to the place where they left the hotel first.

Upon arriving at the underground subway station, the gate was reinforced by a shutter. Komaru started to panic, so Toko said that the shutter was locked by someone and that there must be a clue left somewhere. After searching, they found a key from the corpse of a station worker who was killed by the Monokuma Kids.

When Komaru took the key, a Monokuma Kid suddenly hit her and secured the key. Komaru and Toko then chased the Monokuma Kid until they arrived at a construction site. Inside it, the Monokuma Kid climbed the building because he knew that Komaru and Toko couldn't climb. Komaru suggested them to go around the building entrances and trap the Monokuma Kid in a dead end. Arriving at the dead end, they found a challenge letter from the Monokuma Kid to come to the hospital, the place where Komaru and Toko's journey began. After they manage to beat the Monokuma Kid, who is later seen crying and running away, they take the key from the safe and return from the hospital to the underground subway station.

In front of the subway station, Komaru and Toko stumble upon a female adult who panics, is unable to say things clearly, and keeps apologizing to Komaru and Toko. After conversing with the adult, they were finally able to open the shutter and go downward. However, all they could see was pitch-black darkness, until suddenly, the pair are illuminated by spotlights.

Komaru and Toko realized that they have been trapped in the center of a coliseum full of Monokuma Kids in the audience who cheerfully spectate as the leader of the Warriors of Hope, and the one who is in charge of the Hero Class, Masaru Daimon, appears. He boastfully claims that he will be the one to banish all of the "demons" from Towa City to make a paradise for the children. After saying this, he opens a trapdoor beneath him, uncloaking the corpses of countless adults. Masaru states that those are all the remains of the adults that he has killed. 

As the Monokuma Kids continue their applause, Masaru begins to feel fear; something which he apparently never felt in any of his his previous "demon slaying sessions." Seeing his left hand trembling, Masaru enters a state of panic, mixed with the resurfacing of his abusive past. He frantically chants to himself over and over how "heroes aren't afraid of anything", then proceeds to beat his own left arm for trembling in fear. Komaru tries to calm him down, but after he finished panicking, his arm now completely blue with several bruises, he seems only more determined to defeat the girls.

Following a fierce battle, the girls overcome Masaru and his robot, which results in the Monokuma Kids executing him as his punishment for losing. Komaru is horrified at what they do to him, but Toko replies that his execution was too simple (since she has already experienced in witnessing even more horrific executions during the killing school life). The two leave, only to find that another subway station has opened. The two then decide to enter, aiming to find an egress from this town. Someone, however, has already been watching them without their knowing.

Chapter 2 - Legend of the RevolutionEdit

Komaru and Toko entered the opened subway station only to found an unmoving train. Feeling down for a moment, Komaru finally decided to walk along the railway.

As Komaru and Toko walked deeper on the railway, an earthquake struck and made the ceiling collapse. Toko who collapsed after a big cracked rock hit her switched to Genocide Jack who quickly dashed back to the entrance followed by Komaru. At the very last second Komaru and Jack managed to escaped the destroyed tunnel.

After Jack sneezed and switched to Toko again, Komaru suddenly depressed and wonder if she couldn't really escape from Towa City. Just before Toko could rally Komaru again like she did before after Yuta's death, two Monokuma Kids approached them with a TV that connected to the Warriors of Hope headquarter and Jataro Kemuri, one of the Warriors of Hope's member appeared on the screen.

Jataro introduced himself to the girls before he explained that Komaru, the one with the wristband can't leave the city because she is one of the Warriors of Hope's target. He also explained that there's a limit within the game. Toko guessed that's why Yuta was exploded when he tried to leave the town. Jataro told that it wasn't the Warriors of Hope's fault. The wristband is made to explode when the user goes outside the town without permission.

Before Jataro left, he presented his diorama. A Monokuma behind adults who happily dancing together, but soon the video changed to the Monokuma controlling the adults, who were actually died with giant screws planted on their bodies. As the television monitor disconnected, Komaru cried. Toko, once again rallied Komaru to not lost her hope to survive. Toko said that she was with Komaru, assisted her to fight and to rely on.

Komaru and Toko later decided to go the way they came first. On the surface, they were surprised to see hundred Monokumas and Monokuma Kids dancing. For their safety, they once again walk down to the subway. Toko, who forgot that she is afraid of the dark suggested to go back to the underground, which is agreed by Komaru who thought Toko was showing her how to go forward, even if she's scared. Annoyed Toko eventually had no choice and the two of them travelled back to the underground.

Komaru wondered why the Monokuma Kids were giving her bullets after a Monokuma Kid presented her a new Truth Bullet if the gun belongs to Future Foundation. Toko guessed that there might be some kids in the group who wanted to support them. As they walked again, Komaru tried to defeat Guard Monokumas who suddenly attacked them with the Knockback bullet.

Exploring the district deeper, the two girls then saw someone underneath a white sheet being kicked by Monokumas, crying and begging them to stop. After Komaru destroyed the Monokumas, she went to uncover the white sheet to check if that "someone" is okay. Komaru was surprised after discovering that the someone is another bear robot just like Monokuma.

Just when Komaru and Toko speculated what and who is he, he then started to talk, surprising the two girls. Even though the bear confessed that he's not a suspicious bear, Toko ordered Komaru to shoot him. He was shocked and told them that he's different than the other Monokumas because he has an AI inside him. He introduced himself as Shirokuma. Toko told Komaru to not be fooled by his cuteness, but was eventually fooled herself when he said that he wanted be friends with many pretty ladies. Shirokuma also confessed that he can tell someone's first kiss date and time, making Toko more and more fooled by him.

