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Every coin has two sides. It's because we hide our tails that we can show our heads to everyone.

–Mekuru Katsuragi to Misaki Asano, Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer

Mekuru Katsuragi (葛城 めくる Katsuragi Mekuru) is a character featured in Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer, a spin-off manga connected to Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy.

Mekuru is a member of Future Foundation and is part of the 6th Division's Special Case Bureau as a special investigator.

Her alternative title is Sleeping Mekuru due to easily falling asleep anytime and anywhere.


Mekuru has a small figure, with short light brown colored hair and two ahoges, usually hidden under her hoodie and light green eyes. She wears a long jacket with black outlines that reaches her hips, a short skirt, puffy white socks and dark colored sneakers. Her jacket can be zipped all the way up, covering her face.


Much like Chiaki Nanami, Mekuru easily falls asleep anytime and anywhere, gaining the title "Sleeping Mekuru". Despite that, she shows high intelligence, being able to track down a culprit's location after she wakes up and after learning the case's information and going to sleep. People called her ability "Drowsing Deduction".

Mekuru also likes to be spoiled and carried, preferring to perform the Drowsing Deduction in Misaki Asano's arms instead of on the couch.


Prior to the Tragedy

Mekuru has resolved over 100 cases, all with great accuracy, despite her young age.

Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer

Chapter 2 - Symbiotic Hospital

Mekuru is sleeping in Takumi's arms and told Misaki that she and Takumi already knew each other for a long time before she fell asleep.

Chapter 3 - Bessatsu Shounen Zetsubou Magazine

Chapter 6 - Possibility of Despair

Chapter 7 - Pre-Wedding Mystery Tour

Chapter 11 - My Buddy is You

Chapter 13 - Killer Killer is Dead

Chapter 14 - Killer Killer


Takumi Hijirihara

The two seem to have a close relationship, as Takumi is comfortable enough to carry her around and Mekuru gave him the nickname 'Hi-kun.' Misaki states that the two don't interact as simple co-workers and have a deeper relationship.

Misaki Asano

Mekuru appears to be friends with Misaki. She decides to help Misaki out with her case, and offers to go as her partner when Takumi instead decides to go see Rei Shimizu. She refers to Misaki as "Asamin".



  • Mekuru's title, Sleeping Mekuru, is a reference to Sleeping Kogoro, a character featured in the series Case Closed (known as Detective Conan in Japan).


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