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Kou Inuzuka
Kou inuzuka
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Title DSC number 943
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Birth date Unknown (Age 41)
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Status Deceased
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Novel Danganronpa Kirigiri

   Kou Inuzuka (犬塚 甲 Inudzuka Kō) is a character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri.


Kou is a short and fat man who is usually drunk and carries around a bottle of liquor concealed in a bag.


Yui Samidare initially thinks Kou is a poor drunk man, judging form his looks. Her impression of him changes drastically after Kou deduces her lifestyle simply by taking a look at her. Despite his love for alcohol, Kou is a keen detective.


Kou is 41 years old, making him the oldest detective of the group, and specialize in murder. He also has the highest rank. His DSC number is 943. He along with the other detectives are decapitated by the culprit.


  • "Kou" (甲) means "first class" or "A grade", but also "carapace". These different meanings altogether reflect how despite his unsightly appearance, Inuzuka is a detective of a very high ranking - the highest of all detectives featured in the novel.
  • "Inuzuka" (犬塚) means "dog's hillock".
    • It should be noted that aside from simply meaning "dog", 犬 inu is also the Japanese equivalent of the English colloquialism "snoop", which means "detective".


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