After Toko calmed down from her "heated" imagination to uncover those "fraudulent career women's virginity", Shirokuma asked them why Komaru and Toko were on the city. Komaru answered that they had no place to go, so Shirokuma offered them a safe place to hide. Toko didn't trust Shirokuma and thought he wanted to kidnap them. Shirokuma said that that the safe place is a secret base underground where adults are living in hiding. Komaru thought that it's a good idea to go to the secret base. Toko once again didn't have any option left and the two girls started to follow Shirokuma who showed them the way to the adults's secret base.

After a while traveling around the underground area, the group decided to take a break. Toko who didn't trust Shirokuma accused him of lying in wait for them earlier. Shirokuma admitted it, but claimed that he watched Komaru and Toko only so he could save them. Komaru asked Shirokuma why he wanted to save them. He answered that he just wants to save people. Komaru is amazed by Shirokuma's dedication and decided to kept rely on him as an ally, but Toko stayed suspicious.

Inside the room where the group stayed, there's a hole with a ladder extending to the sewer, leading to the secret base that none of the Monokumas knew about it.

Explored the sewer deeper, the group eventually found a ladder to the secret base. Shirokuma told the girls to follow him, and Toko forced Komaru to go first because she might die if Komaru saw her panties.

Komaru and Toko were surprised after they entered the secret base and saw many adults there. The secret base was an old warehouse where the adults used to store water tanks and the kids didn't know about this information. Komaru questioned why there's so many trailers on the corner of the base and Shirokuma answered that he was the one who brought them to make it a little easier for everyone to live. The white bear left them, as they could meet again after the girls talked to some adults around the base.

Komaru and Toko chatted with some adults inside the secret base until finally they met with a woman who is kinda different from the others. Komaru was surprised after the woman showed them her Monokuma Wristband. The woman was glad to meet an "ally" and explained there are plenty of the Hit List Targets hiding somewhere in the city, shuddering in fear. If possible, she wanted to save them and bring them to the secret base. Everyone beside Shirokuma aren't allowed to go outside, but they could sneak out and sometimes the woman has adults bring back cigarettes from the outside. She introduces herself as Hiroko Hagakure. Toko who knew that the women related to one of her classmates wondered if she was his older sister, or maybe the mother. Hiroko quickly called the two Koko and Fufu.

After Komaru and Toko finished talking with some adults, Shirokuma invited them to the conference room. Inside of the conference room, Shirokuma saw no signs of the leader of the Resistance. He wanted introduce him to Komaru and Toko.

Komaru and Toko checked the inside of the lockers in the corner of the room, when suddenly the door opened and Haiji Towa, the leader of the Resistance showed up. Toko who didn't expect that the leader is a "handsome" guy, quickly introduced herself to him, followed by Komaru. Komaru stepped in before Toko could ask him nonsense questions and asked Haiji if he is related to the Towa Group. Haiji is the son of the Towa Group's chairman. He lost everything, Towa Group and even the whole Towa City because of the kids. Haiji didn't really know about Towa City's current situation, and the one who would know everything, is his dad who has been missing since the riots.

Komaru became sad and depressed when she suddenly remembered her missing parents and asked Haiji if he knew how to escape the city. All of the roads to outside are completely blocked and Komaru's wristband would explode if she tried to escape the city, said Haiji. Komaru desperately asked if she could somehow get rid of the Monokuma Wristband, but not even Haiji and Shirokuma know how to do it. Haiji advised that staying put and keeping quiet is the best move.

Toko questioned why the Resistance doesn't try to fight the kids, but Haiji insisted that it would be suicide if they tried to. Toko called him a coward, but he claimed that he's only waiting for the opportunity to strike back. When Komaru felt that Toko's harshness was going too far, Toko confessed that she was also speaking to Komaru and criticizes her for only making excuses instead of fighting back.

Later, Toko guessed that maybe Future Foundation's technology could get rid off the wristband. When Toko was revealed to be a member of Future Foundation, Haiji suddenly got angry and ordered Komaru and Toko to get out from the secret base because he refused to cooperate with the organization. Haiji then left the girls and Shirokuma.

Toko decided to get out from the secret base along with Komaru, but they saw adults screaming as they watched a monitor. Shirokuma offered them to stay one night because the underground would get even darker, and it's not safe for the girls to go out at dark. He lead them to a room, which is actually a prison cell.

Shirokuma wondered if Future Foundation would came and save the adults, but the only problem is how to reach them. Shirokuma then gave the girls a newest wireless device Togami Group developed that can send audio and video. It wasn't available to the public, but groups like the police and Future Foundation use it. Komaru wondered if they can contact the Future Foundation with it, but there was a radio interference that made it difficult. The jamming radio waves that spread everywhere around Towa were emitted from a building called Towa Hills. If they send a signal from a skyscrapper called Towa Tower, they should be able to avoid the jamming. Toko asked why Shirokuma didn't send other adults for the job if he already knew all this, but he explained it's impossible for anyone there because Monokumas are patrolling outside. Shirokuma trusted Komaru and Toko after he saw how the two girls fight. The job might be dangerous and Shirokuma didn't plan on forcing them, but Komaru wanted to go. She wanted to keep trying and move forward to survive.

Komaru and Toko made their decision to carry out the mission and get some rest for that night. Komaru, who could finally see a ray of hope thanks to Shirokuma, hugged and surprised the white bear. After a good sleep, Komaru felt refreshed and ready to go. Shirokuma told them how to reach Towa Tower and said farewell to them.

