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Mikado Shinsen
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Birth date Unknown (Around the age of 30)
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Novel Danganronpa Kirigiri (Second Novel)

   Mikado Shinsen (新仙 帝 Shinsen Mikado) is a character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri.

Mikado is a man with a mysterious air about him, who has claimed his ability to sense impending death has brought him to Norman's Hotel, where the second Duel Noir would then take place - getting him involved in it without ever having received an invitation. He presents himself as a business employee.

Mikado's true identity is revealed throughout the course of the novel. Mikado Shinsen is actually the head of the "Salvation for Victims of Crime Committee", standing behind the Duel Noirs, and a rogue master detective on par with Fuhito Kirigiri in terms of skill (and so, in theory, could be regarded as a rank 000 detective).


Mikado appears to be around the age of thirty. He is tall and lean, has short dark brown hair, neatly slicked upwards into a single pointed tip, as well as sideburns. He has a pale complexion, brown eyes, a small, thin nose and wrinkle marks on his forehead. His outfit consists of a black suit worn over a white dress shirt with a grey necktie.


Upon first meeting him, Yui Samidare comments about Mikado seeming to be the most sane of all people who have gathered at the hotel. He has a calm demeanor, as well as a polite speech tone which shows both naivety and intelligence. Despite being one of the older people in the group, he is actually quite naïve and curious. From the wrinkle marks on his forehead Yui deduces that he could be hiding several secrets - an assumption which is later on revealed to be true.

Mikado has the ability to sense impending death, as well as deaths that have previously occurred, similar to Kyoko Kirigiri. However, unlike Kyoko who describes this form of intuition as something similar to hearing, Mikado claims to sense death through sight.


Danganronpa Kirigiri


  • "Shinsen" (新仙) means "new hermit" or "new wizard" - referring to how he is a master detective like Fuhito Kirigiri and the other founders of the Detective's Library, yet does not look as old as all of them are implied to be.
  • The name "Mikado" (帝) means "emperor". It is used specifically to refer to the Japanese emperor and is also used in a similar manner to the phrase "The Lord". Both of these meanings could be meant to hint at how Mikado Shinsen is actually the mastermind behind the Duel Noirs, which are the central events in the first two volumes of Danganronpa Kirigiri, and also personally observes his creation in the second volume.


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