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Komaru's hacking gun referance

The Megaphone Hacking Gun's reference page.

The Megaphone Hacking Gun (拡声器型ハッキング銃 kakuseikigata hakkingu jū; lit. "megaphone-model hacking gun") is a device used both as a tool and as a weapon by Komaru Naegi as she journeys through Towa City in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.

According to Toko Fukawa, the hacking gun sends out programming codes in an electromagnetic wave, allowing it to hack into the target's mechanisms from a distance. The hacking gun's abilities seem to depend on where and for what the converting tactical operations they were created for.


The origins of the Megaphone Hacking Gun are unknown, but it was presumably developed by the Future Foundation to use against Monokuma and other robots belonging to the Ultimate Despair group. Byakuya Togami used one during the Future Foundation's rescue of Komaru, masterfully taking down a Monokuma Unit that was threatening the girl.

Afterwards, Byakuya gave a bewildered Komaru a Megaphone Hacking Gun of her own, and the player's first attempt at using it begins.

Users of The Megaphone Hacking Gun


The Megaphone Hacking Gun's ammunition is called "Kotodama" (言弾; lit. "word bullets"), a pun on the homophonous Japanese term 言霊 which means "the power of language". There are eight different functions to the Hacking Gun, each with its own type of kotodama, represented by a specific color and kanji character.

At first, the hacking gun is equipped with all eight functions available indefinitely. However, after getting caught by the Warriors of Hope and transferred to their flying base, the gun gets tampered with and is left only a limited amount of "BREAK" bullets and an unlimited amount of "MOVE" bullets which are installed onto the gun immediately after receiving them from the Servant upon waking up in the Warriors' base.

As the game progresses, several Monokuma Kids will give Komaru the remaining functions of the hacking gun, albeit with limited ammunition.

The eight types of Kotodama are as follows:

  • "BREAK" (「自発破壊 - コワレロJihatsu Hakai - KOWARERO; lit. "Spontaneous Destruction - BREAK"): The simplest offensive function of the Megaphone Hacking Gun. It releases a blue orb which knocks Monokuma units back upon contact. it usually takes four of these shots to destroy a unit. However, hitting a Monokuma Unit right on its weak spot - the jagged red left eye - instantly destroys it, no matter how many shots it had sustained before. In addition to saving ammunition, hitting the weak spot also triggers the "NICE SHOT" bonus, which causes the destroyed Monokuma unit to leave behind more Monocoins.
    • The "BREAK" kotodama is colored blue and represented by the 「壊」 character, meaning "break" or "destroy".
  • "BURN" (「連撃燃焼 - モエロRengeki Nenshō - MOERO; lit. "Repetitive Combustion Attack - BURN"): An offensive function that does less damage per hit than the BREAK Kotodama, but fires extremely quickly.
  • "PARALYZE" (「送電麻痺 - シビレロSōden Mahi - SHIBIRERO; lit. "Palsying Electric Supply - PARALYZE"): An offensive function that creates a field of electricity that greatly damages and stuns all Monokuma Units in range. When used on a target standing in water, its range spreads to hit everything touching the water - including the user if they don't get to dry land first.
  • "KNOCKBACK" (「逆流噴射 - フキトベGyakurū Funsha - FUKITOBE; lit. "Counter-Current Propulsion - EXPEL"): An offensive function with little range and low damage, but with the power to blast enemies away for a good distance. Useful for giving Komaru some breathing room against swarms of enemies, or for knocking Monokuma units off of platforms and into pits/pools of water.
  • "DANCE" (「操作舞踊 - オドレSōsa Buyō - ODORE; lit. "Mesmerizing Step - DANCE"): A combat-assisting function of the Megaphone Hacking Gun. Shooting a Monokuma unit with "DANCE" causes it to stop walking around (or towards Komaru) and begin dancing. While the Monokuma units wave their arms around and move their feet as part of the dance, their heads remain perfectly still, allowing you to easily target their left eyes and take them down with a single "NICE SHOT" critical hit. The "DANCE" function has an additional, unique effect on Siren Monokuma units. When hitting a Siren Monokuma with "DANCE", not only does it begin dancing itself, but its siren also starts flashing in different colors and spouting colorful holographic symbols, which in turn attract other Monokuma units towards the it to join its dancing. Using "DANCE" strategically on Siren Monokumas is essential in order to clear many of the game's challenges, clear enemies from paths, and save other offensive kotodama.
    • The "DANCE" kotodama is colored pink and represented by the 「踊」 character, meaning "dance" or "skip".
  • "LINK" (「 - Kairo Setsuzoku - TSUNAGARE; lit. "Circuit Link - CONNECT"): A combat-assisting function that allows Komaru to take control of a Monokuma Unit she hits with the Kotodama. A controlled Monokuma can be moved around and made to attack its allies or activate certain pressure plates. Once time runs out (indicated by pixels disappearing from an image of Monokuma's left eye), the Monokuma unit breaks free of Komaru's control - stronger units will break free more quickly.
  • "MOVE" (「強制作動 - ウゴケKyōsei Sadō - UGOKE; lit. "Compulsive Operation - MOVE"): A basic support function of the Megaphone Hacking Gun. It is one of the first Kotodama's Komaru will recieve and one she will use often. The "MOVE" function allows Komaru to collect items from vending machines, move vehicals, and activate puzzles. Komaru has unlimited "MOVE" Kotodama. 
  • "DETECT" (「透明観察 - カンサツTōmei Kansatsu - KANSATSU; lit. "Clear Observation - INSPECT"):

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