Not long after Komaru and Toko walk through the river side in the upper ground, they finally arrived in front of the Towa Tower. Just when Komaru and Toko about to going inside, Komaru discovered Jataro who hiding in disguised, and after that they surrounded by Monokumas who emerged from every direction. Komaru and Toko defeated all of the appearing Monokumas while Jataro left without knowing during the ambush. Toko hoped that Jataro didn't lay in wait to ambush them again and not fall into Shirokuma's "trap".

Inside the building, Komaru suggested them to get all the way to the top of Towa Tower. By using the elevator, they should be able to make it to the top of the tower. But when they reach the elevator, it won't functioning unless they have a specific card to activate the elevator. Toko gave up because they had no card and decided to turned back. Komaru quickly refused it and decided to climb the stairs all the way to the top, and rest oftenly so they didn't easily tired.

Komaru and Toko were attacked by a new Monokuma unit, Ball Monokuma before they could reach the stairs. After defeating it, they found the way to the next stairs were blocked by fence, making Toko suggested that they should really turned around. But Komaru refused and insisted to find the other way.

Managing to go through, Komaru and Toko saw a glasses man on the fourth floor who were busy with his laptop which he picked at the city's electronics store. He surprised Toko, making her fall from the stairs.

When the situation calmed down, the man confessed that he was hiding from the kids. He picked the laptop because it might be able to remove the wristband and he tried to program something. He showed his wristband that he got after being ambushed by the Warriors of Hope and couldn't remove it. He felt sorry and apologized to Komaru because he can't program something to remove the wristband sooner and he said they can't be saved as long as they had their wristband.

Komaru denied it because they would contacted the Future Foundation for help. The man who didn't understand make Komaru explained her goal there in Towa Tower. The man understand and knew that the elevator won't move. When Komaru said it needed a spesific card, he couldn't really talk freely about it. He might offered help to move the elevator since he was an architecht security system programs in that place, but he's reluctant because there's no way Komaru and Toko would wanted to being helped by a person that they just met. But after Komaru insisted him, he agreed to help them.

Reached the elevator, the glasses man found that the elevator using the newest security system. When the man just barely started to hack the system, Junk Monokumas appeared, forcing Komaru and Toko to cover the man until he finished his task.

Finished defeating the Monokumas, the glasses man successfuly functioning the elevator. He really thanksful to Komaru and Toko because he started to see a ray of hope. If the connection is good he sure that Future Foundation would come to aid them. Unfortunately, when the elevator open, a Beast Monokuma emerged, attacked the girls and injured the glasses man.

Defeating the Monokumas, the glasses man apologize to the girls for not accompanying them until they reach the top of Towa Tower. But he sure that the girls will be fine. He told to Komaru and Toko that he has a child around their age, but they got separated from the time being and he couldn't do anything. That's the last thing that he regret. Before Komaru and Toko could do anything, the glasses man catch his last breath and died.

Komaru and Toko was speachless, but they couldn't do anything again. Komaru then found a handbook near the glasses man's body. Inside the handbook, Komaru looked at the glasses man and his child photo. Toko discovered that that glasses man, was Chihiro Fujisaki's father, one of the participant of the Killing Game of Class 78th that didn't survive the game. However, Komaru didn't have time to just sit down and cried all the time. Toko agreed and both of them keep moving forward.

The two entered the elevator and just before Toko wanted to talked about Future Foundation to Komaru, the elevator suddenly stopped. The girls forcing the elevator's door to open and found themselves only to entered a dungeon, where Jataro and the Monokuma Kids have been waiting for.

Toko who curious asked him why he covered his face with mask and told him to uncovered it. Jataro panicked and told them that "if they look at his face, their eyeballs gonna be rot off." He muttered that why her mother forced him to wear that mask everyday, if his face isn't ugly.

Komaru got angered because the kids's doing is unforgivable, no matter what their reason are. The kids then booing at Jataro, making Jataro even happy because he hated more and more.

After Jataro summoned his robot, he said that the only one who likes him is "Big sis Junko". Komaru and Toko fight him until his robot breakdown, shot its final bomb, but eventually turned back and hit him, destroying itself. When Monokuma Kids pulled his mask, it revealed that his face is actually beautiful.

Komaru felt no remorse after the battle. Komaru and Toko later returned to the elevator and kept moving to the observation deck, the top of the tower. Toko who felt uneasy tried to warned Komaru about something, but she later forgot it.

Toko later entered the code to contact the Future Foundation. While it still connecting, Komaru shouted in front of the laptop, try to get someone's respond. Just when the girls gave up, Makoto, the Future Foundation 14th Division and also Komaru's bigger brother appeared on the screen.

Chapter 3 - Cute Girl's BattlefieldEdit

Komaru and Toko succeed to reached the Top of Towa Tower after defeat Jataro. She contacted the Future Foundation and so relieved when her big brother appeared on the screen. She asked about their parents, but Makoto didn't know either about their current situation and where were they. Makoto able to calmed the depressed Komaru and later asked where she was, which reminded her why her big brother is the one who responded the communication device.

Makoto explained that he joined the Future Foundation, and was surprised that Komaru was with Toko who suddenly disappeared. It was revealed that Toko went to rescue Byakuya without orders from Future Foundation. Komaru who realized that both Makoto and Toko already knew each other wondered why Toko didn't tell her.

Makoto glad that her sister was with Toko, but Toko said that she was just a babysitter for Komaru and she didn't have any choice. Toko explained that Byakuya was captured by the kids and the Ultimate Affluent Progeny was in a real danger. Makoto later explained that he, Toko, and Byakuya were trapped inside Hope's Peak Academy and forced to kill each other. The mastermind broadcasted the Killing Game so she could show the world the students of Hope's Peak Academy, the symbols of hope, falling to despair and death. But eventually Makoto and Toko survived the Killing Game and went to the outside. Soon, they came under Future Foundation protection and lend their hands to fight against the Remnants of Despair, who were trying to spread despair to the world.

