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Meruko Mifune
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Novel Danganronpa Kirigiri (Second Novel)

   Meruko Mifune (三舟 メルコ Mifune Meruko) is a character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri. She used to be a psychic girl.


Meruko has short, greenish-blond hair, styled in a bob cut, and green eyes. She wears what appears to be a green sleeveless dress and has a pendant around her neck.


Meruko is a kind, ditzy young lady. She appears to be rather social as she is seen playing cards with Yuzen Minase, Akio Chage and Seiunsai Toyano'oh.


Meruko used to be a psychic girl in the past, who as child was able to bend spoons with her mind. She became famous for it until the mass media called her a faker.

Meruko came to the auction because her hobby is collecting vacuum tubes and she heard she could get a special one at this auction.

Yui Samidare asks Meruko if she's still able to bend spoons with her mind. She thinks she does, but nothing happens when she tries to do it.

In the last chapter, Suisei Nanamura shoots Meruko at the same time he shoots Yuzen Minase. Kyoko Kirigiri and Yui, believe she is dead and they run away quickly. When Suisei is about to shoot Kyoko and Yui, Meruko comes in, covered in blood, and she asks Suisei to bend. Suisei tries to shoot Meruko however, much to everyone's shock, the revolver becomes stuck and Meruko passes out. Suisei bashes the gun grip into Meruko, but she's already passed on.


  • Her last name (三舟) means "Three Ships".
  • Meruko's given name is written in katakana, and so its meaning is purely phonetic. It should be noted that it is very uncommon for a Japanese person to present their name in katakana, allowing for the possibility that despite sounding so, her given name isn't actually Japanese.

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