aka Pessimistic Detective

  • I live in In a house.
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is Detective.
  • I am Male.
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    There is an issue with the image/s you have uploaded!

    They do not meet the standard required for Danganronpa Wiki, due to a bad file name, poor quality, being entirely unsourced/uncredited, or duplication.

    Because the image/s you uploaded contain one of these issues, they have been removed, but may be uploaded again following our guidelines.

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  • Hihi! Welcome to Danganronpa wiki, we're really happy you want to help us grow as a resource to our fellow fans! :D

    So about the sprites, I'm sorry to say they're not at all the quality we accept on the wiki. Your Monokuma sprite, for example, is far too small, and the edges aren't the best. They are jagged, when they need to be straighter and smooth. You can see some good examples of transparent work in Monokuma's V3 tab for his sprite gallery, which are directly transparented from the Demo sprites, which had a black background.

    The same goes for the Hinata gif. The aspect is not at all scaled properly, and the edges are again jagged.

    I hope this doesn't discourage you from trying to be better! It's a great start, and it can only grow with practice! And we can always use more experienced image editors here! :D

    ~ Admin Monollama

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  • Hello, welcome to Danganronpa Wikia! Thank you for your recent edit.
    Monokuma V3 Sprite (4)
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    • Hello. Uh, you are an admin, right? If so, can you rearrange one of my edits or contributions on Hajime Hinata? I tried adding one of his class trial animations, but I couldn't arrange it to the right place. ~ Pessimistic Detective

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