Toko suddenly crying after remembering the suffering of The Tragedy. Komaru who was being locked about one and a half year didn't know about that at all. Komaru amazed by the survivors because they kept fighting and move forward, unlike her who at first gave up immediately. Toko said that Makoto was hyped after declared being the Ultimate Hope and always dragging everyone together. Komaru said that her big brother changed too, saying that Makoto being more mature and reliable than he used to be.

Makoto apologized to Komaru about her imprisonment. The cause of her imprisonment was because Makoto, and his classmate was chosen by the mastermind to participated the Killing Game, and chose everyone who was relevant to Makoto's classmate as an incentive to kill each other. The mastermind abducted people relevant to the participant and tried to abuse them as a motive. The video of Komaru and her parents being abused was used as well. But that was just the beginning. Before the mastermind went far more cruel, she was swallowed by the despair,and that motive was left unused. Komaru still imprisoned after that and that's probably the doings of the Remnants of Despair trying to succeed the mastermind's will. Future Foundation was in the dark about where the captives were being held, but a few days ago, Future Foundation received an anonymous tip. They were told captives from the Killing Game were being held in a certain apartment in Towa City. So that's why Byakuya and the others went to saved Komaru. But the plan for saving the captives were scrapped and eventually Byakuya being captured.

Future Foundation still didn't figure how to deal with the Monokumas yet, saying that the Monokuma riot starting at the exact same time with the rescue operation. Toko said that it was a conspiracy because someone was setting up Future Foundation, using the tip as a trap and using the Captives, and also the targets of Warriors of Hope's Demon's Hunting game as a bait and lured Future Foundation. Warriors of Hope make hunting and killing the Captives, everyone like Komaru who wearing wristband to taunt Future Foundation. All of them are people close to the previous Killing Game's participant. Toko said that Jataro, one of the Warriors of Hope member mentioned something about "Big Sis Junko", Junko Enoshima, the Killing Game of Class 78th and The Tragedy mastermind.

Junko Enoshima is known as the True Ultimate Despair and was Makoto and Toko's former classmate. Although she was already died, her memory is still alive and well. Even in death, Junko Enoshima continue to influence the Remnants of Despair and more troubling than when she was alive. Makoto thought that Junko must have foreseen this possibility from the very beginning.

Komaru couldn't believe that all of the incident was real. She belived that Future Foundation can remove her wristband and begged to Makoto to save her because of the wristband she can't get out of the city without permission. Toko said that the organization couldn't do that because the kids were holding Byakuya as a hostage to prevent Future Foundation to interfere. There's no other way to escaped from the city except they defeat the kids.

Komaru can't take the responsibility anymore and kept begging to Makoto to save her. If Makoto come to save Komaru, Toko threatened him that she would kill his sister and suddenly, Makoto lost contact with the girls. After Toko realized that the kids and Monokumas spotted them, all of the windows being shuttered and they planned to trap the girls inside Towa Tower. A blackout suddenly happened, making Toko panics. They soon spotted a Monokuma Kid playing with a Monokuma plushie, and soon escaped after she kicked a light stick to the girls. Komaru and Toko tried to escaped by following the Monokuma Kid's footsteps.

Komaru and Toko caught the Monokuma Kid and she led them to an emergency staircase. But it was a trap as the Monokuma Kid slammed the door to Toko, making her instantly collapse and the door knob blown after Komaru tried to reach the Monokuma Kid.

Toko who once again daydreamed about Byakuya woken by Komaru. They discovered that the exit was blocked. A Bomber Monokuma was shot by Komaru thus destroyed the window and finally they could get outside. They also discovered a ladder, and soon get back down.

Komaru and Toko arrived at the second floor of the tower despite using an emergency ladder. The two forced to enter the building again, but fortunately they soon found and turned on the power panel.

Cleared challenges that they received from Monokuma Kids and after make their way through the first and second floor, Komaru and Toko were able to get out from Towa Tower. Not long after that, Komaru asked Toko whether she serious or not that she would killed Komaru if she summoned Future Foundation. Komaru flustered and sad after she found Toko was serious, even she willing to killed one of her friend for the sake of Byakuya.

The two started to fight as finally they settle down when Komaru decided to find Shirokuma. Toko eventually followed her because she had her "reason".

Upon arrived at Resistance's secret base, Komaru asked an adult if he saw Shirokuma, but he just left without saying a words. But right after the man left, Shirokuma approached them and relieved that they returned safely. Komaru and Toko felt intimidated by the unwelcoming situation of the secret base. Shirokuma told them that Haiji and the other adults hold up a meeting inside the conference room and persuaded them to join. Hesitated at first, but they eventually join the meeting.

Haiji surprised and became irritated by the appearance of Komaru and Toko, but Shirokuma hold him. He said that he brought up a plan to reasoned with the kids, which is immediately refused by the adults. Komaru tried to support Shirokuma but Toko reminded him that the children didn't have a mercy, even on their own family as they could learnt from their fight against Masaru. Haiji kept insist to wait for the good oppoturnity to strikes. Toko who once again against his ideal being a leader had an argue with him. Komaru also agree with Haiji, saying that Toko didn't know the feelings as a weak person.

Before the things heaten up, an adult broke in the conference room and announced that Monokuma units has already attacked the secret base and massacre the adults. Just when Toko and Komaru followed Haiji and others to escape, Shirokuma begged them to protected everyone.

