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Megumi Han
Megumi Han
Kanji 潘 めぐみ
Romaji Han Megumi
Personal Status
Gender Female
Birth date June 3, 1989
Birth place Tokyo, Japan
Family Keiko Han (Mother)
Professional Status
Occupations Voice actress
Previous Affiliation {{{previous_affiliation}}}
Affiliation Atomic Monkey
Roles Masaru Daimon

Megumi Han (潘 めぐみ Han Megumi) is a Japanese voice actress and singer employed by Atomic Monkey. Her most notable roles include Gon Freecss in Hunter × Hunter, Five in Terror in Resonance, Daru Dayu in Show By Rock!! series, and Miki Kawai in A Silent Voice.

She voices Masaru Daimon in Danganronpa series.


Title Release Job Characters
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls 2014 Voice acting
Masaru template

Masaru Daimon
Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World 2017 Voice acting Masaru Daimon


  • Han and Mariya Ise, voices Gon Freeccs and Killua Zoldyck, the main protagonist and sidekick in Hunter × Hunter series.

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