Komaru and Toko agreed to take an action and succeed to driven the Monokuma units. Haiji approached them, blaming them that they were the cause of this massacre. He took the next step, as he commanded the adults to apprehended Komaru and Toko.

Komaru held in a dusty room. Inside, she regretted that she insisted to came back to the secret base, resulting many people's death. While crying, suddenly Kotoko Utsugi, the head of Fighter class of Warriors of Hope broke in to her room. She told Komaru that she determined to hunt her, but she changed her mind and let Komaru escape and the reason was because Komaru is adorable.

Just when Komaru left the cell, Kotoko shot her with her Denture Launcher, making Komaru fell and felt sleepy all of sudden.

Komaru get up, only found that she was being tied up in a room inside a train. Kotoko planned to torture her with tentacles-hand to tickles her.

Soon, Genocide Jack appeared, defeating Kotoko and saved Komaru when the train crash to a building that later revealed as Kotoko's dungeon. As she talking, Toko said "gentle", making Kotoko scared and mad. Kotoko finally unleashed her robot to fight with Komaru and Toko.

Komaru and Toko were able to defeat Kotoko's robot, thus making Monokuma Kids angry and approached Kotoko to dragged her to her execution. Just before the Monokuma Kids execute Kotoko after she failed, Genocide Jack saved her from the execution.

Nagisa suddenly appeared and told Komaru and Toko to left the city. Nagisa will let them escape because Warriors of Hope's won't progressing anymore if Komaru and Toko still interfere the game. Kotoko worried about Monaca, but Nagisa would later persuade her.

Chapter 4 - The Way We LiveEdit

Nagisa who still insisted Komaru and Toko, kneeled on the ground and remove Komaru's Monokuma wristband, begged them to leave the city. Nagisa offered his personal guide to let them escape from the secret passageway. Despite wanted to leave the city from the very beginning, Komaru remain confused and silent when Toko asked her whether she agreed Nagisa's plan or not.

On the road leading to the secret passageway, Nagisa, Komaru and Toko were ambushed by Monokumas and Monokuma Kids, making Nagisa shocked due the fact that the Monokumas attacked him. Toko guessed that the Warriors of Hope already discovered his "betrayal".

Komaru, Toko and Nagisa encountered a pile of bodies were stacked at the corner of the road. Nagisa  said that the Warriors of Hope murdering adult because they were afraid of adult.

Nagisa told Komaru and Toko about his tragic past where his father used him as a guinea pig on his experiment where he pushed Nagisa until his break point.

The Warriors of Hope who suffered due to their parents doing decided to committed suicide. But Junko stopped them, telling them to fight back instead running away. So Junko abducted them and their disappearance didn't make much news due to the Tragedy that was growing at that time.

The Warriors of Hope began to rebelled against the adult by murdered their parents first. After that, they started the "Operation Children's Paradise". Despite the Warriors of Hope unstoppable advance, their guide Junko died during the events of the first game. However, Monaca didn't despair and supported her friends to kept move forward.

Komaru, Toko, and Nagisa finally arrived at a shrine. Nagisa revealed the secret passageway and ordered Komaru to left. But the Servant came in before Komaru could left. His reason to came was to persuaded Komaru to stayed at the city. He told Nagisa that he is a traitor due to his behaviour choosing to build paradise over the Demon's Hunting game, making Nagisa ran away.

The Servant rather disappointed with Toko because she broke her deal with him to escorted Komaru to the Warriors of Hope's main base and traded her with Byakuya. The Servant explained that their first encounter on the hospital rooftop was not a coincidence meeting. Toko was told by the Servant that Komaru was going to landing on the hospital rooftop.

The Servant was the one who set up all of Komaru and Toko's journey from the very beginning and the reason why he did so was because Makoto's doing. He defeated Junko, the person that the Servant trully hated and he wasn't there to witnessed Junko's death.

Komaru became so flustered and started to crying when Toko admitted that she was deceiving Komaru. She blamed on Komaru for trusting her. Toko didn't have much choice but to take Komaru with brute force as she switched to Jack and attacked Komaru until she lost consciousness. However, Komaru could saw that Toko was only acting so she could left the city and left Toko behind. Toko admitted it and forced Komaru to leave.

The Servant approached them, telling if Komaru escaped the city, the hostage's safety couldn't be guaranteed. He sprayed powder to Toko so she could sneezed and switched to Jack in order to kill Komaru. But the Servant didn't expect what happen next, he didn't know that both Toko and Jack not only share knowledge but also emotions. Jack's insting told her to killed the Servant so she cut his thigh. Just before Jack could kill the Servant, Komaru stopped her, vowing to help Toko and remained stay at the city.

The Servant later told them that he had a partner that planned to escort Komaru to the Warriors of Hope's main base, but he didn't really know his main objective.

In order to release Byakuya, they have to stopped the Warriors of Hope's rioting. Komaru suggested that they should have Shirokuma and Haiji to supported them. After the Servant directed them to the fastest way to reach the Resistance secret base, Komaru and Toko started their journey again.

Upon arriving at the subway station, Komaru and Toko destructing and collapsing an area, using the railway as ladder to go down to the sewer. The two girls kept up their pace as they could heard adults screaming from the secret base.

Komaru and Toko witnessed the adults massacred by Monokumas that ambushed the secret base. Shirokuma approached them and begged them to defeated the Monokumas.

Like they did previous times, Komaru and Toko managed to get rid of the Monokumas attack. Shirokuma told them the Monokumas were coming from a hole from the back of the base and he need Komaru and Toko to block it using a suicide attack. Shirokuma's body was packed with high explosives but his suicide button was damaged during the battle so he couldn't do it on his own. Shirokuma begged Komaru to shoot him so he could explode and block the hole.

As the three reached the hole, Shirokuma forced Komaru to shot him even he braved himself to attack Komaru so she could stop him by shooting him. Shirokuma thanking Komaru with teary eyes before he exploded.

Komaru and Toko woke up after they lost consciousness due to the explosion. Two adults approaching them, telling that the hole was already blocked thanks to Shirokuma sacrifice. Haiji step in and willing to acknowledge that Komaru and Toko's efforts proved that they were not spies. The adults reported to Haiji that they were on verge of dead due to Monokumas who were going to massacred them from the front entrance. Komaru, with a new spirit after witnessed Shirokuma's sacrifice. She step up to the radio truck and made her *brave heart* speech to rally the adults spirit.

Some of the adults were inspired by Komaru's speech and one of them brought Shirokuma's remaining head, surprisingly congratulating Komaru and Toko. He said that his AI chip is on the head so he would still continue to live. Haiji who already prepared everything told Komaru and Toko to get out from the Resistance secret base to go to a certain place where his "trump card" was hidden. Haiji ordered Komaru to get prepared herself because they gonna ride a motorcycle to the place where Haiji's trump card hidden.

The three using an elaborate elevator down to the hidden place which is Towa Group's secret factory that restricted to top executives only. There's a reason why Haiji hesitated to come to this place at first because they using Monokumas to guard the secret factory. The control office can't be contacted since the Tragedy and Haiji thought that the Monokumas inside had their control functions broken that they could attack Haiji. The trump card is deep inside the secret factory and the three need to took the elevator to the bottom floor.

Upon arriving at the third base floor, the three found that the elevator couldn't approached due to the constant lasers. Komaru, Toko and Haiji moved to the management room to insert the password to turned off the lasers, but inside the room, the worker who knew the password was killed by a Guard Monokuma. After cracking the password, the three finally arrived at the bottom floor.

The trump card revealed as a Big Bang Monokuma, an oversized Monokuma, the secret weapon built by Towa Group to defend the city. Toko freaked out, asking why Towa Group producing Monokumas in their secret factory. Haiji explained that Monokumas they made first actually introduced as a Maid Robot.

During their conversation, suddenly Nagisa's robot broke in to destroy the Big Bang Monokuma. Eventually, Komaru and Toko were able to damaged the robots heavily, making its parts bending one by one until the left arm fell and crushed Nagisa to death.

Haiji finally could activated Big Bang Monokuma and began his counterattack to the kids.

Chapter 5 - Absolute Despair Girl Edit

After successfully activating the Big Bang Monokuma, Komaru and Toko were faced with a brand-new situation: the stress of the continuing chaos had driven the adults into a murderous fervor, inflamed further by Haiji and the presence of the humongous Monokuma, which was able to beat back the Monokumas that had been incessantly harassing the adults. The unabated hatred of the children among the adults caused both girls to become scared; Komaru in particular became frightened at the chaos she had indirectly caused through her speech in the underground bunker. It was then that Shirokuma, who had insisted that Hiroko bring his still-functioning head to Komaru, suggested to Komaru and Toko to invade Towa Hills while the Big Bang Monokuma continued causing chaos; he reasoned that the Big Bang Monokuma would keep the regular Monokumas busy enough such that Towa Hills would be vulnerable.

Agreeing to the plan, the girls fought their way to Towa Hills, becoming the first members of the Resistance to enter the building. While making their way through the building, they discovered several areas were blocked off by replicas of the mecha used by the Warriors of Hope. While searching for a way past the mecha, it quickly became clear to the girls that parts of Towa Hills had been converted into rooms for the Warriors of Hope, several of which revealed information about the brainwashed nature of the Monokuma Kids, causing considerable concern in both girls.

Soon after, the girls were faced with the prospect of becoming stuck in their mission because the only lift available to them for access required some form of identification. Haiji then showed up behind them, accidentally spooking them before he revealed that the only way to access the top of Towa Hills was retinal access granted by Tokuichi Towa's eyes. The girls learned from him that, rather than missing as he had previously stated, he was actually murdered by the Monokumas controlled by the Monokuma kids. However, since his head remained, his retinas remained intact and so retinal access would still be possible just by using his severed head. When the two girls arrived later at his office, they were scared stiff, but Komaru willed herself to carry his severed head in a tote bag, despite her fears.

Shortly after the lift access was granted, it became clear that Komaru had become too mentally affected by the severed head, eventually succumbing for a short while to hallucinations - which she thought was the spirit of Tokuichi possessing her body. Only with Toko's interference with a made-up chant was Komaru able to get rid of her hallucinations.

Komaru and Toko once again encountered Kotoko after they saved her from the Beast Monokumas who surrounded her. Kotoko confessed that she felt betrayed by Monaca who said that she didn't care about the paradise they were building from the very beginning. To proved that she was not accomplice to Monaca anymore, Kotoko gave Komaru and Toko information regarding the room where Byakuya held and the Monokuma controller room. Kotoko adviced them to met Monaca and get the key to the hostage's room as she left to get the Monokumas controlller device.

Komaru and Toko finally arrived at the torture room.  Haiji who also searching for this room explained that the torture room is a room where the kids torturing the relatives of all the adults that hiding in the secret base and throwing their bodies on the room next door. Toko wondered how the kids could learned the victims profile. They soon left Haiji alone inside the torture room.

As they gained further access into the various rooms across Towa Hills, the truth behind the riots in Towa City began to slowly see the light of day as the girls collected disparate pieces of evidence that strongly demonstrated various aspects of the Warriors of Hope's reasoning. They also found Monaca's room atop a high ledge only accessible by a ladder - Toko was greatly disturbed by the pictures of Junko Enoshima covering the walls and ceiling, but Komaru found herself wondering about something she couldn't quite place.

Finally, Komaru, Toko, and Haiji reached the Warriors of Hope's airship atop Towa Hills. Kurokuma told them that Monaca was sleeping in one of three rooms on the wall; to confront her, the Resistance had to choose the correct door. After a moment's thought, Komaru finally realized what had previously bothered her about Monaca's room; it was in a place that should have been impossible for the wheelchair-bound girl to reach. As such, she chose to open the door at the top of a ladder, prompting Monaca to emerge and reveal that she had full use of her legs after all.

After a short confrontation between Haiji and Monaca, the latter called on Kurokuma to summon their battle robot, which appeared to be a combination of the robots used by the other Warriors of Hope. Komaru and Toko were able to defeat them, leading to Kurokuma having his head sent flying of his body, through the window, and falling down to the ground. Seemingly defeated, Monaca gave Komaru her Monokuma controller, explaining that destroying the controller would shut the entire army down.

However, Komaru was hesitant to break the controller, realizing that something wasn't right. Her distress increased as Haiji began pressuring her to destroy the controller, reminding Komaru that it was her words that had inspired the adult Resistance to fight back against the Warriors of Hope. To make matters worse, Kotoko suddenly appeared, warning Komaru not to break the controller - if she did, it would kill the Monokuma Kids by detonating their helmets. As Haiji, Kotoko, and Monaca argued, Komaru was left paralyzed by indecision, especially when she realized that the adults had no compunctions about letting the brainwashed Monokuma Kids die to end the war. When Monaca showed a video of Komaru's parents dead in a torture room, Komaru fell into complete despair, deciding to break the controller and be done with the madness. Monaca gleefully revealed that her true goal was to turn Komaru into "Junko Enoshima II", driving her to despair by forcing her to choose between the tormented-but-bloodthirsty adults and the brainwashed children.

Suddenly, Toko took the controller from Komaru to prevent her from breaking it. Monaca questioned why she did that, saying it's her duty to Byakuya and the Future Foundation to eliminate all despair (referring to the Monokumas). Toko agreed, but added that she also doesn't want to let despair spread to Komaru, the Monokuma Kids, or anywhere else. Haiji then got angry at her for refusing to destroy the controller to save the adults, even if it means killing all the kids (since they were the ones trying to kill them). But Kotoko attacked Haiji in order to help Toko. But then, the giant Big Bang Monokuma began attacking the ship. Monaca claimed that it is being controlling by someone (being Shirokuma) to try and kill them all. In panic, Haiji, Kotoko, and Toko (who dragged the despaired Komaru with her) escaped the crumbling room. Monaca, however, remained at the room and smiled insanely as the Big Bang Monokuma attacked her.

Later on, Toko slapped the despairing Komaru out of it (physically and mentally) and asked her whom she wanted to save, the adults or the children. In a burst of tears and a regain of sanity, Komaru answered that she wanted to save both. Then, the Big Bang Monokuma approached them. Komaru then wiped her tears and with Toko, confidently began to fight against it. Upon defeating it, the Big Bang Monokuma's head blasted off and ended up landing back on the body upside down. Shirokuma's head then blasted off the Big Bang Monokuma's evil red eye before the giant robot collapsed.

Komaru and Toko who got the storage room key from Monaca immediately saved Byakuya but on the half way, Komaru suddenly vowed to save both adults and children by staying in Towa City.

Epilogue - The Changing World We MadeEdit

During the Epilogue, Komaru told Toko that she decided to stay at the city. Toko became furious, complaining why she's staying despite wanting to leave so much before. Komaru first said that she finally gained confidence in herself after she made her first decision by herself on protecting both the adults and the children. Komaru then said that she's staying because if she left with Byakuya and Toko, the Future Foundation will find out about the dark secret revolving the Towa Corporation, which will lead to the Remnants of Despair gathering at Towa City, and ending in a war.

So Komaru decided to stay as a hostage so Byakuya and Toko can convince the Future Foundation to not attempt anything on the city. Toko then said that she decided to stay as well because she was her friend and the two of them barely cover as a hostage for Byakuya. Komaru asked about Toko's desire to be with Byakuya. Toko then replied that no matter how far they are, their feelings for each other will remain the same. Byakuya, who was locked in a nearby room, called them and said that Toko was right, since he will remain to have no feelings for Toko, much to Toko's shock.

Later on, Byakuya showed a video of Komaru to Makoto through the computer. The video showed Komaru explaining to her brother her reasons for not leaving the city. She said she will be fine as long as she has Byakuya's hacking gun and Toko. She said that she and Toko will wait for them until Makoto and Byakuya finish off the Remnants of Despair. She then added that when she went to the torture room where Monaca's video showed her dead parents were, she found that there was no sign of her parents. She claimed that its possible that their parents were still alive somewhere, and she would cling to that belief.

After the credits, Komaru is chasing after Toko on a bright, sunny day in Towa City.


Makoto NaegiEdit

Komaru and Makoto seem to have a good relationship, implied in Monokuma's motivational videos. In the video it showed Komaru and her parents cheering her brother on when he succeeds to enroll in Hope's Peak Academy. They also have a similarity as siblings as they both have the same ahoge. According to Komaru herself, the two watch TV together, as well as share thoughts on manga they share with each other. She's also mentioned that they did argue quite a bit which is rather common in siblings.

Toko Fukawa Edit

Toko helps aid Komaru through The Tragedy. Komaru seems to see Toko in a good light as both of them are seen sharing beds together (though Toko looks very uncomfortable at Komaru's accidental invasion of space) and they help each other climb up taller items. She often shows Toko affection whenever she is thankful for Toko's help, much to Toko's annoyance. Throughout the game, she forms an unbreakable bond with Toko as the two work together and learn to rely on each other.

During an interview with the crew behind Ultra Despair Girls, Kodaka states that the game is about "the deepening friendship between Komaru and Toko."

Hiroko Hagakure Edit

Hiroko and Komaru appear to be friends to some extent, as Hiroko calls Komaru "Koko" ("Komaruchi" in the Japanese version). Hiroko calls Komaru by her first name meaning she is very playful with her.

Warriors of Hope Edit

Throughout her whole Journey, Komaru will come across the Warriors of Hope. Komaru appears to distrust them, even fear them. Monaca calls her "Big Sis" though Komaru appears to be afraid of her the most. Komaru eventually sees them as the bad guys.

Although, after each execution she shows complete shock and is horrified by how the Warriors were treated and how they are executed. Also, Komaru seems to have a very slight friendship with Kotoko after she is saved. By the end of the game, Monaca is the only Warrior of Hope that Komaru would seem to definitely hate.

Yuta Asahina Edit

Yuta and Komaru first meet on the Towa City Bridge. She appeared happy that Yuta survived, after the bridge is destroyed, and took great joy in watching Yuta swim, cheering him on. She was shocked when Yuta exploded and is shown to be traumatized slightly by this event.


  • “Hey, big brother! Are you watching!? Do your best!” (to Makoto Naegi)
  • “My name is Komaru Naegi, an exceedingly normal female high school student living in an abnormal day life.”
  • “I, a high school student, accepted that despair and grew used to be confined life, but... waiting at the end of that despair was even worse despair. I never had much hope, but now I'm being made to realize that I should change that.”
  • “Stop doing all of those cruel things!” (to Warriors of Hope)
  • “W-Why... are you able to smile like that? It's completely strange... it's abnormal...”
  • “I keep telling you! My name is Komaru, not Omaru!” (When Toko Fukawa calls a toilet her doppelganger)
  • “Strange things have happened today, after all...”
  • “You have...quite a wild imagination for what people think.” (to Toko)
  • “It's kind of amazing that there are people who feel that strongly...” (in response to Toko's obsession)
  • “I'm forever grateful! Thank god that I was able to meet you!” (to Toko)
  • “I-I see. Toko, you're an amazing person. A normal girl like me is worried... but for you it's not a big deal.” (to Toko)
  • “I've been alone since I was confined, and didn't have anyone at all that I could depend on... So, I'm very happy that we're together, Toko! I'm really extra super happy!” (to Toko)
  • “I may be young...but being tired is just being tired...”
  • “A manga with small eyes would be like ramen without a bamboo topping!”
  • “I know that just not being alone can give some piece of mind.”
  • “I'm different from amazing people like you... I can't do anything...because I'm a normal, everyday person...” (to Toko)
  • “I'm a high school girl and I have a hacking gun, so does this situation seem like an otaku's doing?”
  • “Heck yeah! I'll never lose against kids!”
  • “A dream that requires you to hurt someone... I think it's wrong.” (to Nagisa Shingetsu)
  • “I, along with Toko and everyone here, want a happy ending! A proper happy ending that's super cliché and predictable, where everyone's smiling....”
  • “My antenna is charming and really pretty!” (talking about her ahoge)
  • “HOPE LIVES ON!” (with Toko)

 Trivia Edit

  • Komaru's report card states that:
    • She likes Shoujo manga and trendy things and that she dislikes lighting and the rainy season,
    • Her blood type is A,
    • Her chest is 33 in.
  • Her first name (as 困る) is Japanese for "to be troubled or worried".
    • Komaru's name is written in hiragana, but can also be written in kanji as 小丸, meaning "little and perfect". The character 丸 is also the second kanji in the word 弾丸 dangan, which means "bullet". Thus, it could be that Komaru's name is meant to imply at her relation to Makoto, who is the first character in the series to utilize "Truth Bullets".
  • Her last name (苗木) means “seedlings.”
  • Komaru's dream is to become a manga artist.
  • One of her favorite manga is The Bomb Inside Her.
  • Komaru's favorite idol is Sayaka Maizono. She calls herself a 'Sayaker' which she explains is a term used by and for Sayaka's fans. Komaru states that she tends to buy CDs and merchandise with her monthly allowance.
  • Although Komaru is almost completely normal to what Toko explains as being "a frightening degree, she does have some unusual traits.
    • She appears to have an ability to sense and talk with ghosts.
    • She has strange tastes in food; her favorite foods are sparrow's nests, tuna eyeballs, and kangaroos.
    • She admits that she enjoys talking into electrical fans and that she is sorta bad at math, while her Hit List entry is examined.
  • In Chapter 1, Komaru accidentally stated that she can't ride a bicycle.
    • In Chapter 4, she somehow rode a motorcycle carrying Toko Fukawa and Haiji Towa, despite not being able to ride a bicycle.
  • Komaru's "reprimanding" sprite from Ultra Despair Girls is very similar to that of Mahiru Koizumi from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
  • Komaru's voice actress, Aya Uchida, and Makoto's voice actress, Megumi Ogata, perform the ending theme of Ultra Despair Girls together, making it the first game in the series where the credits' theme isn't sung by Megumi Ogata alone.


  1. In Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, the Monokumas estimate her age as 15-17. [1]

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